Crane Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Symbolism and Crane Dream

What is the symbolism of the crane?

Crane Spirit Animal

The Crane Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Crane spirit animal mean?

The crane spirit animal/crane totem is one of the animal totems that provides the people that are born under this symbol with attributes to emulate. Also, the people that are born under this totem are the crane people. Or, one can also refer to them as people of the crane spirit animal. Usually, they mimic the attributes of the crane and depict them in their day to day lives. Moreover, they use the characteristics as some guidelines to help them make meaning of their own lives.

However, to make proper predictions of the crane spirit animal, they have to learn all of its symbols. The symbols are the ones that carry meaning. Some believe that the symbols carry the will of the divine world. Besides, the religious world uses the crane spirit animal to manifest their will to us. Their will is one that provides guidance or just a clear warning of impending peril. Therefore, the crane people have to pay attention to the messages of the crane totem.


Crane’s Physical Description and Characteristics

The crane is one of the animals that have a close relation to the heron. In most cases, most people cannot tell them apart. Also, this is because they share almost all traits, even dwelling areas like swamps. The crane is found in nearly all of the earth‘s continents because they are migratory birds. Some say that there are practically about fifteen species of the crane.

Moreover, the cranes are also one of the largest flying birds on earth. They have their signature look of long legs and tall necks. Also, they travel in flocks and love the notion of family grouping. They are a territorial bird and will attack anything that wanders in their domain.

Crane Spirit Animal Meaning

Meaning of the Crane Spirit Animal/Crane Totem

The purpose of the crane spirit animal is longevity and abundant joy among the crane people. It also bears the signature of good fortunes for the crane people that encounter it in their lives. However, some people believe that the crane is the symbol of the gods on earth. Therefore, the crane has mystical energy that it resonates with the people of the crane animal totem.

Moreover, the sign of the crane is generally of good tidings in most of the cultures like the Greek. They are there to keep the crane people in check by continually watching over them. This means that the crane people have the natural path of bravery because their guardian angel is always with them.

Symbolic Significance of the Crane Spirit Animal

The crane spirit animal has been a symbol for many cultures on earth since time immemorial. It also has much varying meaning depending on the perception that it graces. Therefore, each culture has a specific significance for the crane and their belief in its effect on their lives.

Cultural Symbolic Significance of the Crane Spirit Animal

The Chinese view the crane as the prince of all birds. Moreover, they view this bird as the symbol of long life. This is because they have the endurance to live longer than most of the birds on earth. Also, they are adaptable and can live anywhere they chose to call home. Besides, some of these cultures in the east pray to the crane as a god and has been a symbol as such until today.

The Crane in the Chinese culture

The crane is one of the animals that have given inspiration to many humans. These inspirations also come in the form of dancing moves that are in the kung-fu practices in the ancient days. Furthermore, the Chinese also view the crane as the Ferrier of the dead souls into the afterlife.

The Crane in the Japanese Culture

The other culture the marvels at the symbolic significance of the crane is the Japanese. They have the folklore that states that whoever can hold more than a thousand crane origami’s get on a wish. Moreover, the Japanese too attribute the crane to magical powers and the celestial realm like the Chinese.

The Crane in the Greek Culture

On the other hand, the Greek culture, believes that the crane is the symbol of the gods to watch over the humans. Some have told of a crane that went berserk attacking a thief until he confessed to the truth about his crimes.

Symbolic Meaning of the Crane Dream

What does it mean to dream about a crane? Like most of the totemic animals, the crane has symbolic meanings that are important to the crane people. The dreams are usually from the divine world. This is there a direct way that they can manifest their will to us. Therefore, one needs to be attentive so as not to miss the news of the celestial realm. The dreams sometimes bear the impending warning doom or that of the future predictions that can be handy to the crane.

Are cranes good luck? The crane dream, however, is always of good tidings. Therefore, if one sees the crane in their visions, they should count themselves lucky. The crane energy is trying to show them the good things that they can earn in life. This may mean that the project that one has been handling is going to be fruitful. Moreover, they are going to attain a lot of wealth from their hard work.

However, some crane people have the dream of the crane on the ground. The crane is one animal that shows its magnificence while flying. So, if the crane is on the ground, it is a sign of something wrong. Therefore, one needs to buckle up and brace for the impending doom.

SUMMARY: Crane Spirit Animal

The crane spirit animal has so much symbolic significance to the crane people that they use. The crane people, therefore, need to work hard to learn all of the crane’s totemic symbols. This is because they need to be right about their interpretation. Some have had the lousy lack form misinterpreting the attributes of the crane. That did not go well for them.

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