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Dream Dictionary of T words - Page 1

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with T

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T – Seeing letter T in my dream

Seeing a particularly noticeable or out of place letter “T” in a dream is often a sign of stubbornness at some point, or in life in general. The “T” could also stand for something else, or the last name. The “T” also may not be a letter at all, but rather a sign representing a fork in the road, as it does on traffic signs. In this case, the “T” would represent some options or life choices. Consider other dream elements and contexts for more clarity.


Tables are usually gathering places where people enjoy nourishment and company, and as such, they represent social unity. Consider what is on the table in your dream or what actions are being done on the table by other dream agents. A table full of food represents security and bounty, while an empty table represents scarcity. Setting the table often signifies prosperity and good times to come, while clearing the table usually means the opposite. A broken table often symbolizes a loss of luck or dissension in a group, and a wobbly table symbolizes uncertainty. If the table has no cloth, it is usually a sign of pure intentions. If someone is on top of the table, it often means that they will go through dishonest or shameful means to reach their goals. A table that moves on its own is often a sign that you should consider changing some aspect of your life to achieve relief in a time of stress.

If some specific food or drink is on the table, or the table is a unique shape or made of a specific kind of wood, consider the meaning of these items individually for a greater understanding of the dream.


Table Cloth

To see a table with a dirty cloth often represents betrayal or disobedience (possibly from those sitting around that table, or even on the part of the dreamer). A beautiful or richly embroidered tablecloth might symbolize pretenses of a less severe nature.


Table Tennis

Playing or seeing others playing table tennis in a dream often symbolizes commitment issues or difficulty in making a decision, resulting in an arbitrary movement back and forth. Consider who is playing and other dream contexts to gain more clarity about the meaning of the dream.



If someone is tackled, it is being prevented from moving forward toward a goal. As such, tackling in a dream usually represents an obstacle on the path to achieving. If the dreamer is being tackled, it often means that someone doing the tackling is trying to prevent them from fulfilling their plans or hopes. Conversely, if the dreamer is doing the tackling, it may mean that, either purposely or subconsciously, the dreamer stops someone or something else from reaching a goal.



Tacks often represent tasks or duties that must be performed that often seem unimportant; “busy work” not big enough for a proper nail. If the tack is successfully used to hold things together, it is symbolic of the user masterfully completing their tasks by overcoming difficulties. The user to hurt themselves while using the tack may mean that the task will be completed, but not without some conflict or trauma. If the tack is not used successfully, it may mean that the job will never be completed, whether because of negligence or laziness.

Consider who uses the tack, what it is being used for, and the size, color, and several tacks. This should give the dream greater clarity.



Any food dream is often a sign that “nourishment” is needed, whether literally or spiritually. It may also simply be the last thing that the dreamer ate before falling asleep. More figuratively, the Taco can symbolize warmth and security that comes either from unyielding steadfastness (hard-shell taco) or adaptability and a laid-back personality (soft-shell taco).


Dreaming of Tadpoles is often related to uncertainty, or a feeling of not yet operating at one’s full potential, often in terms of business. The quality of the water that the Tadpole is in, or if anything happens to it during the course of the dream and other dream elements and contexts, should be considered.



Taffy, as well as other candies, can symbolize leisure and expendable income. One who eats taffy in a dream has the time and means to eat what the body does not need to survive. Consider who or what is eating the taffy, if the taffy is being purchased or given, and other dream elements to understand the dream’s symbolism better.


Tag (Game)

The game of Tag requires agility and tenacity. In a dream, it represents the application of these virtues. Consider who is “it.” If the dreamer is being chased, it usually means that they are trying to avoid some responsibility, while if the dreamer is “it,” it often means that they are pursuing their goals and will likely achieve them.


Seeing a tail but not the animal often symbolizes disappointment. To dream of cutting the tail off an animal is often symbolic of loss due to carelessness or indiscretion. Dreaming of a tail on a person often symbolizes distress due to unjust or ill-intended action. Growing a tail often represents an inability to let go of or escape the past. In the last cases, consider who is cutting the tail off or who has the tail. In all cases, if the animal that the tail belongs to can be determined, look up the meaning of that specific animal as well, as this may add to the meaning of the dream., for example, the tail of a cat may symbolize balance.



Dreaming about a tailor often stems from concerns about some venture soon to be undertaken, though it can also symbolize creativity. For a tailor to take a dreamer’s measurements in a dream may foretell arguments, while arguing with a tailor suggests disappointment or even physical harm. Consider who the tailor is, who is the customer or client and whether anything about the suit or store stands out, as these could help decipher the dream’s imagery.


Taj Mahal

The beautifully crafted mausoleum standing over a vast reflection pool often symbolizes the serenity that comes from the ability to move on after an issue and achieve peace by letting go of the past. If the Taj Mahal dreams directly or the dreamer visits the structure in person, it may represent that the dreamer possesses or demonstrates these abilities. If the dream is of a book or a postcard with a picture of the Taj Mahal, it may mean that the dreamer does not have these abilities but wants to.

Take Out

To order or eat takeout often represents an unwillingness to undergo a complete process while still desiring the outcome. Consider who orders or eats the takeout and other dream aspects to understand the dream imagery better.


Talent Show

A dreamer to perform in a talent show recognizes and appreciates, and uses one’s own talent. Consider the talent being performed and the audience: is the audience approving or trying to boo the performer from the stage? Is anyone in the audience recognizable?

Alternatively, if the dreamer is watching a talent show, it may symbolize that their own talents are not being utilized, possibly because they are too concerned with what others are doing. In this case, pay attention to who is performing and what the talent is.



Talismans represent good luck and fortune. To wear a talisman in a dream represents possession of these traits. To receive one from another often means that that person will prove to be a good companion, possibly in marriage, while to give one means that the dreamer may serve these traits to another. Please take account of who is wearing the talisman or who is giving it to whom. If specific details about the Talisman, such as color or material, stand out, it may be worth looking into the meaning of those details as well.

Talk Show

Talk shows are places where individuals discuss content mediated by a host or panel. As such, they often symbolize the dreamer wishing to discuss something but unaware of how to proceed. Consider who is else on the talk show, what topics are discussed, and whether any audience members can be recognized.



While talking may often be a pleasant activity in life, it seldom is in dreams. Virtually any talking in a dream can be taken as a bad sign. To hear overhear others talking often foretells that someone is suspicious of your relationship with them. If they actually are talking about the dreamer, it is a terrible sign. Consider who is talking, how they react to the conversation, or what they were saying. If what was being said isn’t remembered or wasn’t discernable, it was likely not important, although in this case, it may represent poor communication skills.



Height is often a desirable quality that is regularly associated with attractiveness and authority. The dreamer to be taller than other dream characters often represents that the dreamer is feeling very satisfied with recent achievements or a new position and has a good self-image. Conversely, if everyone else, or particular characters, buildings, &c. Are abnormally tall, it may mean that the dreamer is feeling judged by these characters or what they represent.



Historically, this material for making candles provides heat and warmth but is consumed in the process. In dreams, it symbolizes expendable fuel, energy, or resources that the dreamer may be taking advantage of now, but that won’t last forever. It would do well for the dreamer to think of longer-term plans, as their current method may not be sustainable. Alternatively, using tallow to make candles symbolizes thrift and a strong business sense.


Often used by predatory animals to catch prey, Talons in a dream represent something within reach of the dreamer. This dream may also symbolize that the dreamer is worried about being caught. Consider other dream aspects for further clarity.



To play tambourine in a dream represents finding enjoyment in some rare event. The dreamer may want to look for unusual opportunities for enjoyment. To see someone else play tambourine often represents restlessness, while a tambourine seen in a store is often a sign of good fortune, especially in business.

See Instrument and Music* for further dream symbolism.



Taming an animal in a dream may represent the dreamer gaining control over some basic or animalistic aspects of themselves. Consider what animal is being tamed, and look for that animals’ dream symbolism as well.

If the dreamer is tamed, it may mean that they accept some part of their lives that they had previously been at odds with our need to take more control of themselves before someone else does. In this case, consider who is doing the taming.



In a dream, seeing or using a tampon may represent pent-up aggression.

Freudian Psychologists would suggest that the tampon is a phallic symbol. To decide, consider other dream contexts and elements.


Whether it’s biking, kayaking, skydiving, or anything else, synchronized activities in a dream represent just that: working together effectively with another person at a common task. The dream may mean that the individuals work well together or that they need help. Consider who the participants are and what they are doing.



A portion of common snack food for children, these sweet, tasty oranges represent the consumer’s need to have a light pick-me-up for energy, whether physical or spiritual. Consider who or what eats the tangerine, as well as where it came from, whether it was purchased or given, &c.



For the dreamer to be tangled up in something often represents a mess that the individual is in in the waking world. It would be wise for the dreamer to determine how the tangle is escaped in the dream and apply a similar solution to the waking-life equivalent.



In a dream, this dance represents sensuality and a free spirit, applied in a non-destructive way that most often requires cooperation with another. Consider who is dancing.

See Dance* for further dream symbolism.


Tank (Container)

Tanks represent a mode of storage. A full tank may represent bounty, while a tank with a leak may represent the loss of luck or materials. If the dreamer can tell what the tank is holding or other details about the tank, consider these as well. Sometimes the tank may have something alive inside it, which represents keeping something “bottled up.” In this case, consider what the creature is or may represent.


Tank (Vehicle)

Tanks in a dream may represent the ability to defend oneself and one’s beliefs or position if operated by the dreamer. If operated by someone else, the Tank may symbolize a great danger in the dreamer’s life. Consider who is driving the tank.


Tan Lines

The border between lighter and darker skin may represent a situation’s polarity and the need to look at both sides of an opinion or event. Consider on whom the tan lines are present and what the dreamer associates this person with.



Tanning, the act of producing leather from animal hides, is a dangerous and smelly profession that yields a much-needed product. Dreaming about a Tannery may suggest an upcoming loss of health or profit. If the dreamer is a tanner, it may mean that they are about to find employment in some important profession that is not what they were hoping for, while buying leather symbolizes success, but not strong relationships.


Tanning Bed

Seeing or dreaming about a tanning bed may represent a time that the use or dreamer spends on their self-image when there are more important things to be attended to. If someone other than the dreamer uses or is about to use the tanning bed, consider who that person is.



The screaming fits often staged by young children are ineffective, immature, and sometimes even violent or dangerous expressions of anger or disappointment. For the dreamer to throw a tantrum represents that some aspect of their life requires a more sophisticated response. If someone else in the dream is throwing a tantrum, it often simply means that the dreamer should be directing their energy towards a goal, rather than watching somebody else have a fit, though it may still be helpful for the dreamer to consider who it was.



Using tape in a dream represents tedious and unfulfilling work. Buying Tape represents the acquisition of misfortune. Consider who is buying or using the tape and what it is meant to do.



To dream of a fine tapestry in good condition often means that the dreamer will achieve their dream of high-living. If the tapestry is worn or dusty, it may mean that the dreamer will not achieve success if current circumstances remain unaltered. If what the tapestry depicts is discernable, consider what the significance of the tapestry may be.



Seeing or having a Tapeworm represents a potential loss of luck or health.

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