Elephant Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism, Dreams of Elephant Totem

What is the spiritual meaning of an elephant?

The Elephant Spirit Animal

Elephant Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does an Elephant spirit animal mean?

The Elephant spirit guide is symbolic of honor, strength, tenacity, and stability. When you see an elephant randomly appear in your life. It means you have a special message from beyond. It is time you pay close attention to what the divine spirits are telling you. Like its body size and weight, the elephant spirit animal also reminds its people that blessings are coming to you in big packages.

Over a long period, humankind appreciated elephants. They are the noblest and intelligent creatures in the universe across many cultures. They live longest with a lifespan of up to more than 60 years. Elephant spirit animals also teach their people to keep relationships alive by exercising commitment and communication and, at the same time, trusting and loving each other.


The commitment to the protection of their young ones is a symbol of responsibility that you can borrow from this animal. You can also learn how to best listen and communicate to others just as the elephant does. There is a lot more to gain from elephants. If you would like to find out more about the symbolism of elephants in your life, keep reading.

What does the Elephant Symbolize?

The Elephant spirit animal symbolizes strength. This animal exhibits unmatched power and carries the vibrations of patience, wisdom, and meditation. The female elephant takes the mantle of leading the heard. Her footsteps are keenly watched over by other animals in the wild. This, in turn, guides the rest to water and food reserves whenever resources are scarce. She has a vast mastery of the wild and can remember almost everything.

The elephant’s power to remember is symbolic of our ability to master and remember things. Elephant people can also recall beautiful memories long forgotten by many. They are wise and ensure they go out to work to get that which their hearts desire. Also, Elephant symbolism is a reminder to you of all your abilities and gives you the strength to keep pushing ahead.

The elephant spirit animal also symbolizes responsibility and accountability. Those with this spirit guide are naturally responsible and accountable from very tender ages. You will realize you have an inner drive to take care of people, especially the elderly and the young. Your choice of the elephant animal totem can be beneficial to you and, at the same time, others as well.

Elephant Spirit AnimalThe Elephant as a Spirit Animal

When you have the elephant spirit animal as your spirit guide, you tend to exhibit vibrations of brilliance in everything you do. You can make a good scientist or researcher. Elephant people respond to feelings and emotions from an inner understanding. A family is important to them, and as mentioned before, they have a soft spot for the helpless and the weak. Loyalty is another trait of elephant people. They are ever loyal regardless of the current difficult situation.

For some, an elephant spirit guide brings luck to its people. Its presence in your life can mean success and that you are in complete control of your destiny. You are free to do all the things you wish and attain what your heart desires. As a result, you can come out successful because nothing is stopping you from accomplishing your goals. Keep working and be patient, your sweat will eventually be rewarded, and you will taste success.

The Symbolism of the Elephant based on Cultures

The symbolism of elephant spirit animals is widely shared in China. They associate this animal with glory, honor, and nobility. Elephants in Feng Shui, for example, are regarded as a symbol of fortune and primarily associated with family and children. They equally bring good luck when it comes to having a prosperous and happy marriage.

In the Buddhist tradition, the elephant was included in the eight sacred animals. Here, it is also associated with fortune. The Hindu, on the other hand, talk of Indra, the king of all gods riding a white elephant called Airavata. Airavata is said to have the ability to bring rain and thunder.

African people, however, recognize the elephant for its size and strength. They also believe the elephant is wise and is the keeper of higher memories and knowledge. They associate this animal with loyalty, care, and spirituality.

The Elephant Spirit Animal in Dreams

When the elephant comes to your dreams, often the message it brings is that of courage. You need to come out and make your views known to the world. Express yourself without limits and voice your ideas as hard as you can. Elephant people tend to be confident in whatever they do. Let loose that which you have been holding inside and remain strong, and so, in the end, you shall overcome.

If you were riding an elephant in your dreams, this only means that there is a situation in your life that needs urgent attention. So, there is a solution to this problem; all you need to do is figure it out. Furthermore, you could also do with a little advice from someone in your circle to help you solve the problem.

Finally, if you dream of the elephant attacking you, do not panic. It means something good is on the way. You are perhaps about to win a mega jackpot or be lucky with money. It is the ideal time to think of a startup project to invest in.

SUMMARY: Elephant Spirit Animal

The elephant spirit animal is very important in helping us understand everything that goes on in our surroundings. Their symbolism shows us that by improving one another, our blessings on earth are multiplied. The other bit of lesson we learn from the elephant spirit guide is that we should equally reciprocate the love and care we received when we were young to those around us. It can include our family members or those that helped get us to where we are currently.

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