The Importance of Fish Tank in Feng Shui to Get Positive Energy

Where is the best place to put a fish tank feng shui?

Fish Tank in Feng Shui
The Importance of Fish Tanks in Feng Shui

Know the Importance of Fish Tanks in Feng Shui

Everyone loves walking into a room that exudes peace, tranquility, and comfort. So it might seem easy to get away, but there are various techniques, that one can use to create the perfect atmosphere, and a widely recognized favorite is Feng Shui. Fish Tank in Feng Shui is one of the great feature pieces one can use to create the perfect environment because of their diversity in size, vibrant colors, and variety of marine life incorporated into a tank.

However many people think of Feng Shui as complicated and requires money when it is the opposite.

It is widely believed that Feng Shui will lead to significant life improvements because of the harmonious environment. So you will find yourself in. But Feng Shui is practical and grounding, and it helps you right where you live and work.


Design and Placement

Since Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art based on the importance of design and placement in a specific space, items, fish tanks, or other possessions must enhance the relationship. How you place items in your living space will determine your experiences in that space.

A simple way to understand this value is by thinking about how you feel once you have de-cluttered your workspace or bedroom. When you walk into a room with a statement piece such as a bold fish tank, doesn’t the water and marine life calm and inspire you?

With Feng Shui, the ultimate goal is to have you feeling composed and calm in your living environment, with balance and ease.

If we look at the fundamental principles of feng shui, we will see that Feng means wind in Chinese, while Shui means water. These two elements are found in our daily lives, and this case indicates the importance of fish tanks in this ancient Asian trend because air and water are essential for a tank and its life forms to survive.

Fish Tanks in Feng Shui

1. General important elements in Feng Shui:

  • Water
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Earth
  • Fire

A fish tank covers all of the essential feng shui elements mentioned above easily in the following way:

  • Water element – This is relatively simple because of the water imperative in an aquarium.
  • Wood element – This element is achieved by all the plants in the aquarium, i.e., trees/logs/branches.
  • Metal element- Most aquarium structures are made of metal or have an element of metal in them.
  • Earth element – This element is the most eye-catching due to the small rocks and gravel aquarium, along with the plants!
  •  The aquarium lighting creates heat in the tank, equates to the fire element, and brightly colored fish enhance this element.

2. About the tank

So all this talk about a fish tank, but what needs to be in the tank, you ask? However many Feng Shui practitioners encourage nine fish tanks for optimum benefits to represent wealth and prosperity.

Numbers play a significant role in Feng Shui symbolism because of their symbolic meaning and value when it is said in Chinese and the importance of the number when interpreted by the “Flying Star School of Feng Shui.”

So the type of fish believed to create maximum benefit is 8 redfish and one black. Here you can look into getting 8 goldfish or 8 dragonfish because of their vibrant color.

Your last fish should be a black moor fish, which has a critical job. Why a blackish, you ask? This blackfish will absorb all the negative energy in the tank and your home or office space.

Legend has it that if the blackfish dies without any cause, it has died for you because it absorbed all the harmful and destructive energy coming your way! But if this happens to your fish, remove it from the tank immediately and provide a little protector.

3. Placing a Fish Tank

According to Feng Shui principles, placing a fish tank in your home or office brings wealth, affluence, prosperity, and good luck while driving out all negative energy (Where can I sign up?). Of course, all this positive energy is only created when the fish tank is placed in a suitable space and area of the home or office.

Feng Shui experts recommend that fish tanks should be placed in the Southeast Bagua area Abundance area) followed by East (Health and Family) because that is precisely where we want to prosper and grow as individuals or within a group (i.e., family or commercial atmosphere)

If wealth and good luck are not enough, about the benefits of a fish tank, a few more to give you the right direction.

4. Benefits of a fish tank in Feng Shui:

  • It is an instant mood booster.
  • This is aesthetically pleasing in a room and to the eye with all the vibrant colors.
  • It brings positive vibrations to any atmosphere.
  • Negative energy gets absorbed according to ancient beliefs.
  •  It is believed that if a fish dies from natural causes, it takes away something terrible. In a way, the fish sacrificed its life for you.
  • Healthy, active, and playful fish help attract affluence, riches, and good health in the household.
  • Feeding hungry fish is assumed to be good karma!
  • Silently watching fish in an aquarium helps calm the mind from daily life’s stresses.

But Feng Shui affects your daily life instead of sticking to one that hinders your growth and progress.

And remember the power of a well-placed fish tank in your home or office. Always keep it clean, and take care of the fish passing on your positive energy.

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