Dating A Sagittarius Man or Woman: Zodiac Dating Compatibility Traits

Who Should Date a Sagittarius?

Dating A Sagittarius

Your Astrological Guide to Dating A Sagittarius

Birthday & Personality

According to Dating A Sagittarius facts, those born between 23rd November and 21st December belong to the star sign Sagittarius. The leading planet for this sign is Jupiter – the planet of abundance. Their element is fire. Therefore there is no surprise why their characters are so impulsive.

Energetic & Fun-Loving

This sign is energetic, fun, and lively and open towards others. They are honest people and treat everyone equally. You can expect excellent organization talent from a Sagittarius – they will bring things and people together in a perfect combination.


The optimistic personality of Sagittarius and their social talents make them authority figures. In times this sign likes to exaggerate. They love having fun; sometimes, even too much fun- being flighty and inconsiderate is part of their personality.



This sign feels the need to be important; that’s why their actions are expansive. They need to gain appreciation, popularity, and even awards, and they will work with great effort to get all of that. They hate being limited, and they also fight for others’ right to freedom and independence.

This star sign can get in a lot of trouble because they never know when to stay quiet; nevertheless, if this person wants to say something, they will, regardless of the consequences.

Romantic Life of Sagittarius:

This zodiac sign is very independent, still keeping everything in their life positive. These people love adventures and new, exciting things in their love life. They love surprises and appreciate their partners if they show them something new and give them new experiences. It is effortless for them to make new friends, but some people in their friend circle are for possible romantic endeavors.

Based on dating a Sagittarius meaning, this sign keeps their mind open and love to try out new things, especially if it means having fun. They enjoy a good challenge in their relationship – even if not very compatible, they will try to figure out how to connect with their partners.

This sign hates to play games – chasing someone is no tin their nature because they know they can get a partner easily. If you are interested in Sagittarius, the best way to interest them is to show your best qualities and how exciting it can be to be with you.

Sagittarius Sexuality Traits

In their sex life, they are insatiable. They are passionate and fun, and with the right partner, they can go all night. Also, adventure in sex is welcome – different positions and dangerous locations will keep them interested longer. They are also impulsive, so be ready for a lot of sexual adventures.

Dating Sagittarius facts, since they need personal freedom, Sagittarius will not be clingy. They can be loyal, but try not to limit them- this person will do as he pleases. These people are also very private. They will never reveal your secrets to someone else, and they have certain things they don’t want to share with others.

Dating a Sagittarius man:

They have a truly wide heart for everyone, especially women. You can be sure that there is always a woman waiting for him anywhere he goes. Every one of these women is smarter and more beautiful than the previous, but it’s hard to keep his attention for long.

The wife of a Sagittarius man can be the perfect woman, but still, only a part of his heart belongs to her; the rest of it is divided among his many girlfriends. If you want to keep a long-lasting and loyal relationship, you need to find a way to keep him interested.

He loves change, so satisfying his adventurous nature can help you in making a committed relationship. They have flares of needing personal space, especially when someone is trying to limit them.

Dating a Sagittarius woman:

She is an amazing woman. This woman is extravagant and mundane, with a free spirit and character. She loves books, art, nature, and animals and excellent, successful men. This woman has no prejudice. She excels in everything she does, and moves from one successful project to the next one – this also applies to men.

Every next partner will be better than the previous one. She loves men with a lot of life experience – one’s who have been married, have traveled a lot, and have a wide horizon. Unfortunately, one man can rarely satisfy her needs, so she moves from one to the next one and falls in love quickly.

The Sagittarius woman loves being social, and she will flirt – even if in a relationship. Because she is not a jealous person, she doesn’t consider it a problem. In her sex life, she is very physical and prefers not to be emotional.

Dating a Sagittarius Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs:

Leo, Aquarius & Aries

The best compatibility this sign has is with Leo, Aquarius, and Aries. Aries and Sagittarius are zodiac signs of fire; that’s why they understand each other so well and forgive all sorts of mischief form the other person. They both tend to have affairs, but those are mostly physical, not emotional. They are both busy with making a career, so they don’t have much time to fight.

The relationship between this sign and Leo is intensive but good. This is love at first sight. Leo wants to get the best life has to offer, and this sign seems desirable. They tend to be very dominating, and Sagittarius will not appreciate that.

According to dating a Leo, they will cause most of the fights in this relationship, but this zodiac sign has to remember not to offend the pride of Leo. With Aquarius they have a lot in common. They will go on many exciting dates and will get along perfectly. They are also highly compatible in the bedroom.

Sagittarius, Gemini & Libra

This star sign can find an intimate connection with Gemini, Libra, and other Sagittarius. Together with a similar sign, they will have a lot of fun. The Well being of this relationship mostly relies on the individual characters of these people. One has to be more down to earth to compliment the creative one. Still, they will challenge each other and make a great, but a very unconventional couple.


With Scorpios, they can have an enjoyable and exciting relationship. Scorpio will be cautious about the bold and contagious nature of this sign, but not for long. They will help each other much to succeed in every aspect of their lives. This zodiac sign will teach Scorpio to express their feelings- that is vital for this relationship to work.


The romantic nature of Cancer is amazed by the shiny and extravagant Sagittarius. Cancer will want to follow wherever this sign takes them. This zodiac sign is frank about what he thinks of other people, and that can hurt Cancer. But Cancer loves the challenge of getting to know Sagittarius. This relationship can work if this man or woman learns to be more diplomatic, but Cancer grows a thicker skin.

Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces & Virgo

The worst match for this sign is Taurus. Sagittarius man or woman sees Taurus as a genuinely dull person, who is too clingy and needy for their nature. To be in a relationship with Virgo, this sign will have to change a lot in their personality. Virgo needs a stable and traditional family, and Sagittarius can’t be forced to be that way.

Capricorn is too realistic for Sagittarius and doesn’t appreciate his optimistic and sparkly nature. Sagittarius can find common grounds with Pisces. The problem in this relationship is that Pisces has a dreamy and mystical side, they need time to attend to, but the enthusiastic and outgoing Sagittarius has no time to deal with that.

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