December 9 Zodiac (Sagittarius) Horoscope Birthday Personality and Lucky Things

December 9th Birthday Astrology

December 9 Zodiac Birthday Personality

December 9 Birthday Personality, Love, Compatibility, Health, and Career Horoscope

Whether you want to know more about your personality or the personality of an individual born on the 9th day of November, this page contains all the information you need to know about your character or that of the person born on this day. December 9 zodiac personality shows that you are a creative, highly understanding fellow who is confident and proactive.

December 9th Zodiac Sign and Meaning

November 22 and December 21 happen to be the period that is designated for the natives of Sagittarius. It is the case that your birthday falls during this period, and this makes you a native of Sagittarius. You will also have an archer as your astrological symbol, which will make you very purposeful and successful.

December 9 Birthday Personality Traits

December 9, birthday astrology reveals that you are a hardworking fellow who tends to do everything possible to succeed in life. You find it very hard to relate to mediocre or unintelligent people that cannot engage you. In addition, you love involving yourself in many things that would make you successful and knowledgeable.


Being a December 9 man, you are considered a witty fellow that is impulsive and broad-minded. Apart from this, you will find it very easy to overcome any form of problem you are faced with as an individual born on this day.


You will be emotionally balanced and ready to stand against injustice, discrimination, and oppression. Moreover, you are going to be a sociable, caring, and generous person who is independent and free.

The December 9 numerology is 9. It is as a result of your birthday which falls on this day. It is the case that you will be very creative, innovative, and inventive as a result of your numerology. In addition to this, you will be mysterious, responsible, intelligent, and compassionate as a result of your numerology.


Unfortunately, December 9 zodiac reveals that you will most likely be irrational with your decisions and what you say. This is a result of your high tendency to speak before thinking. Moreover, you are devious and impulsive in the way you relate to people around you.

December 9th Personality Positive Traits

The positive traits that you possess as an individual born on December 9 are mostly embedded in your truthfulness and honesty.


You are going to be an enthusiastic person who will choose to exert his/her energy on things that would make you successful in life. Moreover, December 9 birthday facts reveal that you are highly imaginative and intuitive with the way you relate to people. You often give out ideas and information to improve the world and help your company succeed.

Social and Optimistic

As a December 9 woman, you tend to be an optimistic and friendly person who is always ready to stand up against injustice. Apart from this, you are a loyal and faithful person who is exciting and helpful.


The element you possess makes you a very kind and affectionate person that is altruistic. You often ensure that people around you are helped and taken care of. You hate seeing people suffer or being oppressed as you always stand up against oppression and any form of injustice.

December 9th Personality Negative Traits

The negative traits attached to your personality, if not curtailed, will make you lose a lot of things in this world. You are advised to do everything possible to reduce your negative traits from rearing their heads.


December 9 horoscope shows that you will most likely be a grumpy and moody person who loves fantasizing and exaggerating things. In addition to this, you are an idealistic person who is most likely going to give out ideas that are unrealistic and out of the world.


You need to learn the fact that it is not everyone that will believe in you or support you. Many people will choose not to help you even if you act in their best interest.

December 9 Zodiac: Love, Compatibility, Marriage, and Relationships

December 9 birthday zodiac predicts that you are going to be a persistent and highly romantic lover who is caring and understanding.

As Lovers

You will also be a little pretentious and unpredictable in your relationship with others. Apart from this, you will always go after someone that you know very well. You can never fall in love with someone without knowing more about him. Also, to conquer your heart, one must be creative, passionate, and ambitious. According to the December 9 birthday personality, you will be a very hectic lover who tends to fall out of love when problems arise.


Moreover, you tend to be a protective and erratic lover who will be compatible with an individual that is born on the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 23rd, 24th, and 31st day of a month. You will also be compatible with a native of Gemini, Leo, and Aries, while you are least compatible with a native of Scorpio.

Career Horoscope for December 9 Birthday

Your career prospects as an individual born on December 9 are numerous due to your talents and gifts. You will go for any job that deals with traveling around the world. Additionally, you will go for positions dealing with imparting people knowledge. You could go for jobs like teaching, research, and the legal profession.

Health Horoscope for December 9 Born

You have excellent health but are prone to many health issues due to your nonchalant attitude to things. Moreover, December 9 birthday traits indicate that you will most likely be a lover of food who eats without taking cognizance of the right calorie intake as a person.

You will most likely be overweight and have a slow metabolism. Apart from this, you will be prone to diabetes and toothache as a result of your sugar intake. In addition to this, you are advised to visit the hospital and dentistry regularly in order for you to check your health regularly. Furthermore, you are advised to exercise to increase your metabolism and reduce the stress-related problems you are prone to.

December 9 Zodiac: Astrology Element and Its Meaning

Your horoscope shows that your element is fire and that it is your only paired element. Besides, you have a flexible relationship with your element, which makes you have most of its characteristics. According to December 9 birthday meaning, you will be very flexible with how you relate to people and accept advice from them.

Another thing that is known to you is that you are an enthusiastic and passionate person who often runs after what would make you successful in life. In addition, you will most likely be impulsive and impatient with your relationship with others. Apart from this, you are assertive and confident as you often run after what would make the world better.

Dreams & Goals

December 9 horoscope sign also shows that you are going to be a very diligent and hardworking fellow who will exert his/her knowledge of what would bring success. Furthermore, you will have a lot of interest in securing your future. Apart from this, you will be a productive person who will give imaginative and creative ideas to make your company or you successful.

December 9 Zodiac Planetary Rulers

Your personality shows that Jupiter and Mars rule you as a result of your zodiac symbol, decan, and numerology, respectively. Your personality shows that Jupiter will rule you due to your zodiac symbol. It is also the case that you are going, being honest, truthful, and always running after truth in life.

Apart from this, you are going to be a fearless and assertive person who is caring and mindful of life. Moreover, Mars rules your personality as a result of your numerology and decan. You are born in the second decan of your zodiac symbol, which makes you assertive in life. It seems that you have a double portion of Mars’ influences. You are going to be confident and vigorous as a result of the planetary ruler. Equally, you are going to be an ambitious and respectful person due to your planetary ruler.

December 9 Zodiac Birthstones, Lucky Numbers, Days, Colors

December 9th Birthday: All the Lucky Things in Your Life

December 9 Lucky Metals

Tin is your lucky metal.

December 9 Birthstones

Turquoise is your lucky birthstone.

December 9 Lucky Numbers

1, 4, 16, 17, and 26 are your lucky numbers.

December 9 Lucky Colors

Purple is your lucky color.

December 9 Lucky Days

Thursday is your lucky day.

December 9 Lucky Flowers

Narcissus is the lucky flower for those born today.

December 9 Lucky Plants

Geranium is the lucky plant for these people.

December 9 Lucky Animals

The owl is the lucky animal for these people.

December 9 Lucky Tarot Card

The Hermit is the lucky tarot card for Sagittarius people born today.

December 9 Lucky Sabian Symbol

The lucky Sabian symbol for these guys is; “An Easter Sunrise Service.”

December 9 Zodiac Ruling House

The ninth house is the ruling house for those born today.

December 9th Birthday Facts

  • December 9 is the ninth day of the twelfth month of the year for the Gregorian Calendar Users.
  • It is the ninth day of Winter.
  • International Anti-Corruption Day.

Famous People 

Kirk Douglas, John Milton, John Malkovich, and Judi Dench were born on the 9th of December.

Final Thoughts

December 9 birthday personality shows that you will be an ambitious and outgoing fellow that is kind and attractive. In addition, you will be a frank extrovert who is expressive and sensual.

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