Dating Criteria – Which Astrological Zodiac Signs are Ideal to Date?

How do you start a Dating Relationship?

Dating Criteria by Zodiac Signs

Dating Criteria By All 12 Zodiac Signs

What zodiac signs do date well together?

In Dating, are you trying to attract and love a particular Zodiac Sign? If you know the sign of the person whom you are interested in, you would want to make a good impression. Dating by Zodiac Signs is a rough guide to help you decide what to do on a date.

However, the list is not restricted to a particular Zodiac Sign; there are interesting and fun things to do on a date that other signs will enjoy. No matter what you choose to do, remember that people can sense insincerity, nothing dampens the mood more than knowing that your heart is not in it.

Forget about flowers, chocolate, or boring movie dates. Planning a date according to the Zodiac, man is the way to a person’s heart. Read on to see if the person is your ideal dating partner.

Understanding the Dating Criterion of the 12 Zodiac Signs

Dating an Aries

To date an Aries, you have to have good stamina or fit enough to endure endless adventures. Aries love the excitement and will not shy away from something new. Aries is also competitive and sporty and likes a healthy dose of exercise.


Based on the zodiac signs astrology, if you want to date an Aries, you have to be willing to put yourself forward for some hard work. It is not about winning or losing, but a way to bond and learn more about your date. Aries do not like routine, so you have to have plenty of dating places and ideas on hand.

The downside of dating an Aries: temper tantrums and arguments. A large portion of your time may end up being in a heated discussion with Aries about nothing at all. Aries is also prone to an emotional outburst, but it comes as quickly as it goes.

The trick is not to be too hung up about Aries’ s tantrums, because they mean nothing. Another thing with dating Aries is an authoritative manner. Aries will tell you what to do during a date, which is good unless you have something special planned. Aries wants to be an alpha in a relationship, so you have to be comfortable being bossed around and deal with childish tantrums during a date.

Dating a Taurus

Dating a Taurus can be fun, Taurus loves to indulge in senses. You can go home-cooked gourmet food to enjoy together, or spend good money on a degustation meal. The way to the Taurus’ heart is the tongue (stomach). If eating gets boring or fattening, try a night in the orchestra, maybe a tour of a perfumery.

The zodiac signs predictions reveal that you have five senses to play with. When you run out of ideas, the good old shopping spree at antique shops is always a good idea. Be prepared to spend big when dating Taurus, although you do not always have to. Taurus also likes to feel safe and secure, so avoid going to the great outdoors or participate in exciting activities like bungee jumping.

The problem with dating a Taurus is that you sometimes have to relent, as shown by the zodiac signs predictions. Taurus is a sign that does not take changes well and is stubborn as a mule. It is easier to find someone new than trying to change Taurus, who is comfortable with their situation.

Plus, the side is that, once you and Taurus settle down, you will have a loyal partner who is committed to this relationship. You can be sure that Taurus will always look stylish and well-groomed because looks are important. If you love shopping for pretty things, or have a partner who wants to look perfect, look no further than Taurus.

Dating a Gemini

To date, Gemini, you have to be willing to learn, and not be offended with Gemini’s smart-alec comments. Places like the planetarium or poetry slams are possible choices to fulfill Gemini’s need for mental stimulation. You have to do plenty of homework to keep Gemini interested, or you are history.

According to the zodiac signs horoscope, fortunately, there are plenty of activities in the world you can use to please the curious one. Your time with Gemini will never be boring unless you are not in the subjects Gemini is interested in, although your dating partner is always keen to try new things.

Dating Gemini can keep you on your toes, because of their dual nature, it is hard to know whether you will get the bubbly fun one or the cool, aloof Gemini. A social butterfly, you have to be careful as Gemini good at socializing and flirting. Fickle minded and undependable are Gemini’s worst traits.

If you are looking to settle down, this is probably not a good Zodiac sign to pick, unless Gemini is ready to commit to a relationship, you are probably one of the many conquests. You have nothing much to lose, except your heart, but keep things casual and have fun with your dates.

Dating a Cancer

To date, Cancer, the best way is to know the local haunts. Cancer is not comfortable with new things, preferring familiar surroundings to explore new locations. It will not be surprising to find a swimming pool or two in the favorite list. Cancer likes things traditional, so play it safe, and you will find a charming Cancer.

The zodiac signs meaning reveals that you know that you have hope when Cancer brings you home and shows you off to the family. It might be daunting to meet the folks so early in the relationship, but it is a sign that things are going well because family is high on Cancer’s priority list.

The problem with dating Cancer is emotions. The Water Element sign means that Cancer is intuitive to emotions, and can be moody at times. When this happens, a tub of favorite ice- cream is the best dating method. Cancer is big on sentimentality, be prepared to see hoards of things that hold memories.

As per the zodiac signs dating signs, if you are not a fan of clingy partners, Cancer the Crab is probably not your ideal date. Once Cancer is in love with you, the relationship will be hard to break off without repercussions. Only date a Cancer if you are serious about it.

Dating a Leo

Leo, the Lion, loves a crowd because Leo wants to be at the center of attention at all times. No matter what you plan, think big and dramatic. Based on the Zodiac signs horoscope, you do not have to spend much on things, just remember that Leo loves attention.

Go to the most popular movie, or have the best ice cream in town; nothing else matters as long as you stroke Leo’s big ego. The payout is a generous, fun-loving partner who will make sure you have the best. Do not worry; this sign can commit to a relationship and does not play second fiddles.

You have to tell Leo how you feel because this sign is not emotionally intuitive. Once you put him on a pedestal and worship him, there is nothing Leo would not do to make you happy. Yes, Leo might be a tad arrogant, but Leo is also ambitious and driven, a good partner to have in life based on the zodiac signs love life.

This Fire sign in the zodiac signs calendar is full of passion. If you can handle the fire, Leo is perfect. No matter how much fun you have during a date, Leo is a sign that takes a relationship slow and steady and will be loyal to you.

Dating a Virgo

The place you would pick up a Virgo is at work, or the gym, the workaholic and health-conscious Virgo will want to work out on the go. You do have to be willing to go to a gym for a date, or patient enough to let Virgo work during a date.

If you do land a proper one to one time, be sure to go to a place where it is quiet, and you can talk. The zodiac signs predictions reveal that Virgo also hates surprises; everything has to be detailed on a plan. Your best bet is to let Virgo hold the reins during a date, to avoid a sour start to a relationship.

Virgo can be emotionally sensitive and prone to overthinking, so no sudden movements and take things slowly. Best conversation starters are usually topics that allow Virgo to analyze: books, movies, or workout moves. Do remember to dress well, have good hygiene, and have a calm demeanor when meeting with Virgo.

This sign can be brutally honest with criticism, so you know where you stand at all times. Virgo is akin to a journey towards a healthier version of yourself, even if the relationship might not make it.

Dating a Libra

Dating with a Libra can be fun, there are a few good places to be. A social setting like a party or someplace where art is available. You can also look for art classes like Painting or Leadlight, where you can create beautiful pieces to show off. Be sure to schedule some time to talk about things and hear Libra out.

As per the zodiac signs dating horoscope, a good discussion with Libra, although amusing to see, can help you understand your date better. Other places to visit during a date includes new and trendy places, or a good tasting restaurant to feast your senses.

Libra hates conflict; it is important to word your conversations carefully as Libra will tend to agree with more aggressive statements. Libra is all about harmony and peace. Hence you might get a date that is faking excitement and happiness.

A stickler for fairness and equality, do not be offended if Libra suggests going Dutch sometimes. Libra might not be the most adventurous sign in the Zodiac. But you can still have a good time discussing art and life. Just be careful though, even a disinterested Libra might not break up with you. But instead shows hints that you have to pick up and end the relationship.

Dating a Scorpio

Places to bring Scorpio on a date, start with dark places, someplace that delivers sex, blood, and or gore. If that is not where you want to go on a first date, try going to the planetarium or dinner by the cemetery, subject to approval by Scorpio.

Ever the control freak, Scorpio would want to tell you where to go, literally. Intense and honest, you can be sure that you will know what your date thinks about your date by the end of it. If a Scorpio has an interest, get ready to take it to the next level.

The zodiac signs calendar shows that Scorpio feels emotions intensely. But does not show it outwards like Leo or Aries do, because this sign does not trust readily. Once you are accepted as a partner, Scorpio expects the same commitment and loyalty that you are getting.

Scorpio wants independence and yet craves attention from you. So let your date have some space and remember to pay attention to what is being said at home. If you want to date a Scorpio, remember that this sign can get revenge when slighted. Always remember to be honest with this sign, because Scorpio can detect a lie in your words, then it is game over.

Dating a Sagittarius

A date with Sagittarius will be free and easy, Sagittarius can take off on a whim to anywhere. No use planning where to go on a date, you can wing it and still have a good time. Best start off with a new place that Sagittarius has not been yet, and let it roll from there; by the end, you might be on a plane to a different country.

For those who have a small budget, look for hidden gems around the city that Sagittarius, as one of the zodiac signs might not know about, or find interesting activities that you otherwise will not go on a date. Your date should be all about mental stimulation, excitement, and new adventures.

Based on the zodiac signs meaning, Sagittarius can be blunt during conversations; the trick is not to take offense. Not to worry when The Archer takes off without you, it is what this sign does, just pray that Sagittarius remembers you to return to you; if not, it is not meant to be.

Sagittarius is not a sign that commits easily; this Air sign prefers to see the world and experience new things. If you insist on having this sign as a partner, you will either have to follow Sagittarius everywhere or be the string that ties the kite to the ground.

Dating a Capricorn

The zodiac signs characteristics show that social events are the best places to take a Capricorn when going on a date. They love to network and climbing up social ladders. The best things to give your date are traditional gifts because Goat is not a fan of new ideas. Ever the traditionalist, Capricorn frowns on new things and excitement, anything that puts them out of the comfort zone.

Be prepared to take things slow, because it takes time for Capricorn to see if this relationship or date with worth pursuing. Do remember that this sign is also a workaholic, so best to try and schedule in a date, or else Capricorn might forget.

According to the zodiac signs traits, Capricorn can be pessimistic; you need to be patient. Eventually, they will come around. When on a date, it is important not to draw too much attention upon yourselves, or it will not end well. This sign is also romantic if you are the intended partner. Capricorn will not hesitate to pay you the attention you need. It might take a while, but once this sign recognizes you as a partner, it will be for life.

Dating an Aquarius

Dates with Aquarius should be unusual, extreme sports or a new pub is where you should take your date to. This sign is also comfortable with group dating, for the socialization and getting to know you better through friends.

Ever the humanitarian, dates involving saving the earth or visiting the orphanage will earn you bonus brownie points with this sign. Aquarius also likes to call the shots, and they can do it spontaneously. Let it go and see where life takes you; it might be something good.

The Zodiac signs horoscope reveals that Aquarius is not big on emotions. They do not hide it as they just do not see emotions as helpful. Passionate about many things, Aquarius is a risk-taker, and the Ram will bounce back quickly. As an alpha sign, Aquarius likes to call the shots most of the time, if you are not comfortable with that. This relationship might not be for you.

Aquarius also loves a good argument, due to all that passion. Dating this sign might see you trekking a jungle to help create a new water sanitizing system, or in a soup kitchen on Christmas Day. Aquarius is big on saving the world, but small on looking after close friends and family.

Dating a Pisces

The zodiac signs dating meaning places to go when on a date with Pisces does not really matter, as long as it is romantic. The Fishes love romance, little gestures like favorite perfume, or a stroll on the beach is enough to make a lasting impression.

If you want to go all out, impress Pisces by creating a fantasy getaway. Pisces is also an artistic sign; a visit to the art gallery or symphony orchestra are also possible choices. Movie night? Pick the sappiest romance story (anything from Nicholas Sparks) or an animated movie, Pisces the dreamer loves those.

The zodiac signs facts reveal that Pisces may be a pacifist, but beware of the emotional manipulation. Pisces is an emotionally intuitive person; you might give into what Pisces wants if your date does know that answer.

Full of kindness, you can win bonus brownie points if you show your compassionate side by visiting the animal pound. Going on dates with Pisces means you get to take charge. Best conversations include dreams or fantasies.

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