Leo and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Is a Leo and Cancer a good match?

Leo and Cancer Love Compatibility

Leo and Cancer Compatibility: Introduction

The relationship you have with a native of Cancer would be one of the best. This is because, in a Leo and Cancer compatibility, you both are good at satisfying each other. You both understand the essence of living an emotional life and in ensuring that the psychological need of each other’s satisfaction.

Leo Cancer, in love, is always running after dedication as well as tenderness. It is a fact that both of you are loving and caring as you find it easy to care for each other. You are very confident and loyal to the relationship. You both will enjoy each other and be understanding. Moreover, you tend to be possessive about the relationship. Furthermore, your lover is always ready to make you secure and stable.


Leo and Cancer: Love and Emotional Compatibility

For Leo and Cancer’s emotional compatibility, you both are good people with honest and beautiful behaviors. However, you could find it very hard to relate to each other. Both of you are symbols of love and thought. You two will have a lot of interests together as lovers. In fact, your emotions together will be very pure, clean, and straightforward. Your lover, on the one hand, will ensure that s/he bestows on you a great emotion that will reflect well on the family.

Leo and Cancer Compatibility

It is also the case that your lover will make sure that you feel loved in as much as you are ready to stay loyal and be well connected with him/her. Apart from this, problems often arise in your Leo Cancer relationship due to your high tendency of looking into another person’s eyes and for in love. You will find it very hard to show your emotion to your lover due to your flirtatious tendency.

Leo and Cancer: Life Compatibility

Both of you are understanding and creative. In fact, the Leo Cancer love compatibility you have together is great and filled with enjoyment and love. You both will prefer to protect each other. In fact, you both would be comfortable and more secure with your relationship. Apart from this, your lover will ensure that the relationship involves sensitivity and creativity.

Your lover will also ensure that the family is protected from any intruder. You will be the bigger and bolder one in the relationship as a result of you being the King of the Zodiac. Moreover, your Leo Cancer marriage will be filled with a lot of creativity and greatness. Your relationship will be a sensitive one. The fact is shown in the way you both relate to each other. You love enjoying your house and will always want to have a close-knitted family. Your lover, on the other hand, is always ready to give you this type of family.

Leo and Cancer soulmates, you could have a lot of issues together. These issues could result in a lot of arguments. This is because you are always ready to pursue your different opinions. Although you want the relationship to grow, it tends to fail without care.

Trust Compatibility between Leo and Cancer

Leo Cancer trust is possible at an average level. It is the case that you are always the people’s center of attraction. This position of yours often causes your lover to feel jealous, and this jealousy could cause a lack of trust. You are a performer who could be a little bit less supportive, depending on the situation of things. However, your lover could take you to be showy and could find you irritating.

If you shower your lover with love, he/she will trust you so much. He/she would find it very hard to doubt you. It is, however, advisable not to keep secrets in a Leo and Cancer relationship. Your lover could easily sense a secret kept, and this would bring distrust into the relationship. Moreover, your passion for love and sex would drive you away from your lover.

Leo and Cancer Communication Compatibility

Leo Cancer communication is not only needed in a relationship. But is the water that makes your relationship germinate well. It is the case that both of you are ruled by the two skylights –the Moon and the Sun. These two rulership makes both of you have a good relationship with each other.

This Leo and Cancer connection is not far from the fact that the Moon and the Sun represent the subconscious and conscious mind, respectively. You both would, however, share similar interests together. Your different worldview could change these similar interests. Most of the time, you both find it very easy to drift away from the main discussion. Often time, your lover could choose to go emotionally despite your complaint about being bored with the emotional debate.

This Leo Cancer love compatibility could hit a dead end when it comes to a relationship. This is because your lover pays a lot of attention to other people while discussing it with you. You seem to be way too out of the league of those s/he could listen to when discussing. This attitude of your lover could irritate you. Most of the time, the foundation of your relationship is to discover what would change the world for the better. This would then makes it easy for you to understand the mystery of life.

Sexual Compatibility: Leo and Cancer

You both will make an interesting couple due to your zodiac symbol being the symbols of the light. In fact, both of you do not have planets as your rulers but the solar lights. Although both of you do not have a lot of things in common, you will find it very easy to have a Leo and Cancer sexual life.

Intimacy Compatibility between Leo and Cancer

Is Leo sexually compatible with Cancer? Your relationship with each other is a royal relationship being the fact that the Moon and the Sun are regarded as the King and Queen of the zodiac. When it comes to Leo and Cancer intimacy, you both could flaw seriously. For your sexual activity to be better than others, you both need to maintain and display a high rate of emotion. Without it, you both will find it very hard to demonstrate or show each other the sexual interest either of you possess.

Hitting the bed would be a little bit difficult for the Leo Cancer sun signs. This is because you are very passionate about sex, while your lover is way too emotional. It could be a little bit difficult for you both to meet at a particular convergent point. However, your sexual activity will be better if you both could reach a compromise.

Leo and Cancer: Planetary Rulers

The Leo Cancer planet rulers for both of you are the Moon and the Sun. Two great solar bodies, in fact, rule both of you. The Sun is the ruler of your personality, and it is for its individualistic nature. Your lover, on the other hand, is ruled by the Moon and which shows that s/he is very emotional. The Sun deals more with your ego and individualism.

In fact, Leo Cancer zodiac signs have a special way of illuminating the path in the relationship. You will try everything possible to maintain energy and enthusiasm in the relationship. On the other hand, your lover is ready to make the relationship emotional. In fact, He/she tries everything possible to ensure that you are well taken care of. Your home is also always defended by him/her.

Relationship Elements for Leo and Cancer Compatibility

The Leo and Cancer relationship elements that are possessed by this relationship are water and fire. Both of you strive well on these two elements for you to be more successful in life. In addition to this, both of you enjoy the beautiful combination of the two elements that rule your relationship. It is of greater note that you need to relate well to your lover. This is because single inaction could break the relationship down into pieces.

Your lover always yearns for security and stability in the Leo Cancer relationship. Most of the time, you give them to your lover by portraying yourself to be less flirting. Apart from this, you always want to be praised and appreciated. Conflicts would most likely arise from your differences with each other. Both of you will find it very hard to take your relationship for granted as long as you both assure each other romance and practicality.

Leo and Cancer Compatibility: Overall Rating

The Leo and Cancer compatibility score for the relationship is 29%. This is not encouraging at all. It is not an excellent one for a long-lasting relationship to have. You both will have a very high tendency to engage each other in conflicts and disagreements. You both will find it very hard to enjoy the relationship without much fight. Lack of understanding and the inability to enjoy a stable life could make you fall out of the relationship.

Leo and Cancer Overall Compatibility Rating 29%

Summary: Leo and Cancer Compatibility

Although you both share a lot of things in common in the Leo and Cancer compatibility, the connection in this relationship is not too high. It is the case that both of you will find it very hard to cope with each other when it comes to communication. Both of you are very active individuals who often hover around the same locations without fear. There is a high tendency of the possible crash as a result of the lack of understanding and emotion in the relationship.

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