September 17 Zodiac (Virgo) Horoscope Birthday Personality and Lucky Things

What signs are compatible with September 17 individuals?

September 17 Birthday Personality, Love, Compatibility, Health, Career Horoscope with Video

This page contains all you need to know about your horoscope if your birthday falls on the 17th day of September. It is the case that the knowledge of your September 17 zodiac birthday horoscope will give you a chance to be successful in life. You are a focused and intelligent individual who pays great attention to details.

September 17th Zodiac Sign: Virgo

What does it mean to be born on September 17th?

The zodiac sign for September 17 is Virgo. The symbol that is known to your personality as a result of your birthday, which falls between August 23 and September 22, is Virgo. You will be pure and knowledgeable due to your astrological symbol, which happens to be Maiden.

You will be an individual that is not easily distracted as you always find ways to succeed in life without having to try too much. In addition, you will be a determined individual who always tries everything possible to succeed in life.

September 17 Birthday Personality Traits

How are people born on the 17th of September?

According to September 17th birthday astrology, you will be passionate about helping people around you because you believe in the goodwill attached to giving. You need to understand that life is not a bed of roses and that an individual cannot be successful without the right plan and right action.


September 17, man has a great sense of duty, which makes him capable of working for the good of the people around him. In addition, you are a pretentious individual who will most likely dislike having dealt with ignorant people. You are fast to fall into disgrace as a result of your horoscope prediction.


The September 17 numerology is 8. It shows your rationality. It also shows how dependable and pragmatic you are. In addition to this, you will most likely be a motivated and analytical individual due to your horoscope.


You are advised to be less aggressive and impulsive with your relationship with people, even if such an individual does something that you do not like. More so, your horoscope shows that you are going to be intolerable and less prone to changes. You will also be an inflexible person that is not always ready to take people’s opinions as correct.

September 17th Personality Positive Traits

The September 17 horoscope sign shows that you are a loving and caring person who believes in being rational and courageous.


You often try everything possible to ensure that you overcome the problems that you are known for. Additionally, as a September 17 woman, you are a confident person who will be ready to stand before the King to defend his/her dissenting claim without fear of victimization.


Moreover, you are going to be a thoughtful and independent individual who tries everything possible to churn out ideas that would be effective and would help better the world. In addition, you are a knowledgeable fellow with a unique way of overcoming the problems that are known to you.

Caring and Loving

September 17 birthday traits reveal that you are caring, loving, and practical as a result of your relationship with people. More so, you will be a generous person who will help people around you overcome the problem they are prone to.

September 17th Personality Negative Traits

The tears in your eyes result from your lack of concern over how you will check your negative traits. It is advisable for you as an individual to do everything possible that will make you less frustrated and worried.


According to the September 17 birthday forecast, you are prone to get frustrated over trivial things that do not require frustration. More so, you will be a stubborn and fussy individual who will most likely have an emotional issue.


In addition, you are always known to have mood swings, which often makes you have a lot of difficulty being predictable. Moreover, you will be prone to an agitated or stressed personality due to your workaholic nature.

September 17 Zodiac: Love, Compatibility, Marriage, and Relationships

September 17 birthday Virgo individual will be a loyal and affectionate lover who is highly dependable.

How are you as a Lover?

You are also going to become a partner who does not like partying at all but is crazy about adventure. Similarly, you will be a 100% committed lover once your partner proves that the kind of love s/he has for you is true love. You are intelligent, trustworthy, and reliable. In addition, September 17 birthday zodiac shows that you are known to be a charming lover who is enthusiastic and caring. You believe in honesty and often allow it to prevail over your relationship.

Who should a September 17th-born Virgo marry?

When Virgo makes a promise, it’s a big deal because they are known for having a more negative view of love than other signs. Astrologers say that Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, and Cancer are the signs that get along best with Virgo.

Your Love and Sexual Compatibility

You seem to be hard to understand and very unpredictable. You are patient and persistent. Often time, you forgo some of your goals for the person you love. You are most compatible with someone born on the 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 22nd, 26th, 28th, and 31st day of September. You are also most likely to be compatible with a Taurus and Capricorn, while you are least compatible with a Leo.

Career Horoscope for September 17 Birthday

Naturally, those born today, September 17, have several career opportunities that set them aside from others. These opportunities make it difficult for you to choose a suitable career. It is the case that you often choose to work in a challenging field that has good pay.

Often time, you choose a professional course where details are given ultimate priority. Moreover, you are going to be an analytical and observant writer who will put everything that is observed about the world in a single paper. Moreover, you are financially capable of making it in life as you try everything possible to spend in line with your budget.

Health Horoscope for September 17 Born

An individual born on September 17 will have robust health born out of your good horoscope. It is, however, the case that your health is going to be affected by your nonchalant attitude towards it. You are someone who takes more than your body needs, thus making you take in more calories than expected.

These excess calories are then stored as excess fats, which can make you overweight and someone with a slow metabolism. Additionally, you are advised to take a lot of calcium. This is because you will most likely be weak around the teeth and bones. Learn how to exercise every day; the more you exercise, the better your health will be.

September 17 Zodiac: Astrology Element and Its Meaning

Your stubbornness is the kind of element you have. It is the case that you have the earth as your paired element. Moreover, you have a fixed relationship with your element. It makes you have most of its elements. According to the September 17 birthday meaning, you will most likely be reliable and compassionate as a result of your element.

Dreams & Goals

You will be a practical and pragmatic person that often pursues realistic goals. Your greatest asset as a result of your relationship with your element, earth, is your prudence. You are prudent with the way you spend and relate to people around you. This is the reason why you are successful. In addition to this, you are advised to run away from becoming overly cautious. This might hinder your success.

September 17 Zodiac Planetary Rulers

The birthday horoscope sign predicts that the planetary ruler for your zodiac symbol, Virgo, is Mercury. It is also the case that you are intelligent and mentally agile due to your relationship with Mercury. In addition, you will be good at communicating and passing on your feelings to people.

Moreover, your birthday personality shows that you receive help from Venus’s planetary powers, as it makes you sensitive and unique. In addition to this, it bestows love and cares on you. Saturn rules your numerology. It is the reason for your strong will and ability to solve problems easily.

September 17 Zodiac Infographic

September 17 Zodiac: All the Lucky Things in Your Life

September 17 Lucky Metals

Platinum is the symbolic metal for individuals born on September 17th.

September 17 Birthstones

Sapphire is the lucky birthstone for those born on this date.

September 17 Lucky Numbers

1, 2, 17, 18, and 27 are the lucky numbers for these guys.

September 17 Lucky Colors

Navy blue is the color of choice for those born today.

September 17 Lucky Days

Wednesday is the lucky day for those born on September 17th.

September 17 Lucky Flowers

Morning glory is the lucky flower for these natives.

September 17 Lucky Plants

The Ficus tree is the lucky plant for these Virgo individuals.

September 17 Lucky Animals

Jaguar is the lucky animal for Virgo people born today.

September 17 Lucky Tarot Card

The Star is the lucky tarot card for this birth date.

September 17 Lucky Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for these Virgo natives is “A Flag At Half-Mast In Front Of A Public Building.”

September 17 Zodiac Ruling House

The sixth house is the Astrological ruling house for these natives.

September 17 Zodiac Birthday Facts

  • September 17 is the seventeenth day of the year’s ninth month for the Gregorian Calendar Users.
  • It is the seventeenth day of Autumn.
  • The Heroes’ Day in Angola.

Famous People Born on the September 17th

Edgar Mitchell, Ken Kesey, John Ritter, and Kyle Chandler were born on the 17th day of September.

SUMMARY: September 17th Zodiac

You are an individual with authority. However, your influence is often useless whenever you let the shyness known to your personality take over you. According to the September 17 birthday horoscope, you also need always to trust your instinct.  It is needed for your success as a human.

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