January 20 Zodiac – Full Horoscope Birthday Personality

What is the zodiac sign of January 20?

January 20 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality

January 20 Birthday Horoscope: Zodiac Sign Aquarius Personality

If it is the case that you are on the lookout for information as to your characteristics and your behavior, do not look too much. Knowledge about your horoscope will give you a lot of information about your behavior. Your star sign shows that you are very autonomous and peaceful. January 20 zodiac horoscope personality is a social person who is capable of turning into a real investigator due to your inquisitive attitude.

You detest having to deal with stupid people. You possess good communication skills and love solving great intellectual challenges. Also, you are quick to temper and a little bit intimidating. You are liberal-minded, logical, and very secretive. You are a very confident person who can stand against any form of confrontation and always fight for what you believe and the people around you.

January 20 Birthday Personality Traits

January 20 woman is very sensitive to things, and you are a great dreamer who likes to look beyond the physical realm. You are very hardworking and realistic, but sometimes you are very defiant. You are bestowed with focus and decisiveness. Always you are very original and curious about knowing everything. You understand people and what people want. You always work hard in order to fit in a high position. It is difficult for you to form a closer relationship, and you often learn from your mistakes and put them behind you.


You take life very simple and follow the goal of living first for yourself before choosing to live for others if you like. You tend to be very free and optimistic, although you may be stubborn at some point. Also, you bestow with the spirit of resilience and decisiveness, which helps you in finding your focus in life. Although you do not know how to keep a closer relationship, people will get attracted to your special form of charm and your unusual way of life. You love being in a social setting where you know you can display your personality and uniqueness. January 20, numerology is 2, and that shows a high sense of balance, partnership, and harmony. You also tend to be a good mediator because of this numerology.



You are liable for offending people around you with your attitude. Also, someone born on January 20 cannot serve as a good leader because you cannot make people obey your rules. You are very suspicious, dreamy, and a little bit more insecure.

January 20 Zodiac Personality: Positive Traits

Well, January 20 personality traits, as shown to us by your star, are so much grounded in your resilient and tender heart. Your high sense of humor often triggers people to laugh till they forget their pain and scorn. You are proud and independent, and also very responsive, and always eager to help any of your family members even when you have work to do.

Focused and Flexible

January 20 birthday personality possesses a very focused and flexible mind that accepts changes easily. Although you might be a little strong-willed, you are not controlled by that. You are very charming, intense, and supportive. Often you build a sense of self-worth and balance, which makes you strike a balance between you, people, and you’re worth. Also, you are very compassionate and caring and often stand up for the underdog who you think cannot speak for themselves.


You share a spontaneous ability to be able to overcome things around you with your flexible nature, even if they seem to be the toughest setbacks ever. You always ensure that people understand you better. Thus, January 20  birthday horoscope shows that you often structure your things to aid your explanation. This is often structured in a logical and systematic way. You are very hardworking, stress-tolerant, imaginative, and enduring.

January 20th Zodiac Personality: Negative Traits

January 20 birthday astrology shows that your weakness lies in your ability to imagine things that are beyond ordinary and which we often make you voice out some impractical ideas. You are sometimes unrealistic about your ideas and opinions.


You often display an “I too know nature,” which often drives people away from you. You are rebellious sometimes for no reason and have a great tendency to become arrogant. Often, January 20th  zodiac sign hides their nature of being aloof at heart by being seriously sociable and friendly. You are most likely to be too authoritative, despotic, and hardy.

January 20 Zodiac: Love, Compatibility, and Relationships

You are a very igneous and charming lover whose heart is hard for anyone who doesn’t possess what you want from the opposite sex. Your January 20th birthday astrology reveals that you can conquer an individual’s heart with your charm and your passionate way of speaking words and gestures.

As Lovers

Often time when it comes to January 20  love life, you get attracted to a capricious and active person who can keep your energy charged by guessing. Your love comes faster, mostly if you are a very sociable Aquarius. Anyone who wishes to conquer your heart must possess a very interesting personality that they know how to reveal bit by bit. With this, they will be able to accept your volatile and eccentric behaviors. You are a very gentle and honest lover who possesses a very prudent and circumspect spirit. You possess the high ability to sacrifice your goal for your family, and you show a lot of dedication to your family.


January 20 sexual compatibility is with people that are born on 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 14th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 27th, and 29th. You also get easily attracted to other air signs of Gemini and Libra. You are very compatible with another Aquarius who is very inquisitive and fun-loving, while you are least compatible with Scorpio.

Career Horoscope for January 20 Zodiac

It is not very easy for a January 20 man as you have the great tendency of taking most careers to be too monotonous for your liking. You can try various careers before you get the one you love. Most time, Aquarius often go for a job that is self-employed or with good job satisfaction. You are very quick at adapting to most work challenges and tend to multitask. You hate borrowing, and you are a good manager of finances. Also, you do not run into any financial problem due to your great financial skill.

January 20 birthday personality are good at saving and hate overzealous spending. Your excellent gift of human understanding, which often aids good communication, makes you well suited for business inspired career like an advertisement, commerce, banking, sale promoter, among others. You are also likely to go into a related educational career due to your love for education. You tend to become teachers, philosophers (due to your love for metaphysics), or scientists (due to your creative development). Apart from these careers, it is the case that your creativity can land you in the world of music and entertainment.

Health Horoscope for January 20th Birthday

The birthday horoscope shows that you are liable to diet-related health issues, and for you to look good, you must always ensure that you keep in touch with whatever you eat and drink and ensure that everything has a nutritional benefit for your life. You need to always listen to your body when it needs rest because you often enjoy having a less competitive mild exercise, although you are not a fan of the exercise. Often you do it in order to keep your stress level low and to ensure that your mood gets improved. You need to watch yourself for any form of smoking or alcoholism. All these are liable for affecting your health, especially your skin. You need to learn how to control yourself and save yourself from bad habits of smoking and alcoholism and always to have an optimum fitness schedule.

January 20 Zodiac Sign and Meaning

What does it mean to be born on the 20th of January?

January 20th born child is a Water Bearer, your symbol being an Aquarius Zodiac. Anyone whose birthday falls between January 20 and February 18 is usually a zodiac symbol. This symbol is called Acuario in Spanish and Idroxoos in Greek. It represents freshness and progress that are associated with these people.

January 20 Zodiac: Astrology Element and It’s Meaning

Your element defines who you are. Your Zodiac symbol is paired with Air. Thus, it is your element. January 20  sun sign possesses the only fixed connection with the air and which always influences your determined nature.

Dreams & Goals

Your curiosity and craze of knowledge and understanding are as a result of the air that stirs in you the wind of curiosity. You, however, need to be mindful of the negative quality possess by the air. The air is liable to be stagnant. You need to run away from any form of stagnancy. according to January 20th, meaning you have a very determined spirit, which might sometimes resemble stubbornness or strong wiliness. You also need to be careful of the unstable and distant state air is capable of bringing.

January 20 Zodiac Planetary Rulers

The ruler is Uranus, and Uranus also rules anyone that is born in this first Decan. Thus, you possess a double influence on the powers of Uranus. Uranus is noted for giving you the power of freedom, neutrality, and a spirit of humanitarianism. This is as a result of the fact that Uranus is a planet of deviations. You have instilled with a high grade of objectivity and a great understanding of people. Also, you possess a unique way of dealing with people.

January 20  horoscope sign often has a track of your own experiences, and you possess unusual views that often make you stay alone in your world. You are original and do not always try to copy others. Seemingly, you believe in your ways of life alone. The day when you were born is also ruled by the moon, which is noted for molding goats that are very unusual and not reserved. This combination of influence makes you to be rebellious sometimes and to be a little bit unusual by having thoughts about metaphysics.

January 20 Zodiac: Lucky Numbers, Days, Colors, Animals, Tarot Card, and More

January 20 Zodiac Lucky Numbers, Days, Colors

January 20 Lucky Metals

Platinum and aluminum are your metals.

January 20 Zodiac Birthstones

Amethyst and amber are your birthstones.

January 20th Born Lucky Numbers

Your lucky numbers are 5, 9, 16, 17, and 23.

January 20 Birthday Lucky Colors

Blue-green, blue, and gray are your lucky colors.

January 20th Zodiac Lucky Days

Saturday is your lucky day.

January 20 Lucky Flowers

Orchid, Ivy, and Chrysanthemum are your lucky flowers.

January 20 Lucky Plants

Hackberry tree is your lucky plant.

January 20 Lucky Animals

Your lucky animal is the Sloth.

January 20 Zodiac Lucky Tarot Card

Judgment is your lucky tarot card

January 20 Lucky Sabian Symbol

A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs” is your Sabian symbol,

January 20 Zodiac Ruling House

Your ruling house is the eleventh house.

January 20th Birthday Facts

Famous People Born on the 20th of January.

Aristotle Onassis, George Burns, and Gary Barlow were born on the 20th day of January.

SUMMARY: January 20 Zodiac

It is the case that you possess an igneous spirit and the ability to serve as a mediator due to your excellent understanding of people. January 20th birthday personality has good communication, which makes you interact with people, and you possess a great unusual thought about things around you. You look beyond physical. However, you always need to ensure that you give a more realistic and practical idea.