Dating A Pisces Man or Woman: Zodiac Dating Compatibility Traits

Are Pisces loyal lovers? Know who should date a Pisces

Dating A Pisces

Your Astrological Guide to Dating A Pisces

Birthday & Personality

According to Dating A Pisces facts, people born between 21st February and 20th March belong to the zodiac sign Pisces. They are the last sign in the zodiac calendar and the most problematic one. They are quite feeble and crave help from others. These people have a very developed inner world, but for others, they might seem like from another planet.

Smart & Witty

Based on the Pisces dating facts, these people are smart and witty, with live fantasy and a gift of hospitality. They have great rhetorical skills and many other talents. Although they have many talents, their laziness usually gets in the way of succeeding. They are dreamers and have great plans, which rarely get fulfilled.

Emotional & Strong

They are unstable in everything, and they love to try out all life has to offer, but they never stick to just one thing. Starting from early childhood, these people try to find emotionally strong and intelligent friends, and later partners, who could protect them.

It seems like they have more challenges in their lives than any other person. They are smart, but it’s hard to understand them. Pisces have a connection with the spiritual world, and they are drawn to the mystical part of life.


Friendly & Selfless

Nevertheless, they are very friendly and selfless people. Pisces dating meaning shows that they have a wide variety of friends from different backgrounds. They are the most intuitive sign from all, and excellent in the art field.

Romantic Characteristics of Pisces:

Caring & Loving

Pisces are caring partners. They will be the sincerest friends and most loving partner. Because of their superior sense of intuition, they will always sense when something is wrong with their partner and will be up for doing anything to resolve these problems.

They put the needs of their partners ahead of themselves. Being in a relationship is what makes Pisces people successful. If they feel loved and cared for and have a great connection with their partner, Pisces are in seventh heaven and succeed in everything.

In case the relationship hits the rocks, the ground beneath their feet starts to shift, and their whole world changes. They need a lot of time to get over a breakup, and they usually need help from others.

Emotional & Sensitive

When in a relationship with these people, you have to be careful not to hurt their feelings. They dislike rudeness and brutality or a sense of being controlled. In case they are stuck in a routine of being lazy, motivational speeches work very well for them.

The dating a Pisces Astrology shows that one has to be supportive and optimistic about their ideas and suggestions. They will wait for their immense love, and if they feel they have found that, they will be devoted and understanding partners. They might come across as being indifferent at the beginning of a relationship, but that is because they have a lot of inner fear.

If they have a history of failed relationships, Pisces will be quite cautious about making mistakes; at the same time, they want to devote themselves to their partners completely. If you listen to them and ensure them about your good intentions, Pisces will soon open up and be the passionate companions they truly are.

Dating a Pisces man:

A Pisces man dreams of having a great career, climbing up the social ladder, and providing themselves for old age. Unfortunately, they rarely fulfill these dreams because they are too lazy and are not good workers. They hope to marry well to ensure a good life.

They might even succeed because they attract the lost and lonely souls, and they possess excellent comforting skills. This man is very romantic and compassionate. With his strong sensitivity, he knows what his partner wants and gives it to them. The best way to succeed in a relationship with this man is to open up to him.

He loves to have fun and laugh and wants a partner he feels at ease with. They can rapidly switch to different emotions- if you are happy, he will also be happy, and on the contrary- when you are sad, he is unhappy with you.

He is also the most attentive lover. This man will try to satisfy all your desires, and with his vivid imagination, you will never be bored. This man will be a supporting and loving partner, and you will enjoy an emotionally full relationship.

Dating a Pisces woman:

The Pisces woman is a soft-hearted and caring person who wants to love and be loved. She is loyal to her partner, but only if the love is mutual. These women usually go through a lot of devastating experiences, like divorce or the death of their partners.

This experience has taught them that only true love matters, so they don’t bother with a partner who is not really in the relationship that much. They believe in the positive and are optimistic about finding happiness. She is capable of adjusting herself to anything, especially when it comes to the needs of her partner. Pisces women want to be materially supported, and many men find that they are capable of seduction but not much else.

You have to be a good listener and have a great sense of humor to attract this woman. She will open up to you fast, and love you unconditionally. In sex life, they are imaginative and passionate, and you will never feel bored with them.

Dating a Pisces Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs:

Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn

These people have excellent astrological compatibility with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Pisces and Taurus enjoy pleasure. They make each other’s dreams come true. It’s a giving relationship, and they both try to satisfy the needs of their partners. In this union, both parties will get what they want and need, and their emotional contact will make this relationship lasting.

Cancer has a sensitive and deep nature, and they fit perfectly with this man or woman. As they are both Water signs, they have a perfect emotional connection. The zodiac sign Cancer will support and help them in achieving their dreams – Cancer knows how to compliment and motivate their partners. This relationship is full of understanding and emotions.

The fact that Pisces can understand Scorpio ultimately makes this relationship work. Scorpios can be too harsh on their partners, and their clingy and controlling attitude will not make this sign happy. They have excellent sexual compatibility because Pisces man or woman is imaginative and ready for anything, and Scorpio loves that.

They both are searching for true love and will get easily carried away in this relationship. If Scorpio learns to be more sensitive towards Pisces feelings, this will make a very successful union.

Virgo & Pisces

They are work well together with Virgo and other people from the same zodiac sign. Two Pisces in love find it hard to trust each other. They don’t express enough love towards each other, but if they get through their trust issues, they might have a happy relationship. They inspire each other because of their need to help others.

Aries, Leo, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius & Aquarius

They aren’t very compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius, but with Gemini and Sagittarius, they have close to nothing in common. Leo’s controlling nature is not what Pisces is seeking for. They lack an understanding of each other, and this relationship will probably damage both of them.

A relationship between this sign and Sagittarius rarely leads to romance; they are better just as friends. If they do get physical, they will fascinate each other, but only for a moment. They have a lot of fun together, but Pisces needs more attention than Sagittarius can provide. Still, they always part on good terms and remembers this relationship in a very positive way.

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