Horse and Pig Compatibility: Love, Relationship and Traits in Chinese Astrology

Are Horse and Pig compatible?

Horse and Pig Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Horse and Pig Chinese Compatibility: Years, Traits, Pros and Cons

From China’s ancient culture, the Chinese zodiac has been a part of the understanding and insight of people for centuries. Each lunar year, a new animal symbol represents the people who are born during that year. Those symbols have personality traits, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses similar to those who share their birth year.

Someone born outgoing and analytical will not share these same traits exactly with someone born in the next lunar year. There will be similarities and differences, which can affect two people’s compatibility, such as Horse and Pig lovers.

Some relationships are more compatible than others. Some people work well together, and some people work better on their own. Also, some people are very compatible when it comes to love.


It can be the difference between communicating well or arguing about every personality difference. The zodiac can give insight into how well a horse and pig marriage can last. So what is the love compatibility of someone born in the Year of the Horse with someone born in the Year of the Pig?

Horse and Pig Compatibility: Birth Years

Chinese Zodiac Sign Zodiac Position Most Recent Years
Horse 7th 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026..
Pig 12th 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031..

Horse Zodiac Compatibility Traits

The horse has long been known as a symbol of speed and strength. If you were born in the Year of the Horse, you have the energy to accomplish many things that you put your mind to. You could work well with your hands, but you may also work well in the office. One of your personality traits is your sense of charm and outgoing nature. You enjoy spending time with people, especially if their focus is on you. You are also ready to lead a group, often because you came up with the idea.

There are a few risks that you won’t take, and there are some that you shouldn’t have taken. You learned from those mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that you are less impulsive or spontaneous. You are convincing and stylish, and you are always looking for love and excitement. This is an aspect that would make things work for horses and pigs dating each other. However, once the excitement fades, you may move on to the next exciting thing if there is no connection holding you to that love.

Pig Zodiac Compatibility Traits

The pig is kind and giving, an aspect that would pave the way for a blissful horse and pig friendship. You love to see a smile on a person’s face because of something you did for them. As generous as you can be, some people believe that you are naive and too trusting of others. You enjoy quantity as well as quality. There is no problem getting a job done, but you will not rush to do it. Everything feels like it is going well for you because you don’t let anything bother you. You are also very romantic. It’s easy for you to fall in love, and it is certainly a feeling that you enjoy very much.

Horse and Pig Compatibility: Relationship

A Horse-pig couple can have a wonderful relationship based on their common interests. But that doesn’t mean that all is well every day. A relationship is based on two people. If you are focused more on how you feel together rather than establishing a connection to keep you together, the possibility of a long-term relationship is in jeopardy. It will take effort from both of you to make this connection stable enough for a long-term horse and pig relationship.

Horse with Pig Compatibility: Positive Traits

Sexual Compatibility

Horse and pig horoscope match may feel the physical connection almost instantly. The horse has charm and charisma, something that attracts Pig. You also have an energy that attracts people like a bug to alight. That energy is put to use when you find yourselves in intense passion, and it all happens so naturally for you two. Your sex life will be sensual and satisfying for sure.


Your common interests and similarities are the start of a wonderful horse with a big bond. You are both giving and love to be with people. Pig especially loves to make people happy, and Horse will enjoy being on the receiving end of that. Pig has great taste and does not settle for much less than the best. Also, the longer you are together, the more you learn to understand each other. This can deepen your connection so that it can develop into something more long term.

Where your differences come into play can help make your relationship more compatible. The horse can bring more energy into the Pig’s life and involve them in more activities together. It is still laid back enough to enjoy their carefree life, but they can share that they are not likely to do on their own. On the other hand, Pig can be more dependable than the horse and show them the benefits of being more calculated with their risks. It could be the benefits of safety, success, or finding horse pig love right in front of them.

Horse and Pig Compatibility: Negative Traits

Dating Compatibility

Horse & pig dating fall in love easily. The excitement of dating and the thrill of seduction can easily draw you two together. The problem comes in when the excitement starts to ease off a little. The horse may seem that the attraction is no longer for you and will carry on. You won’t have any regrets, but Pig may not see it coming, either. If you focus more on a physical relationship, you are not developing the connections that will stimulate you intellectually and adapt to your emotional differences.

Marriage Compatibility

If Horse wants to be the leader in a horse pig zodiac marriage relationship, you will be able to achieve that easily in your relationship with Pig. They may be naive and accepting, but it does not mean that you will always get your way. Also, once Pig is scorned, that kind and the generous side will go away, and the darker, vengeful side of Pig comes through. When your loyalty is broken, or you have been treated wrongly, that mistreatment will not go unnoticed. The pig may be trusting, but you are not ignorant.

Summary: Horse and Pig Compatibility

When the horse pig Chinese zodiac comes together, you are likely starting with fun and happiness. You may start as friends and get to know each other. You enjoy your time together, but you are not necessarily thinking of a long-term future right away. It may be a whirlwind relationship, but it doesn’t have to be. Your emotions will bring you together in more intimate ways, but you can also look at how complimentary your personalities are.

When you slow down and appreciate what your partner does for you, it can change your perspective on your horse & pig love compatibility relationship. If you focus more on yourself, you will not develop the connections that could mean a satisfying relationship. If you are Horse and moving on to another relationship when Pig feels betrayed, it can lead to more troubles than you thought were possible from the kind and generous individual. The relationship between Horse and Pig can go in either direction. It can depend on your place in your life, your maturity, or how you develop your connections with your partner.

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