Dream Dictionary R (5): Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with R

Dream Analysis of R words: Page 5 – Ribbon to Riverbed

Dream Dictionary of R words - Page 5

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with R

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Ribbon – Seeing ribbons in my dream

Seeing ribbons, in general, suggest that you are surrounded by good friends and that you will have enjoyable times with them in the near future. This is not a time to worry, but instead, it’s a good time to enjoy the good company that you have in your waking life.

If you are buying beautiful ribbons, then this can suggest that you are happy with your waking life. Your life is likely to continue to be enjoyable for a while. If you are buying ribbons that you do not like, then this can suggest that you are/will become annoyed with someone in your social circle. This is likely to pass quickly, so do not do anything that you might regret in the meantime.

Wearing ribbons imply that your mind is busy thinking about one thing: love. If you are acting polite in your dream, then you are sure to have good luck in love. If you are acting silly, then this can predict the opposite.

Seeing someone else wearing ribbons can suggest that you will face stiff competition in your search for love. Make sure that you let your good traits stand out so that you can find love before your competition does.

Looking up the color of the ribbons can also provide you with further dream symbolism.


Seeing ribs in any context is a bad sign. This suggests that you are either worried about your financial state, or this can instead be a prediction that your financial state will get worse, which will make you highly upset.

See Body* for further dream symbolism.



Seeing rice in a dream is a good sign. Rice predicts that your friendships will continue to grow. Your business life is also likely to become more profitable. However, if the rice is dirty or impure, then this can instead suggest that bad luck is in your future, likely in the form of bad luck in health or friendships.

Eating rice predicts happiness in your home life.

Cooking rice can suggest that you are about to take on new responsibilities. While this will mean you will have more work to do, you are likely to enjoy it.



Dreaming that you come into a lot of riches, whether it is in cash, gold, or jewels, can be a prediction that you will be able to rise in your social or work life.



Seeing or riding in a rickshaw in your dream can imply that you wish that you could live your life in a simpler way. This could also underline your ambitiousness and ability to fend for yourself. You are able to take care of yourself, no matter what materials you have at your disposal.

If you are pulling the rickshaw, then this can instead represent the burdens that you are carrying throughout your waking life. You may feel like you need to carry your own burdens, as well as the burdens of others. If possible, try to drop or delegate some of your responsibilities so that you can have less to do and become less stressed as a result.



Hearing a riddle in your dream suggests that you are confused about something that is going on in your waking life. This confusion is likely making you unhappy. If you are able to solve the riddle in your dream, then this suggests that you will deal with some project that will confuse you, take up your resources, and require you to use your patience. However, you are sure to be rewarded for all of your hard work once the project is completed.



Riding on anything is generally a sign of bad luck in business, suggesting that you will need to do more of it, get less pleasure out of it, and have less time to do things that actually do make you happy. This can sometimes also be a sign of bad luck in health.

If you are riding quickly, then this suggests that you will find success, but your path to this success will be riddled with danger and risk. Make sure that you watch out for yourself during this time. If you are riding slowly, then this can suggest that you will be disappointed by the speed at which your projects are going. Try to speed things up a little so that you can feel like you are accomplishing more.

Looking up what you were riding on can provide you with further dream symbolism.


Seeing a ridge from a distance can suggest that you need to work harder to keep your life in balance. You are walking a narrow path in life, and you need to make sure that you do not fall off this path and hurt yourself.

If you are actually on the ridge, then this can suggest that you have faced many challenges in the past and that you are likely to face much more in your near future. This dream is trying to tell you to persevere. You can make it through anything that comes your way; after all, you survived every challenge up until this point.



Seeing a rifle in your dream implies that you are filled with negative energy, and you are likely taking all of this bad energy out on one or two people. If you keep doing this, then you are sure to ruin your relationships with these people. Try to get out your negative energy in a healthy way so that you do not hurt yourself or others.

Rifles can alternatively represent penises because of their phallic shape. This dream could suggest that you are either feeling very masculine, or you are not feeling masculine enough, and you are compensating this by being more aggressive, which is really the wrong way to go about it. Try to change the way in which you show your masculine side.

See Weapon* for further dream symbolism.



Dreaming about going right, or seeing the right side of anything, can imply that you are right about something that has been going on in your waking life. Stick with your gut feeling on this issue. You are thinking the right thing, and now is likely the right time to do something about it.

This dream could alternatively be telling you that you need to stick up for your rights and what you believe in. Now is not the time to stand down.

Rigor Mortis

Seeing a body, it doesn’t matter if it’s animal or human, in rigor mortis can suggest that you are feeling dead inside. This likely has to do with a lack of positive emotions inside of yourself. One of the best ways to fix this is to get rid of your negative emotions in a healthy way so that you can make room for more positive emotions. Also, if you are having dreams like this, you may want to talk to a friend about them to both solve your emotional problems and to make it less likely that this will become a reoccurring dream.

See a variation of Dead Person* for further dream symbolism.



Wearing a ring can suggest that now is the best time to start something new. Projects that are started soon after having this dream are likely to be successful for the dreamer.

Getting a ring as a present or an engagement suggests that you have nothing to worry about in your current relationship. Your partner is likely doing whatever they can to make you happy, and you should do the same for them. If you are getting engaged, see Proposal* for further dream symbolism.

Seeing someone else wearing a ring can suggest that your social life is going well or that it will become better. This dream can suggest that now is a great time to make new friends.

In any of the above situations if the ring is broken, then this predicts bad luck in love. The broken ring may represent a broken or breaking relationship.

See Direction* for further dream symbolism.


Ring Bearer

Seeing a ring bearer at a wedding in your dream suggests that you need to start taking more control of your romantic life. This does not mean that you need to take control of your partner. Instead, this is a sign telling you to be more active in your romantic life so that you can do more things that you like instead of letting the world pass you by or letting someone else make all of the decisions in your love life.

See Wedding* for further dream symbolism.


Having ringworms in your dream is a bad sign. This can predict bad health to come in your near future. This can instead predict injury as well.

If someone else has ringworm, then this can predict that others will come to you, asking for help, in the near future. This is likely to become annoying. Make sure that you do what you can, but do not feel obligated to help everyone who asks. Make sure that you take care of yourself, even when others are also asking for help.



Seeing a rink in your dream is a sign that you are going around in circles all day. You are stuck in a routine or you are just not getting anything new done. Try doing something new to break up this pattern and to add a little heat to your life.

This dream could alternatively mean that you have many cold emotions, but that you also have them under control. Try to expose yourself to warmer emotions, if possible. If not, then keep doing whatever it is that you are doing to keep your emotions under control.



Seeing a riot in your dream predicts that you will be faced with disappointment in your near future. This disappointment is likely to be caused by the actions of your friends or coworkers.

If someone who you know gets hurt or dies in the riot, then this predicts that bad luck will come in all areas of your life. This bad luck is most likely to come in the form of illness, loss of friendship, or death.


Seeing a rip in something in your dream can suggest that you are stronger than you think you are. This could either represent emotional or physical strength. This can be a sign of low self-confidence. You are better than you think you are.

Dreaming that you are the one who made the rip, then this can imply that you are unhappy with the way that things are going in your waking life. However, just like the rip, if you act too quickly without thinking, then you will be more likely to make the situation worse instead of making it better. Basically, make sure that you think before you act.

Looking up what has a rip in it can also provide you with further dream symbolism.



Dreaming that you are rising into the air predicts that strange and new things will happen to you. These things are more likely to be pleasant than not. This can predict good luck in wealth as well. However, your good luck may draw in shady characters. Watch out for strangers who try to be your friend after your streak of good luck.

If you are rising too high levels in your job or your social circle in your dream, then this can suggest that you are likely to rise in this way in your waking life in the near future. This is a good dream sign.



Taking a risk in your dream is a sign that you are pushing yourself in your waking life. Make sure that you know your limits, or else you may get hurt. At the same time, don’t let your fears and anxieties get in the way of trying new things.


Being a part of a ritual can suggest that you have a bad habit that you need to stop. Like any habit, a bad one is hard to get rid of. You will need to focus your energy on stopping this habit in the near future or else you are likely to be stuck with it for much longer than you would like to be.


Dreaming that you have a rival can suggest that things could be going worse for you in your waking life, so you should appreciate what you have while you have it. While you can look for better things at times, do not totally forget about what you already have. This is most important when it comes to relationships.

If you are able to defeat your rival, then this suggests that you will become successful in your waking life. You will also have good luck in your social life if you can defeat your rival. If your rival defeats you, then this can instead suggest that you need to pay more attention to what is going on around you in your waking life if you do not want to fall behind. This warning especially relates to your work life and love life.

If your rival in your dream is someone who you know in real life, then looking up your relationship to this person may be able to provide you with further dream symbolism.



Seeing a clear and gently flowing river can suggest that your emotions are running smoothly at the moment. You are in touch with your own feelings and you know how to express them in a healthy way. This is a good sign.

To see a muddy river or a river with violent waves can suggest that you are trouble with your emotions at the moment. You may be trying to get some control your emotions and not know how to, or you may be struggling with negative emotions. Either way, you will need to learn how to express these emotions in a healthy way before you can feel at ease again. Asking for help is a good thing to do in this situation.

See Water* for further dream symbolism.


Seeing a lush riverbed suggests that your emotions are right where they should be. You are in control of your feelings, and you know how to take care of yourself.

If the riverbed is dried up, then this can suggest that you have a lack of emotions. You could be feeling numb at the moment. There may be emotions deep within yourself that you are ignoring. You need to face these feelings if you want to be able to have healthy emotional feelings again.

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