Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility – Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Are 2 Scorpios a good match?

Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility: Introduction

The combination of two natives of Scorpio in a love relationship will not only create tension but creates a fierce and intense passion. Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility couple will be more than obsessed with each other. In fact, you will always move forward when it comes to love and sex.

You are good at romancing yourself, even on the street, to the extent of people referring you as fools. You are very powerful, equal, and extremely passionate. Both would find it very easy and a little bit difficult to engage with each other. It is effortless to engage each other because you both are always on alert to fight. It is, however, difficult because you two are the same powers and abilities.


Scorpio and Scorpio: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Can a Scorpio and a Scorpio be together? The emotion in the relationship is a special one. This is because both of you are two emotional individuals who find it very easy to become emotional over things around without any fear. In fact, both of you find it very easy to bring about a lot of dark emotional issues without any fear. It is the case that you both will understand each other and give each other the best of the best. You both could be a little bit judgmental about the way you relate to others.

Apart from this, you could find yourself being intolerant to your lover’s weakness. Often time, you could rough handle your lover and make him/her less proactive. Both of you will connect with each other emotionally. Opportunity often comes around for you to express your emotion. When such an opportunity comes, you often express it from the depth of your heart.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio: Life Compatibility

Can Scorpio and Scorpio get married? If there is one thing that you need in this relationship, it is sex. You two are a merge of two sexy and highly passionate individuals in one. Both of you will give each other the best sexual intercourse ever. In fact, you two will use your intense emotions and intuitive natures to make the other love deeply.

Passion and the emotional connection would make you guys enjoy each other well. If there is one thing you hate, you hate threat. Your lover, on his/her own, is very good at threatening you for you to do what s/he wants. Since you both are of the same sign, such treatment often applies to him/her. In fact, you both often find it very hard to understand the true knowledge of love without sex.

If there is one thing that could cost this Scorpio-Scorpio union, it is the dark nature that you both have. It is the case that you both are self-destructing and always want to bring down a trustworthy relationship. Apart from this, the darkness that is known in your relationship will make you prone to disappointment. However, funnily, you both have ways of bouncing back after a long breakup or disappointment.

Trust Compatibility between Scorpio and Scorpio

Can two Scorpios get along? To you, trust is essential for you to have a very good relationship. It would be a little bit strange if you both have a very trusting relationship. This is not far from the fact that you both are possessive and want-to-know individuals. On the other hand, both Scorpio sun signs want to be free from the other’s possessiveness.

The fact is that you often want to control your lover’s life and yet do not want anyone to control your life. This is the true nature of a Scorpio. The problem often ensues between you when it seems that you do not understand what you want from your lover. However, often time, you leave your insecurity and embrace each other’s hand with trust without a word.

Scorpio with Scorpio Communication Compatibility

Communication is a package that is always included in day to day activity of a Scorpio. In fact, a native of Scorpio has an incredible stimulus for conversation. There is a way of speaking that makes it very easy for both of you to understand each other. In fact, it seems that no one could understand you intellectually as your Scorpio lover. The marriage relationship will always be intense, as you will communicate with silence.

Your topics could become dark and darker than expected. This is not far from the fact that you love talking about depressing things. A good understanding of when and how to deal with you is known to your lover, and s/he often uses it a lot on you. If there is one thing that is expected of your lover is emotional healing.

If the soulmates choose to work together as one, you will compete at the same level. This type of competition could, however, alter and endanger your status.

Sexual Compatibility: Scorpio and Scorpio

Are two Scorpios sexually compatible? The combination of both of you will be a dream come true for you guys when it comes to sex. You both would find it very easy to give each other the best and needed sexual experience. Although you both could be each other’s nightmare, you will find it very easy to give him/her what s/he needs. The relationship would be filled with a lot of sexual energy and understanding. In fact, it would be a little bit hard for you to keep your inner tension in check. To find a way of having a wonderful sexual relationship, you both need to balance up your sexual feelings for each other.

Intimacy Compatibility between Scorpio with another Scorpio

Your sex is one of the best in life. In fact, it is the reason while you are more connected in love. Apart from this, both of you would find sex as a way of making up with each other, especially when there is a conflict whatsoever. You both are always ready to work out the relationship with each other with sex. The energy in you often makes you go through sexual intercourse easily without any obstruction. One thing that is amazing about you guys is that you both are prone to fighting, but you know how to manipulate each other.

Scorpio and Scorpio: Planetary Rulers

Are Scorpio and Scorpio a good match? The planetary rulers for this Scorpio zodiac sign are the combination of Mars and Pluto. Being the fact that you both are from the same Zodiac, you have the same planet rulers. Thus, you have a double portion of the two planet rules. Normally, Mars is the ancient God of War. Mars is always changing position by going forward. It is passionate and more than aggressive and courageous. Another thing is that your planet ruler, Mars, will never give up. On the other hand, Pluto is a symbol of power and destruction.

It is also the symbol of rebirth, which would make your love match strive well and better. You both would find it very easy to bounce back even after disappointments and tragic loss. You both will be passionate aggressive about the relationship. In fact, your courage will be something else compared to your relationship with others.

Relationship Elements for Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

The element in this same sign compatibility relationship is water. This is because both of you are of the water sign. You both will always want to relate to each other on an emotional level. In fact, your first instinct in a relationship is to be passionate and fervent. Apart from this, you will go deeper in love and express yourself better. If there is one thing you cannot do, you cannot stay for days without expressing your feelings.

Although you could be confusing, sometimes, you would find it very easy to make your lover feel the same way you feel. You believe that having a love mate will make you have a wonderful Scorpio & Scorpio union. As a result of this, you push forward in making your lover be an emotional and caring one. It is said that pent-up emotion could become toxic and frustrating; yours could become too if you fail to control it. Jealousy and lack of devotion will become an issue in the relationship. In fact, dating will be strong and brave to overcome obstacles when it comes to this relationship.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility: Overall Rating

The compatibility test for your relationship shows that your relationship will be better than some other people’s relationship. You both will understand the essence of living together with yourself. The Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility rating for this union is 66%. In addition to this, we could deduce that you both will enjoy each other sexually and in terms of communication.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility percentage 66%

Summary: Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility couples will enjoy yourselves to the core. The worst could be expressed in the relationship, just like how the best could be revealed. Having a good understanding of life will also make you enjoy this match well. In fact, you both will have the most profound understanding of life and your zodiac. Getting and going too dark with relationship and emotion would sink your union. Apart from this, if you could not embrace the other person’s emotions, you will fail with your actions.

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