Feng Shui Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Better Winter

How can I improve my home for a better winter according to feng shui?

Better Winter Feng Shui Tips
Feng Shui Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Better Winter

Make Winter Better with the 8 Feng-Shui Tips

The seasons are a continuous Yin-Yang experience; summer and winter, heat and cold, light and dark. Life balances itself out, giving the warm light months of summer and the darker, colder winter months. Yin-Yang is from Feng-Shui’s ancient Chinese philosophy, a system of harmonizing everyone with their surrounding environment. This approaching Winter, we could look at Feng-Shui tips for a better winter to attack the ‘winter blues’ without costing the earth, with light and space being the keywords.

In English, Feng means wind, and Shui means water. A balance of nature, elements surrounding and impacting all of us, if we take the time to stop, look, feel, and perceive what is within our vision fields.

Our lives are so busy, having the time to reflect on what we take for granted, do not forget, we need wind, the air we breathe. Water, the primary element of our bodies, the water we would die without in days if this was no longer there, and to think that all we do is turn on the tap.

Feng Shui captures all of the elements and asks us to incorporate them into our daily lives and use the elements to benefit our well-being.

In the Western part of the world, feng shui mainly concentrates on the home environment. It looks at harmonizing our lives with the free flow of energy through the home-décor route.


1. Garden Area

Tidy-up is the main aim of leaving the garden for rest before spring planting. The tidy-up process can also sprout the free flow of energy over the garden fences. Thus promoting good relationships with neighbors as we cut the hedges and mend fences.

Dark days, dark pathways. An excellent energy-saving light fitting by the front door will be a safe and welcoming feel to our family and friends.

2. Opening the front door

The hallway, is yours full of coats and shoes? This can restrict energy flow into our homes and make the entrance feel small and cluttered. Could these items be kept elsewhere in the house, or a purpose-built cupboard could be the answer? January sales at better prices.

In Winter, do you find yourself sitting in the same corner of the room? Always using the same space leads to a disturbance of the free flow of energies. Make a note to yourself that you will use every chair, in turn, this Winter and use every area of your home, opening doors and windows to give your home a free flow of fresh air.

3. Cost Of Using Color

One cost-effective way of making your home lighter is to paint the walls a lighter shade of your favorite color. If you have any dark corners, how about moving a picture to that corner or a small table on which you could place a lamp to illuminate that corner?

Why not consider using a daylight bulb when you need to change a light bulb in any area of your home? With even the slightest change you make, always think, is it the Feng-Shui way of approaching free-flow of energy and how will this increase your well-being in the home?

4. More Hours in The Home

These hours can be used positively to de-clutter. Feng-Shui often begins with de-cluttering, the stuff you do not need or use stagnates the release of the free flow of energies in the home. De-clutter can be mapped out one room at a time. How about the map starting upstairs and working along its route to all the downstairs rooms?

To go through the cupboards and wardrobes to clear out anything that is now not used, believe me, the Charity shops are grateful for all their contributions.

While de-cluttering, this could be the opportunity to move furniture around and try the bed or sofa in a different part of the room. Ask yourself, do you need so much furniture in the room?

5. Position of Furniture

in any room can enhance the free flow of energy. For example, here we can look at your bedroom. Peaceful sleep and restful thoughts could be an excellent result of just moving your bed, the back of the bed resting on a firm headboard, if possible, or going to the end of your bed resting against a concrete wall. Always buy the best mattress you can afford, as this supports the rest of your body.

This all increases your energy levels for the following day. In any room of the home, you are thinking of furniture moving, do not forget the principle of Wind-Water, these elements should not be facing each other as this will dramatically restrict the free flow of energies, for example, do not have a fish tank facing a doorway.

6. Usage Of Water

Water features in the home and, of course, plants bring the elements of earth and water into the house. Fish that dart around in the fish tank adds color and interest.

The plants grow and change as flowers bloom, and pot plants can be moved to transform any room’s look. Also, having living plants and fish in the home adds to our connection to living beings that need our care to survive.

7. Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Our senses come into complete focus with the beautiful cooking aromas as Feng-Shui incorporates healthy eating into its practice. Go for de-cluttering the kitchen, hang wind chimes on the window, and deceptively increase the feeling of light and space by using mirrored splash-backs or wall tiles.

Be prepared. We know that Winter is a fact and to be prepared for the darkness and cold. The smells of incense and essential oils can help us to relax and feel warm. Candles with favorite perfumes also bring soft light into any room. Give yourself time to reflect on the positive side of your life.

8. Time To Plan For Future

It is time to plan for the future, plan a few short steps at a time, and look at achievable goals. Focus on your senses, listen to music, and listen to the birds singing in the garden. Read a good book, read a magazine. Spend time talking and listening to your family and friends.

Permit yourself to be happy. This will increase the positive energy around you that will impact others. This Winter Feng-Shui your life. Try this for yourself and see how small changes can make a difference.

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