Dream Dictionary S (2): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with S

Dream Analysis of S words: Page 2 – Scab to Scythe

Dream Dictionary of S words - Page 2

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with S

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Scab – Seeing a scab in my dream

Seeing a scab in your dream suggests that you are trying to recover from an emotional wound. If you are picking at your scab, this can suggest that you have been going about healing your mind in all wrong ways. Sometimes you need to let things be and go away on their own.

See Skin* for further dream symbolism.


Dreaming of a Scabbard without a sword means that some issue will be settled without conflict. To dream of a sword without a Scabbard may mean that the possibility for a peaceful resolution is becoming less likely due to anger.

See Sword* for similar dream symbolism. See Weapon* for further dream symbolism.



Scaffolds in dreams often symbolize failure to reach a goal, regardless of whether the dreamer is going up or down the scaffold. Going up a Scaffold usually means that the person will be unjustly accused of unfair dealings. Going down a Scaffold often means that the person has been or will be caught actually doing something unfair or dishonest. Falling from a Scaffold is usually a sign of schemes backfiring and hurting the schemer.


Scald Head

This affliction often represents the effects of illness, like poor spirits or absence from duty. Consider whether it is the dreamer’s head or someone else’s that manifests this illness.



To be scalded in a dream often means that the difficulties of obtaining a goal may, at least for a time, seem to outweigh the achievement of the goal.

Looking up your body area where you are scalded can also provide you with further dream symbolism.


Scales (Balance)

Weighing Scales are often a sign of deliberation that shows that the dreamer will be level-headed and just in future decisions. Consider what is being weighed.

This dream could suggest that your life is out of balance. You need to restore balance to your life if you want to become a happier and more successful person.


Scales (on Animals)

Fish and reptile scales represent protection or a sense of safety. These can represent barriers that you put up around yourself so that you can feel better. However, as you do this, you are not allowing others in. Try to find a middle ground to this problem, and you are sure to be better off for it.

Looking up the fish or reptile that had the scales can also provide you with further dream symbolism.



Seeing your scalp in a dream can suggest that you have been thinking hard about something recently. You have a message that you need to get out. It would help if you did this as soon as possible to relieve yourself of any future headaches with this issue.

Seeing that someone has been scalped can suggest that you feel like someone is draining your energy. You may want to take a break from this person to recharge yourself.

See Head* for further dream symbolism.



Scandals often foretell deceit, usually due to the dreamer’s poor choice in companions or hobbies. This can also predict bad luck in business and love.

Dreaming that the scandal in your dream is about, you can suggest that you are surrounded by people who do not respect you. Now is a good time to spend time with friends who you can trust, instead of friends who you know to be gossips.

See Shoes* for further dream symbolism.


Using a computer scanner in your dream implies that you have not been acting very originally lately. You may be copying someone else’s idea or parts of their personality.

This dream could alternatively suggest that you need to reanalyze yourself. Scan yourself over and figure out what you should keep about yourself and what sort of things you should change.



A scar can represent a painful memory from your past that you are still holding onto. This could suggest that you have not healed from some emotional trauma. The best way to heal this emotional scar is to stop living in the past and focus on the present.

Looking up where your car is or the term Skin* can also provide you with further dream symbolism.



Seeing a scarab in your dream can suggest that you are a strong person who can adapt to fit your surroundings. You are a flexible person, and you are likely to need to use this skill shortly.

The scarab can also represent your feeling about aging or dying. If you feel good when you see the bug, then this can suggest that you are not afraid of it. If the bug disgusts you, you may want to change how you look at aging.

See Bug* for further dream symbolism.



Scarcity in a dream may be a literal concern over wealth or a symbolic representation of sadness in the home. You are likely worried that you will have to go without having enough.

Looking up the scarce thing in your dream is sure to provide you with further dream symbolism.


Being scared in your dream can represent other negative emotions, which don’t necessarily need to be feelings of fear, in your waking life. You may feel like you are not good enough to do something, like you cannot control your emotions, or like you are unsure of your actions.

Being afraid of something in your dream can also represent feelings of anger in your waking life. Confronting these feelings in your waking life is a great way to get them to go away in your dreams.



Scarecrows represent fear and sadness. You are likely going through a hard time in your waking life. Know that this struggle will not last forever. You will be able to overcome this feeling eventually.



Scarves, as innocent as they are, represent the ways that you are restricted in your waking life. You may feel like someone else is controlling the way you live or how you express yourself.

Actually, wearing the scarf can suggest that you need to become more independent. You are too focused on how others may perceive your actions. Do not worry about what others think of you; focus on how you feel and how you can best express your feelings.


Scarlet Fever

While any sickness in a dream can be a literal warning of poor health in life, Scarlet Fever in a dream often symbolizes being at the mercy of an adversary or competitor. For someone to die of the affliction often foretells foul play by a competitor.


In a dream, the scepter represents power willfully given to a leader. Consider who is holding the scepter or who is giving it to whom.

If you are holding the scepter, this can signify that you come off as a trustworthy person. Your friends and coworkers can easily respect you. You have the charisma to tell others what to do, but the respect to treat them as your equals.

If someone else is holding the scepter, this can suggest that you are more of a follower than a leader. You likely work better when you are being told what to do, instead of needing to tell others what to do. This is neither a positive nor a negative sign.



If the dreamer is returning to school at their present age, it often represents great mental achievement. In contrast, teaching school represents desiring this kind of achievement but having other more pressing worldly concerns in the way. Dreaming about attending school in one’s youth or visiting the school where one once learned are usually bad signs that life struggles will make the dreamer long for simpler days.



Dreaming that you are a scientist can suggest that you have the potential to be more creative and educated. However, if you are going to make something, you will still need to use logic to do it. Feel free to use your imagination; make sure that you use logic when you actually try to do something about it.


Scissors cut and tear things apart, and so often represent separation and disagreement in a dream. This most often represents arguments you are having with your friends, family members, or romantic partners.

Sharp scissors can suggest that you are working hard on the issue at hand, even if dealing a blow to your emotions. You must stay strong and persevere if you want to overcome this problem quickly.

Dull scissors suggest that your problems are mingling. Because you may have many problems related to each other, they are likely harder to solve than other problems. You will need to work slowly and carefully if you want to solve these problems.



Being scolded in a dream suggests that you have actually been scolded in the recent past. You have likely done something recently that you should have/would have gotten scolded for in the past. You may feel like you cannot do this thing because of the negative reaction that others have had to it in the past.



Seeing a scooter suggests that you are content with your waking life. You are happy with your position at work and in your social life. This is a good sign.

If you are riding on the scooter, then this suggests that you need to add more balance to your life. To do this, you will need to make more decisions on your own. However, you can still do this in a carefree way; this is not a dream worth getting stressed out over.



Seeing a score itself means little; what the scores are mean more. If you lose, then this suggests that you have low self-confidence. If you win, then you have high self-confidence. Looking up the numbers that were on the scoreboard can also provide you with further dream symbolism.


Scorpio people often have the traits of being determined, patient, kind, and flexible. Seeing one of these people in your dream can suggest that you need to take on some of these traits to solve a problem that is going on in your waking life.



Scorpions represent betrayal. If the dreamer kills the scorpion, the dreamer will prevail against some trick. If the dreamer fails to kill the Scorpion or is bitten by the Scorpion, conspirators will get the upper hand.

See Bug* for further dream symbolism.



To dream of a Scrapbook often means that the dreamer will soon meet an unpleasant company and wish for old times.

Try to remember what the contents of the scrapbook are. This can go a long way to helping you to figure out what your dream means.

See Photographs* for further dream symbolism.



Scratching in a dream often symbolizes bitterness or petty disagreements. Consider who is scratching who. If the head is being scratched, it usually symbolizes that the dreamer is being bothered by people attempting to take advantage of them.

Looking up where you were scratched and looking up the term Skin* can also provide you with further dream symbolism.


Screaming in your dream can suggest that you have pent up negative emotions in your waking life. You are trying to express these emotions in your dream since you may not know how to express these feelings in your waking life.

If you are trying to scream, but no sound comes out, then this can suggest that you are frustrated by your angry feelings. You may feel like others are not paying attention to these feelings, making them even harder to get out.

If someone else is screaming in your dream, then this can suggest that someone in your waking life needs your help with something.


Screech Owl

The Sight or sound of a Screech Owl is often an omen of sudden bad news, often of illness or death.

See Bird and Owl* for further dream symbolism.



To dream of screws often means demanding tasks ahead, which must be performed with diligence. This likely applies to tasks that you need to deal with in the workplace.



Reading or writing a script in your dream represents the way that you act in your waking life. The main character in this script most often represents the dreamer. Try to remember the traits of the main character in the script. If you are fine with them, then this can be a sign of high self-esteem. If you do not, this dream could signify that you need to rewrite your personality.



Scrolls represent education, potential, and growth. You have the power to become a more educated and better person. All you need to do is take the first step to become a better version of yourself.



Seeing a sculptor in your dream can suggest that you are likely to start doing something that you enjoy, but this thing will be less prestigious than whatever you are currently doing. It will be up to you to decide if you care about your reputation enough to do what you enjoy or to do what others expect you to.

If you are in love with a sculptor, then this predicts good luck in love. You are likely to be with someone who has a high business or social status.



Seeing a sculpture in your dream is a sign that you do not see things clearly in your waking life. You are likely in denial over something.

This dream could alternatively suggest that you are showing yourself off in a negative light. Show people your positive personality traits, and you will be much more likely to make friends and have a better reputation.

Looking up what the sculpture is supposed to be can also provide you with further dream symbolism.



Seeing scum is a prediction that you will be disappointed by your social life. You are likely to do something that will end up embarrassing yourself.



Seeing a scythe in a dream is a sign of bad luck. Bad health or injury is likely to occur soon after a dream with a scythe in it.

If the scythe is old, broken, or rusty, then this can instead suggest that you will have bad luck in your social or business life.

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