Angel Number 3838 Says Your Breakthrough Is Around The Corner

What does 3838 mean spiritually?

Angel Number 3838 Meaning

Angel Number 3838 Meaning and Significance

Have you repeatedly encountered the number 3838 in your life? Well, it is time you realize that this is not a coincidence. The supernatural beings are trying to pass specific messages to you. In this case, through angel number 3838. Angel number 3838 signifies that you will soon find your financial breakthrough since your hard work and dedication will quickly pay off.

Do not worry if you keep seeing this number; instead, be thankful to the heavens for sending you such a fantastic figure. Encountering this number is a clear assurance that you are on the right path. Your current actions are drawing you closer to your goals. Therefore, under no circumstance should you change your way.

The long nights you spend away from your family and forgoing leisure for work have finally paid off. That result you have been praying for will be brought to you by number 3838. However, the Heavens want you to trust them. Well, in my thoughts, it looks like your success came from your efforts; however, it’s through the help and guidance from your guardian angels that you have achieved your dream.

Looking At The 3838 Angel Number Numerically

Angel Number 3838 carries the vibration of 3 and 8. Therefore, to understand the inner meaning of the number 3838, you have to know what each of 8 and 3 represents.

Angel Number 3 – Take your time to complete what you started.

This significant number is an indication that you are doing everything right except that you never take your time to finish what you started. Through this angel number, the Heavens wants you to utilize your talent to complete all your task. Also, this number wants you to turn on your imaginations to expand your horizons.


Biblically, number 3 symbolizes power. There are three powerful forces of heaven. They include God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Christians believe that the three powerful forces lead by God the father control the world.

The 8 Angel Number – You will surely succeed.

Just as number 3, number 8 is an equally important angel number. This number stands for three important aspects of life; perseverance, competence, and remarkable abilities. Angel number 8 wants you to hold on to the three elements if you’re going to succeed.

Number 8 also wants you not to rush into changing the course of your life with the hope of achieving more. Sooner or later, you will pay dearly for giving up your principles for earthly gains. Whether your life will go back to your previous state all depends on your next course of action.

Angel Number 38 – Be careful.

Having looked at the meaning of 3 and 8, the combination of these two figures (38) says that someone you have trusted for a long time will soon betray you. Undesirable as this message may sound, your guardian angels want you to use this opportunity to learn the real character of that person hence distancing yourself from them. However, this does not mean that you start hating that person but instead distance yourself from them.

Angel Number 3838 Spiritual Meaning

Indeed, angel number 3838 is associated with intense energy. Through this number, the angels are reminding us that all the solutions to our dilemmas are within us. However, we find it difficult to see it because we are always looking for complex solutions to simple problems.

Through angel number 3838, the Universe reminds us of the immense hidden inside us. If we utilize this gift well, we will undoubtedly move our lives to the next level. In most cases, we take too long to discover these gifts. Therefore, you need your guardian angels to identify these hidden gifts. Otherwise, you might never use it to empower yourself.

Another spiritual message carried by number 3838 is that you are not listening to the voice of your inner voice. The most correct and genuine sound is the voice that comes from within us. This number motivates you to be open to new things. Also, live a life of positivity even when things seem not to be going as you would wish.

Number 3838 says that the attitude with which you approach issues dictates its outcome. When you approach a problem with a positive mind, you will be much more at ease, and you are likely to succeed. Do whatever you are doing with creativity and full concentration. Otherwise, you will realize at the end of the day that the outcome of your work is much less than the effort applied.

Unusual Facts Carried By The 3838 Angel Number

All angel numbers have an outer that you easily the moment you look at the angel number. However, there is a hidden aspect that you have to dig further to find its meaning. For the case of 3838 angel numbers, this number symbolizes three creational forces coming from God and eight other forces sent to the earth by the Heavens.

Number 3838 teaches you how to utilize the energy that comes from you. Through this number, you will know what to do and when to act. This kind of energy comes from the Divine Realm, therefore do not fear when you see this number.

As mentioned earlier, the vibrational impact of numbers 3 and 8 indicates that you should put all your focus on the desires of your heart. Avoid being too judgmental and harsh to yourself. Listen to the message of that voice that speaks to you while in your sleep.

Another spiritual aspect carried by this angel number is that you should choose to do the essential things in life. Well, learn to set your priorities right. Wasting your precious time on things that are not important in your life takes away the energy that would have been utilized positively elsewhere. Also, knowing that you are working that you are in the right direction eases the tension in you. It is better to fail to do the right thing than fail to do the wrong something.

Angel Number 3838 And Love

Almost all angel numbers carry a message of love. Other times negative but mostly positive messages. Love is one of the fascinating aspects of this world. However, how do we then separate real love from fake love? Well, here is where angel number 3838 comes in to help. If you have had a problem finding genuine love, then this is the number for you.

Love is natural, and it comes from the innermost part of our hearts. In some way, love cannot be thought nor cultivated. If you have learned to love someone, beware since that kind of love quickly dies off. Therefore, embrace this partner if you are finding it hard to determine whether the love your partner feels for you is genuine.

Ask your angels to bless you with Divine love. This kind of love is universal and is one that loves unconditionally. Biblically, love is the greatest commandment given to us by God. The bible goes ahead to explain that if you cannot enjoy your neighbor who you can see, how can you love me (God) who you have never set your eyes on.

Angel number 3838 wants you to remove the obstacles hindering you from loving genuinely. Love and never expect anything in return. Authentic love is not one that loves with a lot of expectations in return. The satisfaction that comes with the feeling that you gave it your whole is enough. If your partner does not appreciate or return the love, your heart will always be at peace.

What To Do When You Keep Encountering Number 3838

Well, now that you know the messages carried by angel number 3838, it is essential to understand what you are supposed to do when you keep encountering this number. First, spend as much time as possible. Through this, you will be able to hear and understand the message of number 3838 clearly.

Go back and look at your life carefully. Find a way of correcting the injustices that you have done for others or have been done to you in the past. Also, do not hang on to grudges; forgive those that hurt if you want to move on. One person you should not forget to forgive is yourself. Number 3838 will help you in healing your past.

Angel number 3838 also says that you have the energy to change the world. Yes, no matter how insignificant you look, you have immense power that is under-utilized. However, it is not always by action that you can change the world but by living a good and exemplary life. People around you will want to change their ways of living an experience similar to yours.

Once you strive to protect those around you, the Universe will be your protector. That is something your angels want you never to doubt in your life. Once the tiniest dust of doubt clouds your world, all the hope that is in you might disappear.

Final Thoughts: 3838 Meaning

Welcoming angel number 3838 into your life is highly beneficial. If this number has never appeared in your life, pay attention because it is soon coming your way. However, if it is already in your life, you should be excited and grateful to your angels. Listen carefully to this number and let it guide you in the right direction. This number will you see that your dreams come true.


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