Dream Dictionary S (1): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with S

Dream Analysis of S words: Page 1 – S to Saxophone

Dream Dictionary of S words - Page 1

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with S

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S – Seeing letter S in my dream

The letter S in a dream is usually a sign that the dreamer overlooks something that requires thought or action.


To suffer from Sabotage by another often means that something that the dreamer overlooks is causing trouble in their lives. It could also mean that someone is plotting against them. If it is the dreamer who is doing the sabotage, it usually means that the dreamer has conflicted over some moral issue and needs to take the time to consider it.



In classical psychology, a Sack can represent the Womb. More literally, it may represent a burden. Consider whether someone is carrying the sack or what the contents are.



In Biblical times, this course material was worn by those trying to make up for sins that they had committed against others or God. In a dream, it also represents guilt or unaccounted wrongdoing. Consider who is wearing the Sackcloth, and look for other actions or dream symbols that may point to what they might have done.



Dreaming that Something is Sacred is often a way for the Subconscious to show the dreamer what is important.



Sacrifice in a dream often symbolizes the loss of something toward a goal, whether it is a goal that the dreamer is pursuing. While being sacrificed by others often represents the dreamer’s tendency to be taken advantage of, other forms of sacrifice are more optimistic. The sacrifice of self is a sign that the dreamer is ready to leave behind impulses to dedicate higher functions to a task. This is often also symbolized by the sacrifice of an animal. If this is the case, consider the symbolism of that animal.



Emotions in dreams are often literal, regardless of who feels them in the dream, as they are often projections of the dreamer’s own emotions. Consider who is sad and what they are doing.



Saddles make journeys comfortable. Seeing a Saddle in a dream may foretell a pleasant departure or arrival. Placing a Saddle on an animal is symbolic of having what is necessary to embark on a journey, and mounting a saddled animal is a sign of rising in status or power.



Sadism is often the result of repressed anger. This is also true in dreams. To be a Sadist in a dream often symbolizes that something is bothering the dreamer that needs to be let go.


To dream of a Sagittarius is to dream of everything that this astrological sign represents: optimism, an adventurous spirit, and dedication.



Dreaming of a Safari represents the desire to break free from societal norms and restraints.



Safes represent security. Consider where the Safe is located in the dream, whether anything is being done to it, and whether there is anything in it.


Safe Haven

To dream of a safe place can be a good thing or a bad thing. It may mean that there are places the dreamer can go to or people to talk to comfort them in even the darkest of times. It may also mean that the dreamer is hiding from an issue that ought to be confronted.


Saffron can mean several different things in a dream. Some believe that it is a symbol that things are not as good as they may appear, while others believe that it is a sign that things are about to get better. Consider who is acting on the Saffron, in what way, or who is giving it to whom. Drinking Saffron Tea often means that a tranquil time is on the horizon.



This spice represents thrift, and careful business practice, although too much sage is a sign of extravagance that will lead to loss of wealth. Drinking a tea made with Sage means that the dreamer will meet a stressful time with serenity and calm.



Sailing represents movement toward a goal. Consider the roughness of the waves, the boat’s size, and how close the vessel is to land, as these things can reveal more about how close or achievable the goal is.

See Ocean or Sea* for further dream symbolism.



Sailors can represent long journeys or romantic figures. Consider what the Sailor is doing and who the Sailor is.


To see a Saint in a dream can mean several things. It may mean that the dream’s message is not coming from the subconscious but from outside of yourself. It may also represent good moral standing or perseverance. Consider what Saint was in the dream, but listen to it regardless.


Saint Bernard

Often used as rescue dogs, this breed in a dream is a call for help from the Subconscious.

See Dog* for further dream symbolism.



Salad represents sickness or disagreeable temperaments. Consider whether the salad is being made or consumed and who is doing the action. On the other hand, the dream may be a very literal way for your subconscious to suggest a diet change.

If there is dressing on the Salad, it may mean that the dreamer needs to liven things up or take some action to make the situation more appealing.



Once believed to live in fire, the Salamander represents the ability to succeed in difficult situations and resist temptation.



In Freudian Psychology, Salami would be seen as a phallic symbol that represents male sexuality. Others suggest that it represents problems with self-image.


Salary is a gauge of confidence, strength, and the dreamer’s conception of their own success. If the Salary is large, the dreamer is likely satisfied with recent or life accomplishments. If the Salary is small, the dreamer may feel underappreciated or unfulfilled.



To dream of a Sale may represent something readily available to the dreamer that should be taken advantage of.



Dreaming of being a Salesperson is often an indication that the dreamer is looking at a decision or option from a different perspective. While this is favorable, the dreamer should take care to choose what is right for them, not someone else.



Saliva in a dream often symbolizes appetite, greed, or lust. Consider who or what is producing it.



This fish is often a sign of good luck, whether seen, caught, or eaten. If the Salmon is eaten, it may be a sign of good luck in love. The Salmon is also often a sign of Wisdom, Strength, and Tenacity.


Visiting a Salon in a dream may be a positive sign of change. It may also be a negative sign that the dreamer is trying to hide something or feels insecure.



A Saloon is a place where the dreamer is either going to relax or to solve a conflict. Consider other aspects and elements of the dream for clarity.


Salsa (Food)

Eating Salsa represents a need to liven things up and put some spice into life.


Salsa (Dance)

Dancing the Salsa can either be a sign of sensuality and excitement or of ignoring an issue. Consider other dream elements as well for clarity.



Seeing salt in a dream is a bad sign that often represents bitterness and struggle. Eating salt is often a sign of a downturn or betrayal in the dreamer’s love-life while salting food often means there may be problems with debts and money.


Saltpeter is a dream that often means that a change in living conditions will increase grief.


Salt Water

Tears are made of Salt Water. Salt Water in a dream represents suffering and sorrow.

See Water* for further dream symbolism.



The Salute is a sign of respect for authority. Consider who is saluting who and other contexts.



Seeing Salve in a dream is often a sign of the reversal of poor fortunes and overcoming adversity. If the dreamer is rubbing Salve on another, it means that the dreamer is a dependable friend. Conversely, if another is rubbing Salve on the dreamer, it means that the dreamer will be able to tackle difficult obstacles with friends’ help.



Samples of merchandise in a dream represent a business opportunity. Being offered samples is a sign of beneficial business practices, while dropping samples might mean that financial mistakes are being made. Choosing samples means that there are many options ahead.



This ancient Japanese warrior class represents commitment, discipline, honor, and bravery.



To dream of sanctuary symbolizes a desire to rest from struggles.



Sand is representative of famine and drought. If the sand is being blown through the wind, it often symbolizes change. If the sand is wet, it symbolizes an inability to achieve balance.


Sand Castle

Sand Castles represent overambitious goals that lack sufficient preparation.


Sand Dollar

A Sand Dollar in a dream represents the dreamer’s emotions and effort, which may be undervalued.


Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes are often a sign of protection. Consider who or what is hiding from the sun behind the dunes and where the dunes are about other dream locations or objects.



Sandals are comfortable shoes that do not allow traveling on all terrain. In a dream, they symbolize a relaxed and easy atmosphere but warn that some people in the dreamer’s life may be easily offended.



In a dream, a Sandbag may be a symbol of something that is holding the dreamer back. If there are many sandbags, it is often a sign that the dreamer is trying to deflect their feelings rather than processing them.



To play in a Sandbox may mean that the dreamer needs to take some time off because they are taking things too seriously, or it may mean that the dreamer is not taking things seriously enough. Consider the dreamer’s life and other dream elements for clarity.



Sandpaper in a dream may be symbolic that the dreamer has an abrasive personality, or it may mean that there are some rough spots in a situation that need to be worked out. To determine which interpretation is accurate, consider other dream elements as well.



A sandstorm in a dream represents confusion and disorientation.



A sandwich in a dream, like any food, maybe just a sign that the dreamer was hungry. It may also represent the ability to multitask. To put a sandwich into a bag represents storing energy or resources for later use.



Dreaming of this ancient language often symbolizes that the dreamer is about to discover a new and involving hobby, which may cause alienation from old friends who do not share the interest.



Santa can represent the giving nature of people, or he can represent self-judgment and reflection. Consider other aspects of the dream for clarity.



Seeing Sap in a dream represents physical energy and health.



This gem in a dream usually means good luck or wisdom in selections. Consider the context in which Sapphire exists in the dream and whether it is being interacted with by another agent.



Sarcasm represents the dreamer’s attempts to distract others from concerns about the self. Alternatively, if someone else uses sarcasm toward the dreamer, it often means that the dreamer is more concerned about personal flaws than others and maybe worrying too much.



In a dream, this strong-tasting fish usually represents stress or concern. Consider whether the fish are being eaten, served, or caught by other agents in the dream.



A Sari in a dream represents that the wearer is hiding a sensual nature or feelings.



Sardonyx represents wealth. If it is being found, is this is a good omen of impending fortune. However, if it is being lost, the dreamer may want to rethink recent business decisions or spending habits.



This article of clothing usually represents flirtatious relationships and good fortune in romance. Someone wearing a sash maybe someone who relies on their charm to fuel their love life, while someone who buys or puts on a sash may be about to turn over a new, more romantic leaf or enter a fun new relationship. Alternatively, the Sash may represent restrictions. Consider who is wearing it, how it is being worn, and what color it is.



Satan represents the struggle in the dreamer’s life. Shielding oneself from Satan represents strength to avoid temptation, while killing Satan symbolizes overcoming some moral obstacle. Satan can come in many forms and be associated with many things, from books to money, to women. However, Satan appears in a dream should be a sign of concepts or relationships that the dreamer should be wary of.

See Devil* for similar dream symbolism.


Satellite or Satellite Dish

Seeing a Satellite in a dream represents connectedness and communication.



This planet represents restrictions and discipline. It may also represent cycles in the dreamer’s life.

See Planet* for further dream symbolism.



Satyrs often represent freedom, oneness with nature, and sexuality, especially male sexuality.



This dish often represents the dreamer’s good health.



Dreaming of Sausage is symbolic of the rewards of hard work and material goods. Making Sausage may mean that the dreamer is putting effort and preparation into an endeavor that will soon pay off. Eating Sausage often means that a recent or impending run of “good luck” is not really “luck” at all, but the result of hard work. In Freudian, Psychology Sausage is also a phallic symbol.



The sauce in a dream often represents wisdom and intellect.



A Saucer represents support for the dreamer’s emotions and intellectual needs.



Taking a Sauna in a dream may represent the desire to rid oneself of negativity or be more open-minded. It may also represent sexual desires. Consider who is in the Sauna, as well as other aspects of the dream for clarity.



To be on a Savanna in a dream represents the need to appreciate one’s surroundings, even if they are not what was expected.



In a dream, savings don’t usually represent anything other than the dreamer’s concerns about money.


Savings Bonds

Savings Bonds often represent a sense of commitment.



Saws in a dream represent enterprise and hard work. Consider the size of the saw, whether it is rusty or dull, whether it is lost or found in the dream, and whether it is a handsaw or a powered saw.



Sawdust is often a sign of stress and argument, often related to business. If there is Sawdust in a dream, perhaps the dreamer should consider “cleaning up shop” to prevent accidents or arguments.



Playing the Saxophone in a dream is symbolic of expressing emotions from deep within one’s self. Consider who is playing and where, and how the song sounds.

See Music and Instrument* for further dream symbolism.

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