Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility – Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Can a Cancer marry a Sagittarius?

Sagittarius and Cancer Love Compatibility

Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility: Introduction

A relationship between Sagittarius and Cancer will be of growth and maturity. When both of you connect with each other, you will find it very easy to help each other to grow. If there is one thing you both love in this Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility, it is to help each other enjoy life. You both have a lot of things to offer to each other. In fact, you ensure you care a lot for your lover.

This relationship will be a relationship of a thrill-seeker with an occasional adrenaline rush and a lover with emotional satisfaction. Apart from this, you both will find it very easy to commit to the relationship you have. In addition to this, you will need to learn how to appreciate the emotional support your lover has in stock. Apart from this, your lover needs to appreciate your exploration and adrenaline gush.


Sagittarius and Cancer: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Are Cancer and Sagittarius a good match? This love compatibility is a combination of water and fire; it is not a combination of the Sun signs. Both of you will find it very hard to create a spark that would bring love and passion. It is also the case that you both will find it very easy and quick to push yourself away from your lover. This relationship will most likely not last longer than expected. It is the fact that you often follow situations and people. You will also want a relationship that is built on the security of emotion and care.

Sagittarius and Cancer: Life Compatibility

Can a Cancer and Sagittarius be together? In life, Sagittarius & Cancer soulmates have different approaches to life. You both also have a passion for the relationship. In fact, you often ensure that you give your lover the best passion ever. Your lover, on the other hand, will ensure that you are emotional. You will always give this relationship the emotion and tradition needed. Your lover will always be there to take care of the family and the home while you wander restlessly around.

Apart from this, your lover’s emotional tide could be overwhelming for you to accept in life. Your lover could find it difficult to cope with your restlessness. In fact, he/she will develop resistance as to the acceptance of the restlessness and the external activities. If there is one that you both want in this relationship, you both need a more secure marriage.

Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

Moreover, you are always ready to give your lover the success of compatibility. Your lover is a very romantic and emotional person. S/he often dreams without much action. However, you are endowed with a spirit to try out different new things, and this will give you a chance to push for your lover’s success as regards to ambitions and dreams.

Trust Compatibility between Sagittarius and Cancer

For Sagittarius and Cancer in love to have a perfect relationship, you both need to trust each other. You both also need to ensure that you two associate yourselves with understanding and goodwill. Your lover will find it very hard to cope with you. This is because you are known to be an individual that is associated with Don Juan syndrome. You often run after different persons of the opposite sex around. You are good at seducing people into having sex with you. This action of yours often makes your lover lose trust in you.

Most often, you will be beautiful and always ready to showcase your attractiveness to the world. The fact that your lover loves Jupiter so much is a reason why he/she understand your flirty nature. Your inability to keep yourself cool could make you lose your lover’s trust. It will also affect the way you understand your lover’s understanding of your true nature. The overall result of this relationship is a breakup. It is worthy of note that this relationship is, in fact, a relationship of no true at all.

Sagittarius and Cancer Communication Compatibility

Knowledge is the thing that brings you two together as one. It is the case that you both are always ready and striving to make things better. It is also the case that you run after the knowledge that is pure, simple, and very good. You are also going to go after things that you think are going to make you too more connected with each other. Mere considering both of you, it could be discovered that you have good communication. This will help you to say a lot of things about life. It is also the case that your hearts often connect with each other whenever your planet reflects on your discussion.

You will always take your lover to be very dull and slow. It is also the case that your lover will always be too emotional. In fact, your lover finds it very easy to be locked up in the jail of emotion. Your lover will find it very easy to be passionate about life, but you could bring down your passion. When you both combine to work as one, you will both have excellent love compatibility.

Sexual Compatibility: Sagittarius and Cancer

Is Sagittarius sexually compatible with Cancer? The sexual relationship will be a little bit off. It is the case that both of you will never almost get attracted to each other. It is the case that both of you will always find it hard to get connected when it comes to sex. However, if you two connect with each other, then it is most likely against all the odds.

Both of you will share a lot of interesting sexual language to share with each other. It is also the case that you both will always push forward for a sexual relationship, but the emotion is often found wanting. You both will find it very difficult for you to understand each other. While your lover will find it very hard to understand your emotion, you will take your lover’s changing nature as a bad omen for your sex life.

Intimacy Compatibility between Sagittarius and Cancer

If both of you have emotional security in this love compatibility, this relationship will be a perfect one. Apart from this, you both will find it very easy to make the other lover better and unique. Your love for your partner is primarily as a result of your exaltation for Jupiter, a mutual ruler of yours.

Sagittarius and Cancer: Planetary Rulers

The planetary rulers for this relationship are the Moon and Jupiter. It is the case that the Moon is your ruler, while Jupiter rules your lover’s personality. The Moon is known for the emotion, while Jupiter is known for philosophy and learning.

Apart from this, your lover always ensures that you overcome any problem with regard to emotion. This is because your lover is emotion itself. On the other hand, you always refuse to be ignorant of some things. You are a learner who learns a lot. In fact, your planetary ruler is the reason why you always push for expansion. You also often try everything possible to widen your horizon through academics. Always try everything possible to widen your horizon through academics.

You both will have complementary energy together, which, when sticking together; it will create sparks. In addition to this, you both valid your connection to each other. In fact, friendship is always your view of the world. However, if you both value each other’s opinions, conflicts will be not last for long.

Relationship Elements for Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

The relationship elements in this relationship are both water and fire. Both of you will find it very easy to embrace each other. While your lover wants to have a secure emotional relationship, you want a free one. Moreover, you are going to be very interesting and understanding in your relationship. If there is anything you need, you will have an excellent approach to life.

You both will find it very hard to relate to each other and to understand if you do not have a connection. Your love compatibility could suffer a setback if your water affects your element. When both your elements are combined with each other, your fire could be quenched. Apart from this, your water will be boiled by your lover’s fire. Your relationship will always be an excellent one that is free from a lack of energy.

Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility: Overall Rating

The Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility score for this relationship is 27%. This shows something that is very bad. It is the case that your relationship rating is below 30%, and this shows that you both would most likely not last. Apart from this, you guys will face a lot of troubles when it comes to your relationship. You will come to understand that life without love and emotion is nothing. This relationship, however, is one such.

Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility percentage 27%

Summary: Sagittarius and Cancer Love Compatibility

Coming together to you and your lover could bring a lot of goodies and pain along. It is the case that you both will not have an attraction to each other at all. Also, you will both have difficulties in relating to each other. It will be tough for you to trust your lover and to bring him/her to you. Thus Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility, if the last longer, will be by chance or understanding of the parties.

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