Dragon Horoscope 2020 – Chinese New Year 2020 Predictions for Dragon

Dragon 2020 Chinese Horoscope – Get Your Astrological Predictions!

Dragon Horoscope 2020 Predictions

Dragon Horoscope 2020 – Love, Career, Finance, and Monthly Horoscopes

Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2020 forecasts that the year will be a fabulous one with some stars influencing your destiny in a positive manner. Though the astrological influences of some stars are negative, they are counterbalanced by the positive vibes of the good stars. On the whole, the year 2020 promises to be a wonderful period in the life of Dragons.

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Professional Dragons can expect the support of their co-workers and seniors in their jobs. You will also have encouragement from the management in progressing in your career. It is important to get along with your colleagues. Also, be diplomatic and do not rub them on the wrong side.


Dragon people are known for their leadership and fighting skills. As a result, in the year of the Rat, you will be able to complete your assignments with your persistence and strong will power. Consequently, your progress in life will be smooth and profitable.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2020 for Career

Predictions for Career for The Dragon for the year 2020 suggest that you will scale higher steps in your professional career. Also, more promotions and financial increments can be expected. Your industriousness will be appreciated by the management and suitably compensated. Consequently, you will get an opportunity to make use of your administrative capabilities and execution skills.

It also pays to be forceful and positive in your outlook while you are taking up any project. You should use your ingenuity and communicate appropriately without hurting others. You should try to enlist the support of your colleagues in your endeavors.

Lucky Months for Career: February, July, August, and November.

Unlucky Months for Career: April, May, September, and December.

2020 Dragon Predictions for Love

Astrological predictions for Dragon during the year 2020 indicate that you will be more interested in your own activities. Also, you will avoid love relationships. If you are in a committed relationship, chances are that you will get into squabbles with your partner unnecessarily. On the whole, you cannot repeat the good things in love of the year 2019 during this year.

Single Dragons should try to venture out and try to charm new partners into getting into relationships. The first six months of the year 2020 appears to be promising for love, provided you are willing. You also should try to make use of the chances you get.

Lucky Months for Love: January, February, June, August, and November.

Unlucky Months for Love: March, and December.

2020 Dragon Forecasts for Finance

Financial Forecast for the Dragons for the year 2020 suggests a tepid year for money matters. Money flow will be sluggish, but still, you will be able to cover your expenses. Any investment you are making should be purposeful, and based on proper analysis. However, you should not be carried away by wrong and exaggerated claims of returns.

Astrological indicators point to the possibility of a serious financial loss during the months of March and September. You have to be extremely vigilant during these months. Also, avoid all investments during these periods. Any greed will lead to disaster.

Lucky Months for Finance: February, July, and August.

Unlucky Months for Finance: January, March, April, May, September, and December.

Year of the Rat 2020 Predictions for Health

Health forecast for Dragon for the year 2020 points to a reasonably good year for health. Minor ailments and small injuries are likely. Also, take care of your health by eating a proper diet and do not forget to enforce a good fitness routine. Injuries can be avoided by exercising more caution. Drivers should be cautious during the months of January, September, and December. The month of April is dangerous for water sports.

Unlucky Months for Health: January, April, September, December.

Dragon 2020 Feng Shui Yearly Forecast

Lucky Numbers: 5 and 8.
Lucky Colors: Brown, Yellow, Green.
Unlucky Colors: White, Blue.
Lucky Directions: West, Northeast, East.

Dragon 2020 Monthly Horoscopes

January 2020 will be full of problems, be careful about injuries.

February 2020 is a fortunate month, so it’s time to enjoy it.

March 2020 requires you to be careful to watch the fluctuation in your fortunes.

April 2020 is a gloomy period, so look for real friends to help you out.

May 2020 will be a tough month, just be patient.

June 2020 is a time to know your limitations and act accordingly.

July 2020 will be a lucky month and just relish the fruits of success.

August 2020 demands more diligence to succeed in your ventures.

September 2020 is a month of confusion and inaction, but you should maintain your composure.

October 2020 is a time to be watchful about your enemies and also their actions.

November 2020 will be a month of success and enjoyment.

December 2020 is time to avoid conflicts and controversies. So, you should be careful.

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