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Dream Analysis of R words: Page 6 – Road to Rosemary

Dream Dictionary of R words - Page 6

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Road – Seeing Roads in my dream

Roads can represent the path that you are taking in life. The smoother that the road is, the fewer challenges you face in your waking life. If the road is riddled with potholes, then this can imply that you feel like you are being challenged with every turn that you take.

If the road is narrow and winding, then this suggests that your progress on your goals, or when it comes to overcoming your challenges, will be slow-going. You will need to work extra hard if you want to finish these tasks. You may also need to make some changes in your life if you want to speed up this process.

If beautiful plants surround the road, this can predict good luck in your near future. If the road is surrounded only by rocks or dead plants, then this can predict the opposite.

If people are with you on the road, this can predict success in your home/family life.


Seeing roadkill in your dream is your mind showing you that death is all around you and that there is no real way to avoid this. This could be a sign that you need to let some part of yourself die, like a bad habit or personality trait. This could also point out that you have been thinking pessimistically lately.

Looking up the animal that was made into roadkill can also provide you with further dream symbolism.



Hearing something can imply that you are holding in anger or other negative emotions inside of your head. This can imply that if you do not learn how to express your negative emotions healthily, you will express it all at once negatively, which could end up hurting yourself or others.

Looking up the thing that roared in your dream can also provide you with further dream symbolism.



Seeing or eating a roast in your dream is a sign of bad luck in your home life. Do not keep secrets from your partner, or else you will regret it. Your partner may be keeping some secrets from you.



If you are getting robbed in your dream, then this can suggest that you are feeling alone in your waking life. You could be trying to find yourself, but you will likely need help to do it.

This dream could alternatively mean that you are feeling cheated in your waking life. You may feel like others are mistreating you.



Wearing a robe in your dream can suggest that you have some personal things you need to work through before helping others. Make sure that you take care of yourself even if you need to take care of others.



Seeing a robot in your dream can suggest that you are going through the motions automatically, not really putting emotion into it. You may not know how to express yourself anymore. This is a thing that you want to rediscover if you want to make your life more exciting.



Seeing a rocket going into the sky suggests that something in your life will become higher than before. Your mood may become elevated, or you may rise in your business place or your social standing. This dream can also predict good luck in love.

Seeing the rocket fall to the ground is a sign of bad luck. This can predict that you will go down in something; your mood, business position, or social status could be hurt. This can also predict bad luck in love.

Rocking Chair

Sitting in a rocking chair is a sign of contentedness in your waking life. You are happy with what you have. If you continue whatever you are doing to make yourself so happy, your good mood will likely stay. The better your mood, the better luck that you will also have when it comes to making friends.

If someone else is sitting in the rocking chair, then this can predict that you will have good luck in most areas of your life, especially when it comes to your love life and domestic life.

Seeing an empty rocking chair can suggest that you feel alone in your waking life. You may want to fill this void by making your home life more enjoyable. Keeping good company is the best way to remedy this.

See Chair* for further dream symbolism.



Seeing rocks in your dream can suggest that obstacles will come in your path to success. It is best that you face these challenges as soon as possible instead of putting them off, or else you are likely to be worse off for it.

If you see one large rock, this suggests that your next challenge is closer than you would have thought it would be. You are likely to be disappointed when this challenge comes along.



Dreaming that you are at a rodeo can imply that you need to learn how to control your animalistic instincts. You need to control your impulses, even if they feel right.


Dreaming that you are a rogue predicts that you will do something shortly that will end up getting yourself, and possibly your friends, into trouble. Do not be too risky.

Dreaming you are a rogue can alternatively be a prediction of bad health.

If you are in love with a rogue, then this can suggest that you are upset because a friend has not been paying enough attention to you. You may need to say something first if you want to catch the attention of your friend again.


Roller Coaster

Riding on a roller coaster in your dream represents the ups and downs that you take in your waking life. It would help if you learned how to control your emotions, or else you are likely to get yourself into trouble.


Roller Skates

Wearing roller skates in your dream suggests that you are moving towards your goals quickly, but not at a pace that causes you stress. However, if you are not good at roller skating, you may change the pace you are moving towards your goals.

If someone else is wearing roller skates, then this suggests that someone is rolling around an issue that you have with them. It would help if you confronted them on this issue, as you are likely to keep avoiding it. If you want the issue to be confronted, you will need to be the one to do it.

Roman Candle

Seeing roman candles in your dream is a good sign! This dream suggests that you will be able to quickly complete a task or goal, which will also likely make you very happy.

If the roman candle does not work for whatever reason, then this suggests that you will be disappointed after you complete a goal. This is likely because you will think that the outcome is supposed to be better than it actually was. To avoid this in the future, lower your expectations.



Dreaming of romance can suggest that you need more romance in your waking life. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, then you will need to be the one to make these extra romantic changes. If you are not in a romantic relationship, you will need to make the first move to get in one.



Dreaming that you are on top of a roof can symbolize your high level of success either at present or success to come in the future.

If you fall off the roof, then this can suggest that you are in a successful position right now but that it will not last if you do not change your way. Become more educated to prove that you deserve your high spot in society, or else you will lose it.

If you are napping on a roof, then this can suggest that you are high above your enemies and competitors. You do not need to worry about these people right now. This is also a prediction of good health to come shortly.

If you are trying to fix or build a roof, this signifies that your wealth will increase shortly. This will not be caused by luck, but instead by your own hard work.

If the roof in your dream is broken beyond repair, then this predicts that trouble will come your way. You are not likely to be able to avoid this trouble.

Looking up the building that had the roof can also provide you with further dream symbolism.


Seeing a rook in your dream suggests that you have loyal friends, but also bring friends. This is a good time to make new friends or find new things to do with your old friends to not become bored with your social life.

If the rook in your dream is dead, then this is a sign of poor health to come in your near future.



A room represents a certain part of your personality or another aspect of your life. What is inside of the room will have much more symbolism than the room itself, so make sure that you look up these things as well.

If the room is dark, this can suggest that you feel trapped in some area of your life. This could suggest that you feel trapped in a relationship or that you are trapped within yourself. If the room is inviting and bright, then this can suggest that you are comfortable in your waking life and your relationships.

If you find a new room, then this can suggest that you are entering a new phase in your life. If there is nothing in this room, this can imply that this new phase will allow you to have a new beginning. If you are going to change some part of your personality, then now is the time to do it.

If you are building a room or decorating a room, then this can suggest that you are feeling differently about yourself or a situation. In a way, you are changing how you look at the world as you change the room.

Looking up the color of the room can also provide you with further dream symbolism.


Dreaming of your current roommate is likely a reminder that you need to talk to him/her about something. Make sure that you bring up the issue, as there is no promise that they will.

Dreaming of an old roommate can suggest that there is something that you can learn from this person that will be able to apply to new relationships that you have. If you really liked your old roommate, this could suggest that you can try to apply some of their traits to yourself.

If you do not have a roommate, but you do in your dream, this can feel lonely. This is not a sign that you need a roommate, but it is a sign that you need to get out more or have friends visit you more often.



Seeing a rooster in your dream predicts that you will become successful shortly. You a likely to rise in your business or social life because of this. However, your social life will get worse if you act cocky because of your newfound success.

If roosters are fighting in your dream, then this suggests that you have competitors in your field. You should prove your worth before they do, or else they may find the success you are aiming for.

See Bird* for further dream symbolism.



Seeing the roots of plants is a sign of bad luck. This bad luck will most likely affect your health or wealth. If you are using the roots of medicine, then this increases the chances that your bad luck will be in health.

Looking up the plant that was the source of the roots can also provide you with further dream symbolism.


Ropes represent the complications that happen in love. These are the things that you are worried about, not the day-by-day complications of life. This most often represents the complexities in relationships, both friendly and romantic.

If you are climbing up a rope, then this suggests that you have it in you to overcome your enemies. If you are going down the rope, then this suggests the only disappointment is in your near future, likely because an enemy will overcome you.

If you are tied up in ropes, then this can predict oddities in love. You are likely to fancy someone who does not fit your usual tastes. If you are tying up someone or something with ropes, then this suggests that you will have the power to control your own heart and possibly the hearts of others.



A rosary can represent comfort, dependence, safety, and meditation. This dream can suggest that you should apply some of these traits to yourself.

If someone gives you the rosary, then this can suggest that you need to share your love and kindness to others, just like how others shared their kindness with you in the past.



Seeing beautiful roses is a prediction that something worth celebrating will happen shortly. This can unrelatedly predict luck in love. If you see withered roses, then this can suggest that you are feeling lonely. This could be because you need to talk to your loved ones more often.

Picking roses can suggest good luck in love and possibly a proposal. Either way, you are sure to find a partner who will be good for you.

Smelling roses can predict good luck in general.

See Flower* for further dream symbolism.



Seeing a rosebush without actual roses on it suggests that your life is becoming more complicated. If you do not show your best abilities, you might be left behind in your business life.

If the bush is dead, this can predict bad luck in health and business for either you or a family member.

If the bush is in bloom, see Rose* for symbolism.



Rosemary predicts bad luck shortly. This bad luck will likely revolve around your family life.

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