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Dream Dictionary of D words - Page 1

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with D

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D – Seeing the letter “D” in dreams.

To see the letter “D” in your dream can mean several different things. This letter can suggest that you feel like you are not good enough when related to your feelings. You are not living up to your full potential.

This letter can also stand for joy and energy.

In Roman numerals, D can also stand for 500.


Seeing daffodils in a dream is a good sign. These flowers stand for joy, energy, and inspiration. This could be a sign that you are about to start something new or go somewhere you have not been to before.

If you are giving the flowers to someone, then this can show that you care for this person, either romantically or not. However, this dream may suggest that the person does not care for you the same way you care for them.

See Flower* for further dream symbolism.



To see a dagger in your dreams can represent violent or otherwise primitive urges. This could suggest that you have pent up desires inside you that you don’t know how to express healthily.

This dream may also suggest that you feel threatened by something or someone in your dream. This could suggest that you have been acting defensively in your waking life.

A dagger can represent a penis because of its phallic shape.

See Weapon* for further dream symbolism.


Seeing dairy products in a dream is generally a sign of good luck to come shortly. Looking up the specific dairy product in your dream can provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Daisies can have very different meanings depending on their context in the dream. To see daisies in a field can predict happiness and joy to enter your life. This is a good sign. However, seeing many daisies in a vase or otherwise out of the ground is a sign of sadness. Something will distress or depress you shortly.

See Flower* for further dream symbolism.

Dalai Lama

Seeing the Dalai Lama can often be seen as a sign in your dreams. This sign is likely to tell you not to focus on the material things in this world but instead focus on your spiritual side, no matter what you believe in. This dream shows you that it is time to better your soul by good deeds, not buying whatever you can.


A dam can represent pent-up energy, desires, or potential that lies within you. You likely feel like you are meant to do more or like you should be doing more if you have a dream with a dam. This can suggest that you will be happier if you break out from your barriers and act on your desires, so long as your desires do not harm others.


To dream that you are damned in a dream is a warning sign. This dream predicts that you will fall into trouble if you do not watch out for yourself. It is best to avoid suspicious people during this time, or people who you don’t know very well.

This dream may also be suggesting that you are easy to manipulate. It is time to get better at protecting yourself from others. Only you can protect your feelings when it comes down to it.


Dancing in a dream can symbolize a relationship that you have with someone in your waking life. This relationship is more likely to be sexual or romantic than being about a friend or family member. This dream can indicate that you are getting closer to a person you are romantically interested in, and it may indicate that you are ready to have sex or do other sexual things with this person.

If the dancing in your dream is awkward or uncomfortable, this dream could tell you the opposite of the above decoding. This could be trying to tell you that you need to slow things down with your romantic partner so that you can be more comfortable with them. This may alternatively suggest that you are growing farther apart from them than to them.

This dream may alternatively suggest that you are in a transitional phase in your life. Things in your life will change, but the transition is not expected to be difficult for you. You will be able to move with the motions, just like real dancing.

Animals Dancing

To see animals dancing isn’t something that often happens in the waking world. To see this in a dream can suggest that you are okay with your sexual desires. You have come to terms with who you are attracted to and the sexual things you want to do with that person.

Scary Things Dancing

To see something scary dancing can sign that you are starting to accept the unknown in life. You may be becoming more comfortable with the idea of death, illness, or other uncomfortable things that are a part of life.

Dancing Instructor

To see a dancing instructor in your dream can suggest that you are ignoring your responsibilities to do something fun. It would help if you started focusing on the important tasks in life before you treat yourself. Don’t reward yourself if you haven’t done hard work to earn it.

See Dance/Dancing* for further dream symbolism.

Dance Class

To dream that you are in a dance class can suggest that you need to learn how to do something better to complete a task. This can represent learning a process or steps to do a job instead of learning steps to dance.

This dream could alternatively suggest that you are holding onto something too hard in your waking life. This could be anything from feelings of guilt to a relationship that didn’t work out. Letting go of this will help you to feel better.

See Dance* for further dream symbolism.


To see dandelions in a dream is a good sign! This dream predicts that joy and happiness dealing with your social life will change your life for the better.

See Flower* for further dream symbolism.


Having dandruff in a dream can suggest that you waste your energy on things you don’t need to do. This could alternatively suggest that your energy is being wasted on being stressed out about a situation. Try not to overthink this that have not happened yet. Anxiety has a way of tiring out people quickly.

This dream could suggest that you have low self-esteem, even if you do not actually have dandruff in your waking life.

See Hair* for further dream symbolism.


To feel like you are in danger can have two different meanings, depending on how you deal with the dangerous situation. If you are defeated by whatever danger is entering your dream, this can suggest that someone or something in your life is causing you to be annoyed or unproductive; this is likely to do with your workplace. To dream that you defeat the danger in your dream can predict that you will face some struggle at work or with your circle of friends, but you are sure to prevail and make it out to progress instead of falling behind because of it.


If you are dared to do something in a dream, then this can suggest that you feel like you need to make many compromises in your life. You may feel like you cannot do all of the things you want to do. You are likely to feel slightly uncomfortable because of this.

If you dare someone to do something in your dream, this could imply that you are too bossy with your friends or coworkers. Give these people some space, or let them make some of their decisions on their own.


To be in the darkness can suggest that bad luck will come your way. You should stay focused, not to stumble, and make clumsy mistakes at work or around your friends.

A dream in which you are surrounded by darkness can suggest that you are dealing too much with black-and-white thinking. This could be a way of your mind telling you to take a closer look at the things around you and to become more educated before you stick too firmly to an opinion. In the real world, things are rarely only black-and-white; gray areas are everywhere.

Darkness can represent a fear of the unknown or death. This can show that you are in trouble with these thoughts, which could be a sign of depression. If your head is clouded with fears or anxieties, then it is best to talk to someone about it.

See Black under Colors* for further dream symbolism.


Being in a darkroom in a dream can be a pun on the word “develop” since people use darkrooms to develop photos. This dream can suggest that you are waiting for something to happen, waiting for a plan to develop, or waiting for the right moment to make a move.


Dreaming of a dartboard is a sign that you need to get better at focusing your energies. Like playing darts, you need to focus on one point that you are trying to hit to have a better chance of actually hitting it. Do not let someone or something distract you on your way to accomplishing your goals.

This dream may alternatively suggest that you have pent-up anger that is directed at someone. This dream shows that you can either find a way to get healthily rid of your anger or become more direct with the person you are angry at to get rid of your negative energy that way.

Date (Calendar)

Seeing a date on a calendar does not hold much symbolism in itself, but it can be connected to other terms in your dream to give it more meaning. Seeing a date could imply that something important happened on that date in the past or that something important will happen on that date in the future.

Date (Food)

To see dates on a tree is a good sign. This can suggest that you are growing as a person and becoming prosperous shortly.

To see dates prepared and ready to be eaten can suggest that you or someone around you is letting greed get the better of them. It is best to cure yourself of this traitor avoid people who have this personality trait. If you do not, then distress will enter your life.

Date (Romantic)

To dream that you are on a romantic date can represent your feelings about your current relationship or your hopes for a future romantic relationship.

This dream may alternatively show the self-love that you have.

Other elements of the date will be able to provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Your daughter in a dream can represent your feelings about your actual daughter. Your daughter’s traits in your dream may be shown as traits that you wish your daughter would have, or the traits may display flaws that you see in your child. Either way, the daughter you see in your dream is a representation of your real-life daughter, not a prediction of what your daughter will become.

Seeing your daughter in a dream can imply that happiness will enter your life. If your daughter is misbehaving, then this suggests that disappointment will enter your life instead.

Mother Dreaming of a Daughter

When a mother dreams of seeing her daughter, this can represent the companionship that your daughter brings you. This could also relate to the responsibility that you feel you have for your daughter. A daughter is a mother’s dream and can also relate to her own youth and similar experiences when the mother was the daughter’s age.

Father Dreaming of a Daughter

For a father to dream of his daughter, this can relate to his hopes and dreams about his daughter. This can suggest struggles and difficulties with raising a daughter. The complications that arise and the joy that a daughter can bring are both implied with this dream.

See Family* for further dream symbolism.


Seeing your daughter-in-law in your dream is a representation of how you feel about your daughter-in-law in real life. The traits that she possesses in your dream are not likely to correlate with her personality in real life exactly. This dream shows what you think of your daughter-in-law. It is not likely to be a prediction of how she will act in the future.

This dream may alternatively suggest that some disturbance will break the peace in your life. You may find clues in other parts of your dream that can explain what will cause the disturbance.

See Family* for further dream symbolism.


Seeing the dawn of a new day in your dream can be a sign that you are about to enter a new phase in your life. You will be excited to make this change, as it will allow joy to fill your life. A dream in which you see the dawn is a good sign.

See Day* for further dream symbolism.


The daytime in a dream can represent how we feel when we first wake up. The mood of the dream could provide further hints. If you are in a bad mood in your dream, this could signify that you are not a morning person. If you are in a good mood, then this can suggest that you feel awake and ready to do things in the morning.

If the day is clear and sunny, then this dream can imply progress in your waking life. If the day is gloomy or overcast, then this can imply depression or disappointment in your ear future.


Dreaming of being inside a daycare suggests that you wish you could go back to a simpler time when you had fewer responsibilities to worry about.

The organization of the daycare can also have an impact on your dream meaning. If the daycare is peaceful, then this can be a sign that you wish that someone else would handle your life’s problems to relax. If the daycare is messy and loud, this could represent how you think your life is now or represent a certain issue in your life that you feel is too hectic for you to handle.

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