Leo and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Are Aquarius and Leos a good match?

Leo and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility: Introduction

The combination of both you and your lover in a love relationship is the combination of creativity and foresight. Both of you will make an excellent relationship with each other in a Leo and Aquarius compatibility. You both will be very energetic and unstoppable. In fact, you both will engage each other in competitions. There will be no dull moment for you two at all. In fact, you both will have a perfect relationship with each other. You will be highly idealistic and motivated by the way you relate to each other. Another thing that is known to both of you is that you both get attracted to innovative ideas.

Leo and Aquarius: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Just like your lover, you are in need of love. It is an extraordinary thing that their love life could find a converging point in a relationship. You are always searching for a way to dominate people while your lover is always finding a way to be free. Thus, both of you will have a very passionate emotion for each other. Apart from this, you will connect with each other. This is because you are the sun while your lover is lightning during rain and storm.


Your lover could come like a storm if you are not careful and could crash your relationship. When you fall in love, you will ensure that the whole world knows and feel the world. This is because you often pour your emotion out. In fact, if a deaf cannot hear about it could see, and if it is blind, he/she will feel or hear about it.

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius: Life Compatibility

Are Aquarius and Leo a good match? The Leo Aquarius love compatibility that is known to you is going to be an unending mutual admiration driven the relationship. You both will always run after thrill and fun. In fact, you will turn your relationship to a dare as you both will always go on a dare mission with adventure. Both of you together is an independent couple. You will admire the individualism, vision, and creativity of your lover while your lover will enjoy your zeal, charm, and understanding.

Moreover, Leo and Aquarius soulmates will always work together in implementing a lot of things. You will ensure that new ideas drive you. Your lover is an idealistic fellow while you are an active person. You find it very easy to work on the ideas of your lover. Although, the conflict could ensue between both of you. You will be very demanding and independent while your lover will be a little bit too aloof with the way s/he relates to you.

Your relationship could become too unsteady especially for you if you are not careful. You both need to learn how to communicate with each other and to tell each other that everything is alright. Apart from this, you both will be very independent in your relationship and most likely go to be successful.

Trust Compatibility between Leo and Aquarius

For the relationship to be complete, there needs to be trusted. You both need to be able to relate to each other and understand each other’s purpose. It is the case that you both will have a clear and healthy relationship with each other. However, you both could have no or little problem with trust.

Leo and Aquarius zodiac signs both live life in such a way that you will both be truthful and honest in the relationship. However, in this relationship, both of you will always have a challenge of trust when it comes to trusting your lover. This challenge of trust would make you find it hard to relate to each other. For you to have an excellent relationship that is free from the trust issue, you both need to understand each other correctly.

Leo and Aquarius Communication Compatibility

Both of you will be very understanding. You will also have good communication and can understand everything about life. Seemingly, you both are heroes and always ready to put your heroism on display. You are always prepared to find ways to save yourself from any form of repression that could be seen.

Most of the time, you are not aware of the fact that you are a hero. However, you could upturn a government and establish your incredible force in the world if you fight for the same cause. If Leo and Aquarius combine with each other and stop the inner battle you both have together, you would dominate the world.

You are an outstanding innovator. You can change any form of an idea into an invention with no much problem. Your lover, on the other hand, is an idealistic fellow who is exquisite with ideas. The love compatibility will bring about nothing but success. Intellectually, you both will find it very easy to overcome any form of the issue you might face.

Sexual Compatibility: Leo and Aquarius

Is Leo sexually compatible with Aquarius? Like the old saying, unlike poles attract, like poles repel. The attraction is very great in a Leo Aquarius relationship. In fact, the greatest appeal could be found in the relationship you have with a native of Aquarius. It seems that you are to rule your lover while your lover is there to fight for independence from the king.

Passion and attraction then lie between the two of you. This is because you will be passionate about enforcing your independence while your lover will be passionate about winning freedom. Your Leo Aquarius sex life is nothing more of a struggle and a fight. It is often an incredible experience for both of you to engage each other passionately in sex.

Intimacy Compatibility between Leo and Aquarius

Why Aquarius and Leo are attracted to each other? There is usually a true Leo-Aquarius passion, warmth, and liberating emotion in this relationship. In fact, your sexual intercourse is often interesting and sensual. Both of you could end up enjoying the sex. If you could engage in this sexual activity satisfactorily, there is no big deal if your lover starts respecting you.

The beauty of this intimacy is that both of you could create a connection that will bring confidence. Apart from this, you will be able to learn from each other and save each other from insecurities. Both of you will form a great connection.

Leo and Aquarius: Planetary Rulers

The Leo and Aquarius planetary rulers of your relationship are the Sun and the combination of Saturn and Uranus. You will be ruled by the Sun, which is the fact that it rules your personality. Apart from this, Saturn and Uranus rule your lover together. The sun is known for its individualism as well as its self-centeredness. Saturn is known for its discipline and integrity. Also, Uranus is the reason for your lover’s inspiration and idea. The combination of all these planet rulers will result in the creation and the realization of ideas.

Whenever you have difficulties in thinking about an idea, the sun will illuminate your love for him/her to feel right. The fact is that Leo and Aquarius sun signs will give the relationship balance. Saturn will add life to the ideas that are created by Uranus while Saturn will ensure that discipline is added in the implementation of the ideas.

Relationship Elements for Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

The Leo and Aquarius relationship elements are both fire and air. It is the case that the combination of the two could keep the relationship going and might break the relationship down. If care is not taken, your fire could be blown out by your lover’s air. Moreover, you will find it very easy to relate to your lover and ensure that s/he become successful.

Most of the time, you feed on the new ideas that are created by your lover in achieving great things in life. Mutual growth is often noticed in the Leo and Aquarius compatibility. Most of the time, you will have a desire to make your lover happy and to benefit more from the idea ridden lover that you have. Apart from this, your love will increase day by day as a result of the unique vision possessed by you.

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility: Overall Rating

Both of you according to the compatibility test indicate you will have an excellent relationship together. It is the case that both of you will find it very easy to relate to each other in the relationship. Apart from this, both of you will fill with a lot of intellectualism and understanding. Your sexuality is always on point. In fact, you both find it very easy to encourage each other to do things they probably do not want to do. Your Leo and Aquarius compatibility score is 89%.

Leo and Aquarius Overall Compatibility Rating 89%

Summary: Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Your relationship with a native of Aquarius would represent an intense and highly creative relationship. It also will describe a Leo and Aquarius compatibility that is better and understanding. Apart from this, you will find it very easy to engage with each other. Both of you will be warm, cold, and creative with each other. Apart from this, you will find it very easy to engage each other in a very sensitizing relationship. Overall, your relationship will be one of the best.

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