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Dream Analysis of F words: Page 3 – Feet to Figs

Dream Dictionary of F words - Page 3

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To dream of your own feet is usually an unpleasant sign. This dream can suggest that you have been working too hard and that you need to take some time to rest and relax. The same thing goes for if your feet hurt in a dream, only it is used as a way to emphasize how badly you need to take a break.

To dream that you are washing your feet can suggest that you are giving way to fancy things you do not actually need. You are likely to let these items, or whoever gives them to you, take advantage of you. Don’t let items or people get in the way of you leading your own life.

To dream of someone else’s feet is generally a better sign than seeing your own feet. This can suggest that the work is on someone else’s shoulders (or feet in this instance), meaning that you have the time you deserve to take the load off.

See Body* for further dream symbolism.


A fence in a dream can represent a person’s personal barriers. These fences represent invisible barriers that every person sets up for themselves, whether it has to do with relationships, work, or anything else.

To dream that you are jumping over a fence can suggest breaking past your boundaries to become a more experienced person. This could be frightening or stressful at times, but you will be better off for it in the end.


To fall off of a fence is a bad sign. This can suggest that you are taking on too much at one time. While trying to improve yourself is always a good thing to do; doing it too quickly can cause complications. This dream can suggest that you need to take things a little more slowly or take some other things off of your plate so that you have more time to work on improving yourself.

Looking up what the fence is made of (wood or metal) or looking up the fence’s special qualities (electricity or barb-wire) can also provide you with further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are fencing with someone can suggest that you are in a battle with someone in your waking life, but likely figuratively instead of in the literal sense that is shown in your dream. This dream has a more powerful meaning if you know the person who you are fencing in your dream. If this is the case, your anger is probably directed at this person in your waking life. If you do not know who you are fencing, this person likely represents someone you know.

Fencing can also generally symbolize the traits of being quick, strong, and intelligent. If you win the fight, then it can be implied that you already have these traits. If you lose the fight, then it could mean that you need to gain these traits.


To see that your fender is dented in your dream can suggest that your reputation is under question. Someone may be trying to ruin your name.

If you dent someone’s fender in a dream, then this can suggest that you are judging people too harshly. This dream is trying to tell you to take it easy when it comes to others and try to be more accepting.

See Car* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are fermenting something or to have something fermented can represent a transformation that is taking place in your waking life. This change is likely in a spiritual or knowledge-based area of your life. This dream also implies that this change will take a while to complete, just like the act of fermenting something, but that it will be worth the wait.

Looking up what was fermented in your dream can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


To see green and healthy ferns in a dream is a good sign. This can suggest that, when you are in a bad mood, something is sure to come up to make you feel better.

If the ferns in your dream are withered and dead, then this can be a prediction that you will become ill shortly.


Seeing a ferret in your dream can imply that you are feeling curious about something in your waking life. This curiosity likely revolves around someone who you know but want to know more about. Try to be careful when you are learning new things, or all of your sneaking might get you in trouble.

See Animal or Domesticated Animal* for further dream symbolism.

Ferris Wheel

Being on a Ferris wheel can imply that you feel like you are going around in circles in your waking life, like going through the motions but not really getting anywhere.

This dream can also represent the idea of the circle of life. In every person’s life, there are ups and downs and things that seem routine. In a way, the Ferris wheel shows this perfectly.

Looking up how you felt while you are on the Ferris wheel can also add more symbolic value to this term.


In general, a ferry can be symbolic of a change that you are currently making in your waking life. This change likely has to do with a relationship or your state of mind/the way that you see the world. The way that the water is acting in this dream can provide additional symbolism. These variances in meaning are listed below.

To go on a ferry when the water is calm is a good sign. This suggests that your endeavors in the future will be easy to deal with. You are likely to see the outcome of your project easily. Your project will be completed at a good pace.

To go on a ferry when the weather is bad, or the water is muddy is a bad sign. This can suggest that you will become confused by the projects that you are working on. You may want to slow down on your goals or try to deal with them at another time when you will be more prepared to handle things.

Looking up the type of water body, or more generally, Water* can provide you with additional dream symbolism.


To dream of fertilizer suggests that you are working on growing as a person, so this is a good dream sign. This dream sign can also suggest that you cannot grow alone. You will need other things or people to help you grow along the way. Making new friends, going to new places, and learning new things are all important steps on the path to becoming a better version of yourself.


To dream that you are at a festival can suggest that you are no longer occupying your mind with the harsh realities of life but instead focusing on things that make you happy and fill your days with excitement. You are at ease in your life, and you don’t care what people have to say about it. Live your life freely while you can, as it is not likely to be this way forever.


Nonsexual Fetish

To dream that you have a fetish that is not sexual can suggest that you are not as mature as you need to be in a certain situation. Whatever you are fetishizing in your dream may provide you with more symbolism than what you are not mature about.

To dream of having a non-sexual fetish can alternatively suggest that you are afraid of what this object represents and that you are trying to, or should try to, overcome this fear.

Sexual Fetish

To dream that you have a sexual fetish, whether or not you actually have this fetish in your waking life, can suggest that you want to be more adventurous in your sexual or romantic life. You might want to talk to your partner about these dreams or your actual fetish if you haven’t already. There’s always a chance that they will be willing to help you out with it.


To dream of seeing a fetus can suggest that some part of your personality is still in development. It would help if you worked on advancing this trait to be a better version of yourself in the future. This dream may suggest that you need to express yourself more creatively.  This is one way of learning how to be yourself, which can help to advance yourself.

This dream could alternatively suggest that you are developing, or having trouble developing, a relationship in your waking life. You may need to put extra effort into it if you want it to work out.


To dream that you have a fever is a representation of your stress levels. If you are having this dream, then it is likely that you are stressing yourself out about things that you don’t actually need to worry about. This is an anxiety dream, to say the least. Try to find things that can relax you, or try to drop some of your duties if you can.

Seeing that someone else has a fever in your dream can imply that either you or someone you know will actually become sick (even without a fever sometimes) in your waking life.

See Illness* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are wearing a fez can imply that you are currently leading a carefree lifestyle. It would help if you lived this lifestyle as long as you can manage it, as it is not likely that your life will always be this simple.

Fictional Character

To dream of seeing a fictional character can imply that the waking world is too boring for you. You want to do something more creative or do something to make your life more entertaining. Find something that makes you happy, as it can help you to “escape” from your real world.

Dreaming of fictional characters could also imply that you desire to have some of the characters’ traits. Working on these skills could likely build your self-confidence.

If the character in your dream falls into an archetype, look that up as well for additional dream symbolism.


To dream that you are playing the fiddle or listening to fiddle music can imply that you have the potential to learn a new skill or improve a skill that you already have. This can be a pun on the word “fiddling,” suggesting that you attempt to try something new. Even if you are not very good at this thing right now, this dream suggests that you will be more likely to be great at it if you keep working on it.

A fiddle can predict that your family life and social life, in general, are likely to be harmonious shortly.

“Fiddling” can also be a pun on masturbating or having sex, suggesting that you have unfulfilled sexual desires.

See Instrument and Music* for further dream symbolism.


A field can represent a person’s natural “field” of vision. This field can represent all of the natural things that you might see during the day. This may also suggest that you should broaden your horizons to take in more from the beautiful world around you. Try to open your eyes to the world. You are sure to gain something wrong.

To see a beautiful green field can symbolize abundance and happiness. To see a dead or dry field can represent depression or illness.

If anything, looking up what is growing in the field can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


To dream of meeting a friend in a dream is never a good sign. This dream term can suggest that trouble is coming your way shortly. It is best to watch out for people who you do not know very well or people who otherwise seem untrustworthy. Try to watch out for yourself, as it is likely that these real-life friends are out to ruin your reputation.


A fife is an instrument that resembles a flute or recorder. To hear one of these in your dream can imply that your reputation will come under attack in your near future. You will need to defend yourself, so you should start to prepare now. If you are playing the fife in your dream, this can suggest that, even though your reputation may come under fire, you are likely to be able to talk your way out of it with your reputation still intact.

See Instrument and Music* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you get into a fight is a negative dream sign. This dream can imply that you are holding in pent up emotions that are screaming, trying to get out. This dream can imply that you need to learn how to express your emotions healthily to become a healthy and functioning member of society.

Fighting with someone in a dream could be seen as a prediction that you will come into some trouble in your social or business life. It is not likely that you will get into a physical fight, but more likely, you will get into a fight of the wits or something similar. Try to keep your wits about you when you are in a professional setting.

This dream could be a visualization of your desire actually to cause harm to someone. Try to get out your anger healthily or creatively, rather than actually trying to fight someone.

To dream that you lose the fight can suggest that you have low self-esteem or generally think that someone else is much better than yourself. Try to boost your self-esteem. Even faking confidence can make you into a more confident person in the long-run.

Others Fightings

To dream that other people are fighting is a suggestion that you waste your time with unimportant things. This dream could suggest that you should stop fighting between your desire for entertainment and your need to work. It is better that you work and then play. Try not to waste your time shortly.


To see figs growing is a sign of bad luck. Be wary. Eating figs are also a sign of bad luck. Both of these things most likely have to do with bad luck in business.

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