Angel Number 5: Meaning, Messages and Symbolism – A Complete Guide

What does the number 5 mean spiritually?

Angel Number 5 meaning

Introduction of Angel Numbers

Angel Number 5 – we often use numbers in our day to day life. Accounts and labeling being the most know places. A frequent appearance of a particular number in your life might be having a spiritual meaning. It might seem coincidental, but you need to seek spiritual guidance and be more careful. Guardian angels provide guidance and protection to humans by watching over them always. This guardian angel uses numbers as a means of communication to humans. That means that the frequent appearance of a certain number may be a communication from your guardian angel. Understand the meaning, the message, and the symbolism will help you well understand angel numbers.

In this article, we are going to discuss the meaning, message, and symbolism of Angel Number 5.

Meaning of the 5 Angel Number

The reference of the number 5 to be an angel number means that it has made several appearances in one’s life. The person keeps seeing this number is his or her daily routine. Maybe as a receipt number, lucky number, on the clock each time he looks jersey number, on the phone, and many more places. The same number five keeps appearing over and over.


Angel number 5 means that it is time to change. The change is going to be a positive change. It will be a shift in the good and not a change of regrets or disappointments. The angel is merely telling you to prepare for the change and be positive, for that will affect the change to come directly. Often angels want us to live a positive life and not dwell on the negative, for if we stay on the negative, negativity will manifest in our lives. The angels want you to make a personal decision and prepare for whatever comes.

The Message of Angel Number 5

Angel number five carries a variety of messages:

1. Positive life change

Angel number five communicates a message of positive life changes. Positive attitude and thinking influences these changes directly in our lives. Angels encourage us to be positive no matter the situation, for Life itself is not always fair. We are warned by Angels not to dwell in negativity, for it will manifest in our lives. The frequent appearance of number five is an encouragement from your guardian angel to remain positive and push on something good is about to happen.

2. Life lessons

Past life lessons should help us make appropriate future decisions. That angel wants us to use our experience to correct today’s and tomorrow’s behaviors. Angel number five encourages us always to be vigilant enough and keen on whatever decisions we make in life, for this affects us directly. Life lessons are like a mirror where you look at yourself every minute to know the difference. In life, you should have a track of the influence that past decisions have on your present life. It is a guide to tomorrow’s decisions and choices to take. The frequent appearance of angel number five communicates a message of perseverance and endurance to the end.

3. New in every form

Angel number five conveys a word of a new thing in whatever situation you have. It passes a message of the breakthrough as a new state in your position. A word of a fresh start in a particular idea that you had in mind. It might even be new results in whatever thing you have been trying on. Angel number five carries a message of encouragement to remain focused on a new item that is about to happen.

4. Courage

Angel number five encourages to be facing life with courage. The frequent appearance of the number five means that your guardian angel wants you to meet your challenges in courage. The angels give us surety of being with them for us, so we should not panic but remain focused and courageous for they are with us.

The Symbolism of the 5 Angel Number

Angel number 5 symbolizes only two aspects of life:

1. Positivity

Angel number five is a symbol of positivity. The frequent appearance of the number five signifies the need to have a positive mindset. It is a message that comes at any given time of your life, whether in good condition or the middle of challenges. Angels using the number five wants you to have positive results in the end. It discourages being negative.

2. Wellbeing or good health

Angel number five is a symbol of good health. It encourages us to make good life decisions that Will help us be healthy, both psychologically and physically. The angels remind us that only with good health will we be able to build our future correctly. Good health is the key to everything in life.

Meaning of 5 as a Number

Number 5 represents the natural form of things like human fingers, certain flower petals, some leave, and many more natural occurrences. We have five common senses, see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Love, marriage, and perfectionism were represented by the number five in the ancient days.


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