Snake Horoscope 2020 – Chinese New Year 2020 Predictions for Snake

Snake 2020 Chinese Horoscope – Get Your Astrological Predictions!

Snake Horoscope 2020 Predictions

Snake Horoscope 2020 – Love, Career, Finance, and Monthly Horoscopes

The predictions of Snake Chinese Horoscope 2020 promises a rewarding year for the Snakes in the Year of Rat. You can forget about the unpleasant things that happened in your life in the year 2020 and look forward to a pleasant time in 2020. You can receive the year with an unruffled and peaceful mind.

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The Year of the Rat will present you with a plethora of openings that require plenty of action and a lot of travel. These prospects come with inherent hazards, and you have to move with swiftness and care if you have to achieve success.


The year of the Rat requires the Snake to be diligent and match the pace of the Rat. If you have to accomplish your goals, it will be necessary to improve your techniques of communication. There is also a need for sincerity and dedication in your approach to the various jobs you have taken up. As the Snakes are equally flexible as Rats, there should not be any problems on this account.

The Snakes can expect encouragement and assistance from a close acquaintance or a relative in turning your projects to success. Though the year 2020 is promising for investments, they should be backed up by proper expertise. The fiscal health of Snakes will be normal during the year, and you have to cut down your expenses and expenditure of family members.

The fights and conflicts between the Snake and Rat may result in ill health of seniors in the family and even your well-being.

Snake Chinese Horoscope 2020 for Career

The forecast for Career during the year of Snake suggests a normal period. If you have to achieve some progress, you will have to put in more effort and seek the cooperation of your colleagues.

If the Snakes are thinking of changing over to a new job, the time is not promising. Though you are likely to face some turmoil in the workplace, you will have the help of a guardian angel to overcome the challenges.

Lucky Months for Career: April, July, August, and November.

Unlucky Months for Career: February, March, June, and October.

2020 Snake Predictions for Love

Predictions for Love for Snakes in the year 2020 suggest luck is not on your side. Marriage life can be made enjoyable by keeping the channel of communication open with your spouse. You can also take the help of friends to smoother the wrinkles in your relationship. It is necessary to approach the problems in your marriage with a sense of optimism and with an open mind.

Single persons will be able to get into new relationships, and you may even be lucky to get a person of your choice. Before you confirm the relationship, take your own time, and try to understand the person fully. This will avoid unnecessary hassles in the future.

Lucky Months for Love: April, August, and November.

Unlucky Months for Love: March and October.

2020 Snake Predictions for Finance

Predictions for Finance for Snakes in the year 2020 foretell a year of fluctuating fortunes. As the stars are not favorable, you may end up with some losses financially. Compared to the year 2020, your financial situation will be better, but still, you have to be vigilant and old-fashioned.

It is essential that you keep a strict watch on your expenses and try to save as much as possible for the rainy day.

Lucky Months for Finance: April, July, and August.

Unlucky Months for Finance: February, June, September, October, and December.

Year of the Rat 2020 Predictions for Health

Health Horoscope for Snake forecasts the rather depressing year 2020 in matters of well-being. Friends and aged family members are likely to fall sick. Prompt medical assistance will avoid the aggravation of ailments. You may be prone to minor health problems.

As a precaution, maintain your health with the right fitness routines, proper diet, and enough relaxation. So, you should be optimistic and attend parties to brighten up your life.

Unlucky Months for Health: February, June, and December.

Snake 2020 Feng Shui Yearly Forecast

Lucky Numbers: 4 and 7.
Lucky Colors: Brown, Green, Yellow.
Unlucky Colors: Blue, Gray.
Lucky Direction: West.

Snake Monthly Horoscopes

January 2020 warns you to watch your actions and words to avoid difficulties.

February 2020 is a month of varying fortunes, bad for finances.

March 2020 requires you to be prepared for any likely problems.

April 2020 is a time to look out for openings and grabbing them.

May 2020 is a month for status quo and vigilance.

June 2020 is an unlucky period, and so things are looking pretty bad.

July 2020 will be a lucky month and will improve your life.

August 2020 promises good finances and healthy relationships.

September 2020 will require you to be sensible in solving problems.

October 2020 asks you to be patient and avoid conflicts.

November 2020 promises good relationships. Cut down your expectations.

December 2020 is not promising for savings.

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