Sheep Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

What does a Sheep symbolize?

Sheep Spirit Animal Meaning

The Sheep Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Sheep are among the first animals to be domesticated by man. They are docile and humble. The male sheep is called a Ram. Ewe and lamp are names given to female and young ones of the sheep, respectively. Sheep gives man wool and meat. They were considered holy by the ancient people. Sheep are herbivores and chew curd. In this article, we will discuss the meaning, message, and symbolism of the Sheep spirit animal.

Meaning of Sheep Spirit Animal

In understanding sheep spirit animals, we need to look at the character and behavior of the sheep. Sheep are known to be humble and gentle animals. They are vulnerable, both positively and negatively. They are useful at the same time giving man food and wool. Looking at these characteristics and associating it with our daily lives will help us understand the sheep spirit animal. We shall first discuss the message from the sheep totem. Message from sheep spirit animal

Sheep Spirit Animal: Ability to follow the authority

Sheep have demonstrated a submissive behavior following instruction from their leader. It is a message to use. The ability to following power has public importance. It enforces the relationship among the community. Sheep’s taught us to take time to listen more at some point. People associated with this animal totem can follow authority. They are always humble and wait for direction from their leaders.


Obstacles breakage

Male sheep use their horns as a weapon to defend themselves. It is a message to use our abilities to break our obstacles. We should not wait for someone to come and solve our life challenges. Take up your cross and deal with it. Life comprises challenges and obstacles. Success and experience come as a result of proper problem-solving.

The power of togetherness

Sheep stay in herds. They are never alone. Sheep embrace togetherness. They dwell in the community. Sheep do have a leader in their flock. Sheep spirit animal wants us to be united. We should enjoy the power of friendship. Helping each other and encouraging each other. We should show each other the way in life, be there for each other. It will assist us in making the earth a better place to live. We should enjoy each other’s company. Great things happen when we come together are believers.

Healing power of silence

Sheep spirit animal teaches us of the healing power of silence. Sheep is a silent animal. Humble and gentle animal. Sheep taught us to maintain silence sometimes. They rarely make a sound even in danger. Sheep guides us in our challenges. It encourages us to search for our inner strength in solving our problems. Develop silence in whatever you are doing in life. Let others see the results only.

Strong family virtues

Sheep’s dwell in the families. They teach us strong family virtues, the need for a family. The family is the smallest unit in a community. This virtue also combines togetherness and community. A sheep spirit guide is in our families and communities at large. We should always seek sheep spirit animals in our families.

The Symbolism of Sheep Spirit Animal

Sheep Spirit Animal: Self-sacrifice

In the Bible, sheep associate with Jesus. The lamp of the world was the name of Jesus. It gives sheep spirit animal symbolism of self-sacrifice. Christians believed that Jesus sacrificed himself for their sins. It was through his crucifixion. Sheep animal totem encourages us to have selflessness.

Incredible balance

It is a belief that sheep are a balanced animal in life. They know how to coordinate life events. Knows when to keep quiet and when to talk. This incredible balance has made sheep be among the best-domesticated animal. We should seek the power of the sheep totem whenever we are out of balance in life. Balance brings inner peace and fulfillment.


Most communities offer sheep as an offering to their God and Goddess. They did this over the years using white-colored sheep mostly. Purity is assumed to associate with White sheep. The sheep animal totem symbolizes the offering itself.


In this symbolism, we shall look at positive and negative vulnerability. Sheep have self-acceptance and respect as a real vulnerability. Sheep spirit animal encourages us to have these qualities in our life. Consequently, sheep have negative vulnerability quality of fear. We should know which one to embrace at what given time.

Sure-footed nature

Sheep have small legs with two hooves. They need a little space to step and move. It makes sheep’s spirit animal symbolize sure-footed nature. When you feel like you have nowhere to step in life, seek on to the power of the sheep. It will guide you on where to measure. Sheep have art the skill of climbing mountains. They dare to jump where others fear.


The humble nature of the sheep symbolizes peace. They are a sign of peace. Sheep encourages us to build and maintain order. Prosperity relies on this quality. Unity makes us grow.


Sheep is a symbol of honesty. Honesty is an association of Sheep animals. It encourages us to seek the power of sheep spirit guide whenever we feel lied to in life. Sheep totem will guide you in the right decision.

SUMMARY: Sheep Totem

Sheep spirit animal has a vital role in both spiritually and socially. They guide and encourage us at am times. We should embrace this qualifies in our lives.

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