Aries and Taurus Compatibility: Love, Life and Sex Compatibility

Is Aries and Taurus a good couple?

Aries and Taurus Compatibility Love

Aries and Taurus Compatibility: Introduction

The coming together of an Aries and a Taurus into an Aries Taurus Compatibility is the coming together of passion and natural love, respectively. As a result of this, you both will experience true passionate love. Being a native of Aries, you will find it very easy to jump into relationships. However, a Taurus is very slow in falling into a relationship. This could cause problems as you would find the slowness uncomfortable.

Natives of Taurus always want to be wooed over and over again before giving in to the person they love. However, this does not usually go well with your lifestyle, which is about rushing into love relationships. Your Aries Taurus relationship could be a training ground for you and your spouse, Taurus, to learn about things. Your impracticality and lack of patience can be overcome by Taurus, while Aries will make a native of Taurus more adventurous.


Aries and Taurus: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Emotionally,  both Aries Taurus in love have highly spirited signs, but you seldom show in the same way. The fact remains that you find it hard to know that you are in love with your spouse and vice – versa. This is as a result of the fact that the two of you do not feel close to each other. Often time, you, as an Aries, show your emotion loudly, openly, and impatiently, and most time in a rough manner. This is, however, different from the kind of emotion that is showed by the Taurus.

Most time, your spouse, Taurus, finds your behavior to be too phony and intense to be called love. Taurus, your love seems to be boring for you. This is due to his/her style of showing love and emotions silently and in a slow process. To show his/her love, your spouse will result in cooking special foods and saying gentle words to you. You need to learn how to understand yourselves to have a great Aries and Taurus relationship.

Aries and Taurus: Life Compatibility

It happens that the two of you are two poles apart as Taurus is quite patient and sensual. But Aries is strong and loyal. Like the old English saying, unlike poles attract. You, as an Aries, is attracted to the patience and sensuality possessed by a native of Taurus. Although Aries Taurus star signs, both would have issues regarding dealing with how things should be done.

You, as an Aries, will always want to do things quickly and without patience. On the other hand, your spouse, Taurus, believes in the essence of patience. Thus, Aries & Taurus marriage tends to have issues concerning decision making. However, when you come together to iron your differences out and to reach a compromise, you will make strong ideas together. In addition to this, you are most likely going to be at loggerhead with each other.

Aries and Taurus Compatibility

Most times, you often defeat your spouse, Taurus, with your logicality and rationality. You need to learn how not to push your spouse into making hasty decisions to impress or make you happy. You also need to refuse to be slowed down by your spouse. Your Aries Taurus love compatibility will be exciting due to the excitement you bring and more secure as a result of the security and romance that are brought by Taurus. Although slow, a Taurus would be a very sexy and sensual lover.

Trust Compatibility between Aries and Taurus

Could you have an Aries Taurus trust issue with your lover who happens to be a Taurus? The answer could not be far-fetched from the fact that you tend to have a very stable relationship that is based on honesty. You both are always ready to stand up for great and good challenges without running away from them. In fact, you are open to dialogues and agreements to put the mind of your lover at rest.

In an  Aries Taurus love compatibility, both share true love; thus, having a relationship together is a reason that you both find true love in each other. You will find it very easy to trust and tango with yourself. For you to find the mutual trust to be very important in your relationship, you need to learn how to communicate well and better at the beginning of the relationship. Apart from this, either of you or your spouse tends to engage in infidelity due to the lack of emotion on your part and lack of self-worth on your partner’s part.

Communication Compatibility

It seems to be a tug of war to have both a Taurus and Aries in a relationship due to the horns they both possess. It is the case that you both often argue with each other, and each wants his/her idea to prevail. The stubbornness that will be known for both Aries Taurus zodiac signs will be great, but you do not believe in the same ideology of obstinacy.

You, an Aries, have a high tendency of always wanting to convince your lover, Taurus, at all costs. Upon the discovery of this type of action by the Taurus would make the Taurus choose to remain silent in a bid to avert trouble. However, the Aries’ silence most time annoys you. Whenever your spouse is angry with you, s/he will not fume but speak with you with silence. However, behind this strong headedness, Aries Taurus sun signs are good together due to your intelligence. When you both find common ground for yourself, you will be able to achieve better things than anyone.

Sexual Compatibility: Aries and Taurus

Two ideologies rule your relationship due to your Aries Taurus zodiac symbol as well as that of your spouse. Mars rules your zodiac symbol, which is for its physicality in love. On the other hand, Venus rules your zodiac symbol, which is known for sensuality in love. Masculine love and feminine love are going to take charge of your relationship.

Being a native of Aries, you are known for your rough form of showing love as you believe that love is all about sex and intimacy. Thus, you try everything possible to hit on your lover physically. However, your lover, a Taurus, does not believe that Aries and Taurus’ sexual compatibility is the basis for relationship continuation but emotional attachment.

Intimacy Compatibility

You often have issues due to your different ideologies. However, when you reach a compromise, you both will enjoy your relationship. It will involve great Aries Taurus intimacy, which occurs in a very sensual manner. For you to satisfy a native of Taurus on the bed, you need to be very gentle and emotional with the way you act on the bed. For you to enjoy your spouse and satisfy her well, you need to work on your sense of touch and sensuality. This would keep your spouse, Taurus, happy, and sexually satisfied. However, you will always go for the person that will satisfy you in bed and which Taurus could not.

Planetary Rulers: Aries and Taurus

Aries is ruled by Mars while Venus rules Taurus. Mars happens to be the reason for your Aries-Taurus passion for love and your love for real emotion. You will also a strongly headed lover that is a little bit straightforward. Taurus, on the other hand, is ruled by Venus being the ruler and giver of incredible love. It is the reason for your emotional strength in love. Just like how an Aries will find it very easy to deal with physical love as well as beauty, you will find it very easy to give out emotional support to your lover.

The Aries Taurus love compatibility would be one of the best. You would find it very easy to balance up things for your children. You are prone to fighting in a bid to get the will of either of you done. However, a good knowledge of yourself will give you a better relationship. This is because you will be able to merge to form a whole thing. The combination of Masculinity (Mars) and feminine (Venus) will give you a better relationship. Apart from this, Mars is the symbol of Masculine love, while Venus is the symbol of Feminine love; the total combination of the two will give you true love.

Relationship Elements

Your Aries Taurus marriage is the combination of fire and the earth. This is as a result of Aries being a Fire signed planet while Taurus is earth signed planet. You will endow with a burning desire to succeed and overcome your lover in the relationship. Also, you are also destined to take charge of your lovers being an Aries. Similarly, you are always ready to take your destiny into your hand and succeed in life. Your actions would make your relationship a success. You need to assure your spouse of security and stability as Taurus is always willing to assure you of these.

You need not be angry or intolerant when your lover, Taurus, becomes possessive. Your Aries Taurus compatibility might hit a dead-end due to your independence and the possessiveness of your lover (Taurus). In addition to this, your relationship will be stronger and stable when you allow your spouse, Taurus, to understand you better.  The combination of fire and earth as the element that guides your relationship makes your relationship a strong and bright one. You will make your lover, Taurus, must flexible and tolerant of your independence when you both fall in love.

Aries and Taurus Compatibility: Overall Rating

Your Aries Taurus compatibility rate is 63%, and it is a little bit above the average rate. Your relationship will only be right on the condition. And that you understand yourself better and well. Although you will fight a lot, and your relationship will be great when you grow up regarding maturity and education.

Aries and Taurus Love Compatibility Rating 63%

Summary: Aries and Taurus Compatibility

The Good, Bad and Ugly side – This is a relationship of two opposites as Taurus and Aries have two opposite ideologies. This makes the Aries with Taurus compatibility full of challenges. However, if you wish to be successful as a couple, you need to understand yourself. The right understanding of yourself will open a means of solving the issues in your relationship. Except when both of you are used to using your horns, you will be able to reach an agreement quickly. Reaching agreement easily, most time, is by having enough love, education, and a sense of humor.

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