Horse Chinese Zodiac: Personality, Love, Health, Career and 5 Elements

What are the characteristics of a Horse in Chinese zodiac?

Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

All About Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse

The twelve Chinese zodiac signs go by years instead of months; therefore, the cycle begins every twelve years again. The Chinese Zodiac Horse is the seventh sign in the cycle.  The 20th Century Horse Zodiac years are 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, and 2026. The five Chinese elements are assigned on a per-sign basis as well as one per sign year, forming a five-time cycle.

The Chinese Horse’s fixed element is fire so that a Horse will have the fixed element of fire and a sign for their particular Horse year. The compass also holds an essential place in the Chinese belief system. Specific lucky directions accompany each sign. The directions for the Horse sign are South and Southwest. There are even fortunate flowers (Narcissus & Jasmine), numbers (3 & 7), and colors (Red, Yellow, Green).

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Horse Personality Traits: General

The Chinese Horse astrology sign is an optimistic people-person, at least on the group level. They are friendly extroverts, and they are always on the move. It isn’t unusual for them to be working on several issues, problems, or projects all at the same time, and Horses are likely to plunge ahead when they see an opening. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how focused the Horse is.


Horse Zodiac: Positive Traits

While Chinese Horses are always working on something, they don’t usually get in over their heads. Instead, they make sudden decisions on their feet. Those decisions are still made with insight and intellect, and they are frequently what was needed. Horses also have an easy time making friends. They know how to say the right things at the right time and enlist people to their causes without using force.

Horse Zodiac: Negative Traits

Impulsive works typically well for those born in the year of the Horse, but not always. If a Horse is genuinely unfocused and not using his or her gift of insight, things can get ugly. Like many intelligent, fidgety people, it is difficult for them to stay the course, even if it is the right one when and thrilling new possibility shows itself. Also, while Horses usually are congenial, if things aren’t going well, they tend to take it out on those around them.

Types of Horse Based on Chinese Five Elements

Metal Horse (1930, 1990):

The Chinese Metal Horses are the most obstinate of the Horses. They live for the next thrill and become bored quickly. That is when they get into trouble. In true Horse fashion, they are restless and make big moves, but Metal Horses do so without any counsel. In fact, if anyone offers counsel, they will take offense and dig in their heels. Sometimes their choices are beneficial, but many times, they are based on emotion rather than reality. Long-term commitments are demanding for this Horse.

Advice: Being assertive is one thing, but being aggressive and lacking tact will drive even the most devoted people in your life away from you.

Water Horse (1942, 2002):

The Water Horse’s biggest strength is his or her perception and insight into people and situations. The water element’s influence directly affects this ability. Water Horses also find it relatively easy to fit into almost any situation or group of people because of this gift. Even though they are good at creating friendships and professional relationships, their wishy-washy thinking and decision making creates friction, yet though they are not overly antagonistic like some of their cousins. In some cases, a Water Horse may go down a dark path, ignoring everything but what he or she needs at any one time.

Advice: Merge intuition with compassion to obtain and sustain friendships.

Wood Horse (1954, 2014):

The Wood Horse is easily the most social and well-liked of the Horses. These Horses not only befriend people, but they are adept at keeping them. They have a great deal of empathy and concern for the well-being of others as well. Lastly, this Horse is the most practical and the least likely to be erratic in decision making.

Advice: Like all Horses, the Wood Horse keeps several irons in the fire. Be careful not to take on too many things at once. If this is not addressed, burnout is highly likely.

Fire Horse (1906, 1966):

The influence of the explosive fire element on the Horse means that the Fire Horse is the most unpredictable of all the Horses. One could even say this Horse is addicted to the adrenaline rush – anything to experience the thrill of life. They are brilliant risk-takers and cutthroat when it comes to achieving their many goals. The problem they face is staying focused, as they are easily sidetracked.

Advice: Slow down and take time to assess your situation from time to time. If you aren’t careful, you will crash and burn.

Earth Horse (1918, 1978):

The Chinese Earth-Horse sign is the most personable and the least competitive of all the Horses. This is not to say they don’t have the drive to achieve. They do, but they tend to stay focused on their projects through to completion more often than their cousins, at least when they make up their minds. As a result of these strengths, they are far more likely to experience financial success and keep better track of their assets.

Advice: Act with more assertiveness when making decisions. You may not be as flighty as the other Horses, but you do still need to stick by your choices.

Chinese Zodiac: Horse in Love

Horses in love take time to mature and learn how to slow down when it comes to love. When they are young, they fall in love all too easily. Unfortunately, the sparkle fades quickly, and they move on to greener pastures. The good news is that when a Chinese zodiac Horse is ready to settle, he or she will be a faithful partner. In their minds, they are never unfaithful; they just find their independence essential as breathing. In fact, even if they appear fickle (especially early in life), they do not do so out of malice. They just don’t think about how it would affect you.

If you are honest with the Horse sign, but you are careful not to use an accusatory tone, you make some headway with your Horse. It is entirely possible for them to love you and the half-a-dozen other things on their plate at the same time. Just know that you cannot tie down a Horse. The harder you squeeze, the stronger their urge to run away. If you need a stable Horse soulmate who will spend a great deal of time at home with you, this may not be the right match. Just know that there will never be a dull moment with your Horse lover.

Chinese Zodiac: Horse Man Personality

The male Horse is a flirt, pure, and simple. He falls in love so quickly that it is easy to call him “fickle.” Perhaps some Horses are, but as a rule, every passion he has is passionate and genuine in his heart, even if he holds more than one in his heart at once. This may seem strange, but it’s true.

Again, once a Horseman has grown older and more mature, this tendency fades a bit. To keep him happy, don’t forget the compliments, affection, and attention in general. If he thinks he is being snubbed, he will be hurt profoundly and assume you don’t care for him as he does for you. That is why Horsemen tend to wander. That, and his attention is split a dozen ways at all times. It is true; this relationship will take a great deal of work, but if your funny, fun-loving partner is worth the effort, then hang on for the ride!

Chinese Zodiac: Horse Woman Personality

This persuasive, hectic, lovely Horsewoman can sweep you off your feet with just a few words before you know it. She is rarely by herself, but don’t let that intimidate you. If the horse female likes you, she will make time for you (at least at first). She is just as likely as a male Horse to fall in love too quickly until she grows older and wiser, so guard your heart, but if you are ready for a whirlwind romance, filled with intense emotion, followed by periods of neglect, then this Chinese horoscope sign is for you.

Horse females are not malevolent, any more than male Horses are; she is just torn in several directions and has only so much time to spend on love. When she is ready to settle down, she will let you know. Remember, like all Horses. She must have her space and freedom. Do not attempt to rein her in, for she will bolt you, and you will not see her again. The horse lady is meant for great things, so if you are willing to tag along and support her endeavors, you will likely not be disappointed!

Chinese Zodiac: Horse Love Compatibility

The best Chinese zodiac matches for the Horse are the Dog, Tiger, and Goat. The Chinese Dog is the best relationship match because while there are some differences in personalities, primarily, both signs treasure their freedom. This basic understanding allows both the Horse and the Dog to coexist peacefully. The outgoing Horse encourages the shy Dog out of his or her shell a bit, while the Dog shows the Horse what comforts may be found in the home. The good news is that both sides may do this with enough tact that neither party takes offense.

The second best match is the Chinese Tiger. Both signs share an impulsive and outgoing nature that each admires in the other. If the two share a common goal, they can become an excellent power couple.

The next best match is Chinese Sheep. They are not cut from the same mold, as the Horse and Tiger are. Instead, the Horse gives the Goat certainty, humor, and a romantic flair. In turn, the Sheep is kind, flexible, and magnanimous when it comes to the Horse’s inconsistencies. The one hitch is that the Goat needs to learn to give his or her Horse the freedom required. This means that the Goat must understand why it is necessary, which requires the Horse to explain it in diplomatic terms.

The absolutely worst match is the Chinese Horse Rat compatibility. The Horse and the Rat share practically nothing in common. This zodiac is open with thoughts and emotions, while the Rat is secretive. The Horse is flighty and demands the freedom to roam, while the Rat is steadfast and enjoys home life. Their relationship would not survive the bickering that is bound to happen.

Dating a Horse Man/Woman

One thing is for sure – the Chinese Horse sign must remain in motion. A quiet date night at home is not their idea of a good time. Since they love being around people, a date in a crowded place or at a party with their friends will make them much happier. If you want an intimate dinner date with the horse, followed by conversation over drinks or coffee, you will be disappointed.

A Horseman or woman would much instead grab a bite and head off to a dance floor or some other social event. At the same time, when the time comes for intimacy, you will find that your Horse is an entirely different animal. They are creatures of imagination, and fantasy is a significant feature of their lovemaking.

If you want to win the Chinese zodiac horse over (and have a great time to boot), indulge them, to begin with. Try out exotic outfits, settings, or even “assists.” If this is too much for you, then the Horse may not be a good match. Horses live in the realm of creativity and are easily bored with routine and traditional things. Don’t worry; Horses are attentive and will make sure you are happy too, especially if you go outside your comfort zone and share your fantasies also.

Chinese Zodiac: Horse Child

Horse children are as fun as they are frustrating to parents. These kids never want for friends or adventures. The problem is, their love of freedom comes at a cost. Since they are too young to understand the danger, they often bump heads with parents and other authority figures. These fun-loving horse boys and horse girls are early developers and learners. Their related problem-solving skills begin very early in life and come in handy. Parents need to help their little Horse child understand that their playmates may not think along the same lines as they do, and that is okay. There is no reason to insult said playmates for it.

Learning tact is relatively easy for Horse babies, but they need some guidance early on. Another lesson your little Horse kid would do well to learn is self-control. That may be a long-term battle, but if they get the hang of it, they will miss out on a great deal of trouble and heartache later.

Horse Zodiac: Health

Those born in the year of the Horse are naturally robust, but to maintain that good health, they must learn to say no sometimes. Say “no” to overtime when you are tired. Say “no” to just one more party if you are feeling run-down. Allow yourself to sleep at once in a while to recharge. If you do these things, you shouldn’t be plagued by any significant health problems.

Horse Zodiac: Career

The Horse astrology sign person is an extrovert with terrific communication skills, and you know what you want (or at least, that’s what you tell people). While you don’t take orders well, you give them a great sense of authority. The last thing you want is to be tied down. You must be able to move, to change your mind, and to express yourself freely. Best of all, many of the horses have an active artistic streak. All of these tendencies come together and make for great movie directors (see the list of famous Horses for how many directors are listed), actors, musicians, comedians, and painters, or other expressive artists. If art is not your thing, try expressing yourself through PR or marketing. One thing is clear: you are very good at selling yourself and your talents.

Horse Zodiac: Travel Tips

The Chinese astrology sign horse loves the freedom to move and change their itinerary at a moment’s notice, so it is advisable that they travel alone or with friends who are willing to follow their lead. Cities with many different things to do, day and night, are just right for you. Reykjavik, Iceland, or Berlin, Germany are very hip and “now” places to visit, with plenty of things to do and see around the clock. If you feel like an exotic getaway for a change, try the rain forests and beaches of Costa Rica or the sunny Gold Coast in Australia.

Snake Zodiac: Fashion

Because Chinese Horses are always on the go, their wardrobe must keep up; therefore, they prefer comfortable, activewear for every day. This doesn’t mean they wear yoga pants or gym shorts everywhere they go. Horses are astute about what is appropriate at all times, and that includes formal occasions. Red is a favorite color when Horses are trying to make an impression, but it doesn’t have to be the predominant color in an outfit. Perhaps an accessories like jewelry, shoes, or a tie will send the message.

Famous Horse Personalities

  • Katie Holmes
  • Emma Watson
  • John Legend
  • Paul McCartney
  • Harrison Ford
  • Jackie Chan
  • Ruby Bridges
  • Helena Bonham Carter
  • Jennifer Watson
  • Liam Hemsworth
  • Kristen Stewart
  • Angela Merkel
  • Matt Groening
  • JJ Abrams
  • Ang Lee
  • James Cameron
  • Ron Howard
  • Martin Scorsese
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Rembrandt
  • Usher
  • Annie Lenox
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Halle Berry
  • Martina McBride
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Denzel Washington

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