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Dream Analysis of F words: Page 1 – F to Famished

Dream Dictionary of F words - Page 1

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F – Seeing the letter F in dreams

Seeing the letter “F” in your dream is rarely a positive sign. This letter can stand for “failure” in many grading systems. This could suggest that you feel like a failure or that you otherwise have low self-esteem. This letter could also stand for “F you,” suggesting that you have some pent up anger inside of yourself.


To dream of hearing or reading a fable can suggest that you should take the story’s message in your dream to heart. Your mind may be trying to teach you a lesson subconsciously.  


Fabric is a creative dream sign. To see fabric around the room can suggest that you are a creative person or that you have figured out a way to express yourself creatively, even if this way is not actually with fabric. The overall meaning of this term is, “Be yourself!” Healthily express your creativity as often as you can.

Looking up the pattern and color of the fabric can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


The facade of a building can be a representation of how you show yourself to the world. Everyone thinks things that they don’t always say, but how a person acts in public earns them a lasting impression of how others see them. The facade’s state in the dream–beautiful, decorated, deteriorated, rotten–could suggest how you show yourself to the world.



The state of the face in your dream will be able to provide you with much more symbolism than the fact itself. If there is a smile on the face, this may predict that good news will come your way. To see a frown predicts the opposite.

To see your own face can change meaning depending on how you feel in the dream. If you feel great in the dream, then this dream can suggest that your self-confidence is high and that you are ready to show yourself off to the world. If you are in a bad mood in this dream, this could suggest that you have low self-confidence, even though your confidence problems may not have to do with your outward appearance.

To see a beautiful face or a pleasant face of someone you know in real life can imply that you will have luck when it comes to your relationships, both professional and romantic. To see an ugly face suggests the opposite.

Looking up the facial features that you were most focused on can also provide you with additional symbolism.


To see a creature without a face is a bad sign. This could suggest that you are unaware of who you really are as a person. You may be having some identity crisis, wondering who you really are or who you could become.

This dream could also suggest that you have trouble when it comes to understanding of other people. This is likely to be more common in people who cannot read facial expressions well. This could represent your desire to understand others so that your social life can blossom.

See Creature* for further dream symbolism.

Face Paint

To get your face painted in a dream can suggest that you are not very good at expressing your emotions with words. This could imply that you need to find a creative way to let out your feelings. This dream could suggest that you will start looking or feeling foolish if you keep bottling in your emotions.

Looking up what was painted on your face, shapes used, and colors used can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

See Face and Paint* for further dream symbolism.


Dreaming of getting a facial, as relaxing as it might be in the dream, is not a good sign. This dream can suggest that you feel stressed out or guilty about something you have done in your waking life. You may be acting like everything is okay so that others don’t know about your inner tension. It is best to find a way to relieve yourself of this stress or guilt so that you can go back to living a more pleasant life.


To dream that you are in a factory can suggest that you are thinking in an outdated way. Your morals and values may be based on a social system or religion that doesn’t apply well to today’s world. Try to update your views, or at least find a way to tolerate the views of others.

This dream may imply that you are living your life in an all-too-routine way. This could be a sign that you are becoming bored with your current waking life. This signifies that you should try something new and exciting to add some spice to your life. The same symbolism stands whether or not the factory is abandoned.

Looking up what kind of factory you were in can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


To dream that something is fading away or that color seems faded can suggest that you are losing motivation in your waking life. It is best to find a way to bring back your old energy so that you can lead a more fulfilling life.

Looking up the faded object’s color may provide you with clues as to which part of your life, you need to change to become happier.


To dream that you fail at something can be a representation of your competitive nature. You may see everything as a contest that you need to win. Failing to win can cause great disappointment, which may lie in your near future. If you are not a competitive person, then this dream can represent a fear of failure.

Dreaming of failure can also be a representation of low self-esteem. You may feel like you are setting yourself up for failure in your waking life. This dream can show that you need to think like a winner if you want to stop acting like a failure. Take pride in yourself. Being confident can raise self-esteem and motivate you to become a better version of yourself.


To faint in a dream can suggest that you will hear bad news shortly. The bad news will most likely have to do with ill health. You or someone who you know is likely to become ill shortly.

See Fall* for further dream symbolism.


What you do at a fairground in a dream can be a reflection of how you act in your waking life when you are not being watched by authority figures–how you act when you get to be yourself. This may also suggest that you need to loosen up if you want to make new friends.

This dream may also predict luck in your social circles, in love, and business. This is a good sign, assuming you are in a good mood in the dream.

See Circus* for similar dream symbolism.


The fairy’s symbolism in a dream depends on what the fairy looks like and what it does. If the fairy is kind and beautiful, then this dream predicts good luck to come in your near future. To dream of a pesky fairy who is ugly predicts bad luck to come in your near future.

To dream of fairies could also imply that you lack some positive traits in your own life. Now is a good time to improve your attitude and general personality to have a better chance of succeeding in life.

Fairy Tale

To dream that you are reading or listening to a fairy tale can suggest that you want more romance in your life. If you are already in a relationship, this could suggest that it is time to go on a romantic date. If you are single, then it could be time to start looking for love.

To dream that you are in a fairy tale can suggest that you are afraid of something that isn’t actually likely to cause you harm. You may feel like you need to be saved from this imaginary threat. This dream is a sign that you might want to stretch your limits to find out that what you are afraid of actually isn’t all that scary.


Dreaming of something fake (plastic food, a fake person, etc.) can suggest that you feel fake on the inside. You may be faking your personality to make others like you more. This dream signifies that you will not be happy for much longer if you do not start to act like yourself again. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.


A Fakir is a Muslim, or sometimes Hindu, the religious ascetic who does not work for a living but instead gets what they need through others or charity. To see someone like this in your dream can imply that you are about to be faced with many changes in your life, likely to involve religion. If you do not make these changes gracefully, then bad luck is likely to enter your life.


To dream of a falcon can suggest that you will become a successful person shortly, making others jealous of everything you have done. While this is a sign of good luck at a glance, this dream also implies that rivals will rise to try to ruin your reputation. Try not to give them ammunition to bring you down.

See Bird* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are falling can imply that you are losing self-confidence due to losing something else in your life. This could have something to do with failing social or romantic relationships, reducing job performance or sexual performance, or just about anything else that can make a person feel bad about themselves.

To dream that you are falling could alternatively suggest that you are letting yourself fall into temptation. You may be falling away from your usual moral values. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on which values you are dropping. Because of this, the interpretation changes from person to person.

Dreaming of falling could alternatively be seen as a prediction that you will fall in a great struggle. This is likely to bother you for a while, but if you can make it out of the hardship, you are sure to become a better (and possibly more successful)  person for it.

Someone Else Falling

To see someone else fall in a dream could suggest that you no longer want that person, or who the dream person represents, in your life. This person is no good for you. You are likely to be better off without their influence in your life.

Something Falling

To dream that something else is falling can suggest that you fear that you are in danger from something. Usually, these dreams have to deal with the fear of the unknown rather than an actual threat. Looking up what is falling in your dream can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

To dream that a building is falling can suggest that stress is causing your anxiety. It would help if you found a way to calm down and collect yourself before crumbling like the building in your dream. Looking up the building in your dream can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

False Teeth

Wearing false teeth in a dream suggests that you are not totally honest with some people in your life. It is best if you try to change this aspect of your personality. You are not likely to make and keep friends if you are honest with them.

To see other people wearing false teeth can suggest that you feel like someone in your waking life is lying to you. This dream may be a sign that now is a good time to confront them about your suspicions.

See Mouth and Teeth* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are famous can suggest that your expectations are too high. If you keep dreaming like you are now, you are likely to be faced with disappointment in the future.

To dream of a famous person is a good sign. This dream suggests that you will rise in your current job, becoming a star in your own workplace. Trying to make friends with your peers is a good way of speeding up this process.

See Celebrity* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that your family is happy together is a good sign. This dream predicts good health and great times together to fill your family’s life. If your family in your dream is fighting or ill, this dream can suggest the opposite. Be wary of meetings with your family if this is the case, as your time with them is not likely to be pleasant.

Seeing your family in your dream can also bring to mind the attitudes and beliefs you were raised with. If the dream mood was good, then this could be a sign that you should revisit your old values to determine whether or not they can still apply to your life. If the dream mood is bad, then this can suggest that you should give up these traits so that your current/future family can be happier than you were as a child.

Dreaming of your family can also compare the physical and behavioral traits that you have picked up from various family members. In a way, every person is a combination of their family members, with something new added to it. Look around at your family members in your dream and think about the behavioral traits in real life. Their traits likely relate to you in some way. For this reason, every person will have a different interpretation of a family-based dream. Each family member’s traits in the dream do much more to determine the meaning than the family itself.

Looking up titles of individual family members can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


To dream of a famine overtaking your life in your dream is a bad sign. This can suggest that your business life will become famished shortly. This may suggest a lost job, getting laid off, or being passed up for a raise. Either way, this is not a good dream.

To dream that your enemies are being overcome by famine is a good sign. This can suggest that instead of your business failing, that your business will thrive, but likely at the defeat of your enemy’s business. Your life will rise in the social ranks, but theirs will fall.


To dream that you are feeling famished is a bad sign. This dream can suggest that you will be or have recently been disappointed by a prospect that showed good signs of success at first but only turned to failure later.

To dream that someone else is famished can suggest that this person, or who they may represent, will bring sorrow into their lives and that their pain will negatively affect your life.

See Hungry* for similar dream symbolism.

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