Leo and Taurus Compatibility: Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Is Taurus and Leo a good match?

Leo and Taurus Love Compatibility

Leo and Taurus Compatibility: Introduction

Your relationship with a native of Taurus could be one of the best. In fact, in a Leo and Taurus compatibility, you both will make a great couple because you know how to stroke each other’s ego. In fact, you both have a similar need to survive and to succeed in life. Both of you will find it very easy to satisfy each other. Your lover needs a lot of affection and love. You also like being admired and complimented as well as being adored.

Apart from this, Leo and Taurus love is both extremely possessive with the relationship. In fact, you could try everything possible to be loyal to the relationship. Apart from this, you both find it very easy to provide for each other’s needs. And as a result of the similar desire will possess by both of you. Moreover, you will always embrace success and pro-activity for you to be successful in life.


Leo and Taurus: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Emotionally, your lover is an intensely emotional sign who is always ready to live in his/her little world of emotion. Your lover is very practical and understanding. On the other hand, you are passionate and endowed with the powers of creating things. Often time, you show the spirit of love as both Leo Taurus soulmates are a personification of love, however, in your way.

Both of you will find it very hard to merge with each other together. In fact, there is a high possibility that you both will stay put in your corners when the time to enter into a Leo Taurus relationship. However, this does not mean you both are not in life, but because you feel that your world is better left alone. However, if both of you share emotions, it will be tough to recognize it.

Leo and Taurus Compatibility

Leo and Taurus: Life Compatibility

The relationship that is known to both of you is going to be a very intense relationship. Both of you are always ready to run after statuses and possessions. Leo Taurus star signs believe that without money, there is no life, and without status, a person is empty. Thus, you try everything possible to build your future and ensure that you both are successful.

Both of you are very hardworking fellows with gifts in relating to people. Most of the time, Leo Taurus horoscope match are always running after physical comfort and luxuries for yourself and your lover. When it comes to giving out gifts, you find it very easy to do so. You are good at showing off your skills and abilities to people around the world.

Your lover seems to be a traditionalist as s/he runs after the traditional form of courtship. Apart from this, Leo Taurus in love, could find it very easy to work together. However, this does not mean that both of you will not engage each other in conflict. You are a dominating fellow, while your lover is a determined person. He/she will not want anyone to override him/her.

Trust Compatibility between Leo and Taurus

The Leo Taurus trust could be hard to 1et in a relationship, but it is paramount for you to have great trust. Just like the fact that both of you are two signs are fixed signs. Thus, you often find a way of standing for a long time to give you the truth. You both will find it very easy to relate to each other for the relationship.

Although both of you are trusting, there is a high tendency of not finding it hard to trust each other. It is imperative for Leo and Taurus sun signs to develop their emotional personalities and moral boundaries independently. Moreover, your lack of will when it comes to this relationship could be a reason why your behavioral patterns change. In this relationship, both of you could end up building disappointments, which are as a result of the distrust that is built up.

Leo and Taurus Communication Compatibility

Leo Taurus zodiac signs are privileged among the signs of the zodiac. This is because you are ruled by Venus as well as the Sun. Thus, you both have a high tendency to be close to each other. Both of you could also be warm and creative. Apart from this, you two have a lot of similar interests and understandings. You could go in and out of your lover’s mind and say what is there and vice-versa.

However, it is hard for both of you to have a Leo Taurus communication. This is because you are a fire sign while your lover is an earth sign. You believe in a lot of egos. You cannot play with your ego and not be submissive to anyone. On the other hand, your lover is very practical. S/he would find it very hard to change his/her view of anyone. Most of the time, conflict ensues because none of you is ready to give up on the other.

The Leo and Taurus love compatibility is a great one that is very unusual. Your lover has a mutual language that you understand perfectly. Apart from this, you are always ready to ensure that your creativity reflects in how you relate to people around you. You will be thoughtful and emotional in the way you relate to others.

Sexual Compatibility: Leo and Taurus

Your relationship with a native of Taurus could be very exhausting for you. Most of the time, you find it very hard to enjoy the vigor and libido of your relationship. This is not far from the fact that your lover is always ready to lie down to be loved while you always want to lie down to be taken care of. Your laziness is always bad for your Leo and Taurus sexual relationship.

Intimacy Compatibility between Leo and Taurus

For you to have a great Leo and Taurus intimacy life with each other, you both need to agree on how to be sleeping every time. Moreover, you both could be one of the best couples if you can choose to ensure that you have the energy for your sexual activities. You both will, however, have an excellent sexual identity if you recognize how to satisfy your lover. Apart from this, you would find it very easy to care for your lover and ensure that you take care of him/her. The satisfaction of your lover is of utmost importance. You need to make sure that you satisfy your lover emotionally.

Leo and Taurus: Planetary Rulers

The planet rulers of your Leo Taurus relationship are Venus and the Sun. Venus is known to be a planet of love and money. It is the reason for the loving nature of your lover. Your lover is known to have this planet ruler as a result of your lover’s birthday that falls during its period. Your lover finds it very easy to run after money and beauty.

Apart from this, you will be ruled by the Sun, which happens to be the ruler of your Leo Taurus personality. The SunSun will illuminate and guide your footsteps for you not to end up in a pit. Also, you are individualistic. You often try everything possible for you to survive, even if your lover does not survive in times of trouble.

Relationship Elements for Leo and Taurus Compatibility

The Leo Taurus relationship element is both earth and fire. The fact is that both of you are highly ambitious and determined in different ways. You long for fame and fortune while your lover is always looking for stability and security in both life and love. Moreover, you would find it very hard to cope with your lover as s/he would always stand up for him/herself.

In a Leo Taurus compatibility, both of you are always ready to exercise their bossy attitude on your lover. On the other hand, This bossy attitude could lead to conflict as a result of your inability to accept domination. Just like your lover, you find it very hard to concede defeat. This is because conceding a defeat is an acceptance of domination. Thus, most of the time, you argue your claim to the end.

Leo and Taurus Compatibility: Overall Rating

The Leo and Taurus compatibility rating is 29%. It is also the reason why you both are successful and understanding. You both will find it very difficult to challenge each other. In fact, it is not advisable to go into this type of relationship. Based on this compatibility score, there is a high tendency for a lot of conflicts and possible lack of understanding. You are dominating with your behavior; if you fall in love with a grounded lover, your relationship will be a battleground for tough battles.

Leo and Taurus Overall Compatibility Rating 29%

Summary: Leo and Taurus Compatibility

If you understand each other, the relationship with a native of Taurus could be better the more. However, prima facie, the Leo and Taurus compatibility is nothing to write home about. It could be very challenging and filled with a lot of aggression, which is not too good for a relationship. Apart from this, both of you tend to be too impatient with each other. This impatience could make you crash. However, you need to learn how to create a balance between both of you to have a good relationship.

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