August 15 Zodiac (Leo) Horoscope Birthday Personality and Lucky Things

What signs are compatible with August 15 individuals?

August 15 Birthday Personality, Love, Compatibility, Health, Career Horoscope with Video

You will understand how you will overcome your health and negative traits if you study the August 15 zodiac birthday horoscope well. You will also find it easier to relate with people if you understand your horoscope well.

Born on August 15, Zodiac Sign and Meaning

What does it mean to be born on August 15th?

The zodiac sign for August 15 is LeoYou will have Leo zodiac sign as a result of your birthday, which falls during the period that is designated for Leo. You are also going to be stubborn and creative. The lion would be your astrological symbol due to your zodiac symbol.

August 15 Birthday Personality Traits

The August 15 birthday personality shows that you are going to be a determined and passionate individual that is strong, caring, and understanding.


The August 15th birthday facts show that you are a resourceful and honorable person who is appreciative and creative. You are an imaginative, caring, and controlling individual who finds it difficult to deal with mediocrity.


The 15th August horoscope also shows that you are going to be a resourceful individual who is confident and intelligent. You are also a straightforward person who often wants people around him or her to deal with honesty.

The August 15 zodiac sign shows that you are going to be a great leader who will lead the masses to the destined land. You would be one of the most attractive leaders who are respectful and fearing. You believe in love and triumphant, which you often use in getting people’s attention to you.

The August 15th numerology is 6. You possess a responsible and affectionate mind, which sets you aside from other people. In addition to this, you are more romantic and adventurous due to your numerology.


Furthermore, you are an individual who loves challenges and often creates them for himself or herself.

August 15 Personality Positive Traits

The August 15th personality are numerous and most likely going to bring you to term with people. You are most likely going to be a caring and loving individual who understands the essence of love. You often enthusiastically run after something that would make you successful in life.

Determined & Passionate

The 15 August birthday facts show that you are a determined and passionate individual who hates relating with a mediocre. You often inspire people around you, especially mediocre, to think up and up their games. You believe in making hays while the sun shines; thus, you run after what would make you successful compared to other people around you.

Humorous & Honest

In addition to this, as an August 15 man, August 15, woman or August 15 child, you are one of the funniest individuals in the world. You often use your funny nature as bait to make people laugh and happy. You believe in honesty and often make it reflect in your business transaction and relationship with people.

August 15th Personality Negative Traits

The August 15th zodiac shows that you need to activate your sensitivity whenever you relate with people and, most especially, when you have not overcome the negative traits that are known to your personality.

You are most likely going to lose the respects that are given to you as a result of your positive traits. The 15th August horoscope shows that people would find it very difficult to relate to you as a result of your negative traits.

Impulsive & Aggressive

Often time, you go impulsive and aggressive with your relationship with people as a result of your zodiac symbol. You are going to be one of the most stubborn individuals on earth due to your personality, which falls during the period of Leo.


Known to the August 15 personality is the high tendency to control and dominate people around you. You often try everything in your capacity to command people and ensure that they follow your commands with the threat of sanction. You hate relating to merit and mediocre on the same level. Thus, you are going to be an individual who loves inequality.

August 15 Zodiac: Love, Compatibility, and Relationships

Based on the August 15th love life, you are a sensational and loving individual who believes in the protection of one’s loved ones. You also believe in elating a relationship through laughter, fun, care, and adventures. In fact, you are a very creative individual who falls in love with an ambitious and charming person.

How are you as a Lover?

Your charm is irresistible, and many individuals around you always chase your hand in marriage. In addition to this, you are a freedom-lover who can be a little bit hard to get and not understand. Most time, you crave love and care; thus, you need someone who can give you such.

Your Love and Sexual Compatibility

According to the 15th August sexual compatibility, you will most likely fall in love with a native of Aquarius, Aries, or Sagittarius. You are also going to fall in love with any individual that is born on the 1st, 6th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 24th, and 27th day of any month while you are least compatible with a Cancer.

August 15 Career Horoscope

You are going to be one of the most talented individuals on earth as a result of your August 15th birthday. You tend to have a lot of difficulties in choosing a career. Your horoscope shows that you tend to have a long list of job history due to your zodiac symbol and inability to make a career choice.

You have a high tendency to choose a career that would expand your wisdom and make you sociable. You’re most likely going to do things that would make you reach the top of your career. You hate taking shortcuts as you always want to face your problems yourself and overcome them with your ability. You are going to live a luxurious life with a competitive salary.

August 15 Health Horoscope

An individual that is born on 15 August would have strong health, which is going to be prone to little or no health problem. However, you are going to experience a lot of health issues as a result of your bad health habits. You often eat more than the regulated amount of food by the WHO.

Often time, you tend to over-stress yourself due to your workaholic nature. You always need to exercise yourself and maintain a lot of self-discipline in food matters. Regular exercise can go a long way to improve your mood and make you less stressed. Learn how to rest and sleep as it would take a long way in making you free from stress-related health issues.

August 15 Astrology Element & It’s Meaning

Fire is the element of your horoscope. It defines who you are and what you will become in the future. The 15th August birthday horoscope shows that the element you have is a reason for your intelligence and honor.

Dreams & Goals

You will possess a burning desire to make things happen. Your horoscope also possesses creativity and imagination, which make you successful in life. Often time, you go after challenges that you try to overcome in life.

Most time, you confuse your impatience with energy. You need to run away from the impulsivity and aggression of your element.

August 15 Zodiac: All the Lucky Things in Your Life

August 15 Zodiac Infographic

August 15 Zodiac Planetary Rulers

As an individual that is born on this day, Venus, the Sun, and Mars rule you. Sun bestows individualism, creativity, and imagination on you as a result of it being the ruler of your sign.

In addition to this, the August 15th personality is ruled by Venus bestows upon you, your friendliness, and care. You are ruled by the planet of confidence and courage. You possess a courageous and stubborn personality as a result of the August 15 birthday, which falls under its period.

August 15 Lucky Metals

Bronze and Gold are lucky metals for the August 15th birthday personality.

August 15 Birthstones

The birthstone is Ruby or Peridot gems.

August 15 Lucky Numbers

The lucky numbers are 1, 7, 11, 19, and 26.

August 15 Lucky Colors

The lucky colors are Orange, Red, and Purple.

August 15 Lucky Days

The lucky day is Sunday.

August 15 Lucky Flowers

The lucky flowers can be Sunflower or Marigold.

August 15 Lucky Plants

The lucky plant is White Madar.

August 15 Lucky Animals

The lucky animal is Lion.

August 15 Lucky Tarot Card

The lucky tarot card is Strength.

August 15 Lucky Sabian Symbol

The lucky Sabian symbol is “A pageant.”

August 15 Zodiac Ruling House

The astrological house that rules over this day is the fifth house.

August 15 Zodiac Birthday Facts

  • August 15 is the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the year for the Gregorian Calendar Users.
  • It is the seventy-sixth day of Summer.
  • It is The National Acadian Day.

Famous People Born on August 15

Napoleon Bonaparte, Ben Affleck, Julia Child, Jennifer Lawrence, and Princess Anne, among famous people, were born on the 15th of August.


You need to learn how to use your understanding of the August 15 horoscope in overcoming your negative traits. This is because you have a high tendency to lose out due to your negative traits.

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