Gladiolus Meaning and Symbolism

What does the gladiolus flower symbolize?

Gladiolus Meaning and Symbolism

Gladiolus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Gladiolus flower is a genus of about 260 species of the Iridaceae family. There are almost 250 out of the 260 species are native in South Africa. The name gladiolus also comes from the Latin word gladius, meaning “sword.” Therefore, as a reference to the flower’s leaves shape that looks like a sword. However, it was identified as a native flower in South Africa. Also, this flower has a span of history that reached not only from Africa. But also in regions like the Mediterranean, Europe, and even Asia.

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The name gladiolus alone is also very influential to gladiolus symbolism.

Being associated with Rome’s gladiators, gladiolus meaning includes honesty and integrity (representing the gladiator’s pride and integrity during battle). Also, the strength (representing the gladiator’s brute force and unbelievable strength during the battle). So, aside from the gladiolus symbol associated with gladiators. The gladiolus symbolism also includes infatuation or obsession – when given in the form of a bouquet, she pierced your heart with intensity.


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History and Botany of Bluebell flowers

Bluebell, or common bluebell in other sources, is a perennial flowering plant from the Hyacinthoides non-script. Therefore, it called non-script to distinguish common bluebell from the classic hyacinths of Greek mythology. This flower blossoms during spring and is a bulbous type, meaning a flower that is a bulb-like. According to Greek mythology, also this flower bloomed from the blood of a dying prince named Hyacinthus. The prince’s admirer, Apollo, also shed tears to the dying prince that made the new flower’s petal, with the initials AIAI (“alas”) – the sign for Apollo’s grief.

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