Rooster and Ox Compatibility: Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

Are the rooster and ox compatible?

Rooster and Ox Compatibility

Rooster and Ox Chinese Compatibility: Years, Traits, Pros and Cons

Even though any two people can get along, people with more compatible personalities will have a lot less to overcome to have a good relationship. Roosters and Oxen are thought to be very compatible. However, there are some areas where your Rooster and Ox relationship will likely need a little work.

Rooster and Ox Compatibility: Birth Years

Chinese Zodiac Sign Zodiac Position Most Recent Years
Rooster 10th 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029..
Ox 2nd 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021..

Are you a Rooster, born during these lunar years: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, and 2005? Are you dating an Ox (someone born during the following lunar years: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, and 2009), and wondering whether or not Oxen are a good match for you in the Rooster compatibility with Ox? Chinese tradition holds that the zodiac sign a person was born under is a good indicator of their personality.


Rooster Compatibility Traits

Valiant and unafraid, Roosters are known for being influential people who like challenges even in a Rooster and Ox love compatibility. Roosters can tend towards heroism and often do well in dangerous jobs like firefighting, police work, and be soldiering. Roosters are go-getters at work, and they love socializing in their free time. Most Roosters enjoy taking part in physically demanding activities and sports, and many like to work out so that they look great.

Many Chinese Roosters are highly competitive, always looking to do everything better than last time. They often excel at multiple things, so as a Rooster, you may be at the top of your field at work and at play – where you may be the fastest runner or the best bench presser, you know. Roosters, like everyone else, have some areas they struggle with.

Occasionally, Roosters can come across as being egotistical because they tend to talk about themselves frequently. Also, Roosters can tend to have stress-related illnesses because they do too much and never slow down. Additionally, Roosters can be prone to sports-related injuries because sometimes they push themselves too hard in the name of competition. Roosters can make rash decisions because they don’t like to plan even when in a Rooster Ox marriage.

Ox Compatibility Traits

If you are a Rooster and you know a typical Ox, you would probably describe them as shy loners. Oxen often enjoy quiet time alone, whereas Roosters are gregarious and outgoing, Oxen are quiet and reserved. Oxen tend to be very careful to get to know someone before they trust them, and they don’t like getting to know new people if they don’t have to. Sometimes people may get the impression that Oxen are unintelligent. But, often, the truth of the matter is that people don’t get to know the Ox because he or she doesn’t say anything. Ox tends to do a great job at work, but only close co-workers are aware because they don’t talk about it much. Ox is usually a gifted problem solver who is good for a Rooster & Ox compatibility.

Rooster and Ox Compatibility: Relationship

Rooster-Ox soulmates are very different than each other. Chinese tradition says Oxen and Roosters are ideal for each other. As a Rooster, you most likely enjoy talking and having people listen to you. Your Ox will most likely not be very talkative. You will have fun talking to your Ox. Getting to know your Ox should be enjoyable for both of you.

Rooster Ox Compatibility: Positive Traits

Your Ox is, in many ways, your opposite. This means that your Ox is strong in areas you are weak, and vice versa. Your Ox is better at planning and problem solving than you are. When it is time to make an important decision, talk to your Ox, and let your Ox help you consider the decision’s pros and cons. Your Ox is a bit resistant to change and risk-averse. Your differences in a Rooster Ox love compatibility will help balance you both out.

Marriage Compatibility

A Rooster with Ox marriage is not the only area where your differences will work well together. For example, your Ox can easily get in a rut of staying at home alone. Meanwhile, you can get caught up in a pattern of never being home and getting rest. You both will naturally help balance each other out. Understand that you both are very different and that your Ox will not want to do everything you do, but encourage your Ox to get out a bit more while making it a point to spend some quiet time with your Ox.

Everyone has heard the adage that opposites attract. Under the Chinese Zodiac, Rooster Ox in love is a prime example of this. The differences between Oxen and Roosters make them attractive to each other.

Rooster and Ox Compatibility: Negative Traits

Of course, even though the Rooster with Ox horoscope match is well suited for each other, there are a few things you should be aware of. Being aware of possible points of stress can help your relationship be successful.

Social Compatibility

Rooster and Ox in love differences likely are what drew you to your Ox, so you are well aware of them. However, that does not mean that the differences cannot cause some stress. Keep in mind that your Ox is not a social creature. While it is o.k. to encourage your Ox to get out on occasions, remember that your Ox is probably never going to be a social butterfly. Don’t expect your Ox to change fundamentally. You both need to respect your differences and realize that you will need to respect each other’s differences and do your own thing some in your free time to be content long term.

Communication Compatibility

Your Ox is quiet and doesn’t share his or her opinion a lot. You will want to make sure that you let your Ox known that you respect their opinion. Make sure that you take the time to ask your Ox for his or her opinion and focus on Rooster-Ox communication. Your Ox must know you value his or her opinion.

Adventure Compatibility

Your tolerance for risk and danger is significantly higher than your Ox’s is. Understand that there are some things that you may want to do that your Ox really may not be comfortable letting you do. While you think the danger is fun and gets your adrenaline going, you will need to understand that it is possible that some things you may want to do terrify your Ox, who merely is worried that you won’t make it home in one piece. Understand what your Ox is comfortable in a Rooster & Ox compatibility. Then, make sure that you are willing to restrict your activities accordingly before you commit. Ensure that your Ox is not worrying him or herself sick just because of something you are doing for fun.

Summary: Rooster and Ox Compatibility

Rooster-Ox soulmates are considered to be ideally suited for long-term relationships under the Chinese Zodiac. The strengths and weaknesses of these two very different personality types go well together. If you are a Rooster dating and Ox, your differences should help you balance each other out and make you both happier and healthier.

If you remember that your differences are what attracted you to each other in the first place and both allow each other to be yourselves, you should have a long and happy Rooster and Ox compatibility.

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