Thunderstorm Dream: Meaning, Interpretation, and Symbolism

What does lightning represent in a dream?

Thunderstorm Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Lightning in dreams: what does thunder mean in a dream?

Have you ever noticed that when a thunderstorm is around, you feel that there is a meaning behind it? Many people who have a bad dream about a thunderstorm often think that there is some special meaning. I want to share some ways that you can use to know the meaning of seeing a thunderstorm in dream symbolism. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you.

Many people, when they have a terrible dream, often don’t understand the dream at all. However, if you are familiar with dream dictionaries and dream symbolism, you should know its meaning.

1. Thunder meaning in a dream

In the first place, a storm is just a sign that something is going to happen. Of course, this doesn’t always mean a bad thing but can also mean different things to different people. In the dream, it usually signifies that you will be struck by lightning or that something bad will happen to you. The bad thing about it is that no one can tell when it is going to happen.


2. Lightning in dreams, meaning

In the second place, when you are looking for the meaning of seeing thunderstorms in dream symbolism, you need to look at how they are handled in many types of dreams. Many people have dreams that deal with them being hit by lightning. But, they also have other kinds of dreams that deal with them taking a wrong turn or doing something bad for them. It depends on the type of dream that you have and how you handle it in your dreams.

3. Thunder dream meaning

The third way to find out the meaning of seeing a thunderstorm is to realize that dreams are different from waking life. When you wake up in the morning, you do not have a language that tells you what to do. You have to figure out the best that you can base on what is happening. When you sleep, there is less chance of getting it wrong. This is because you can feel more at ease and trust your body to do the right thing.

4. Lightning meaning in dreams 

The fourth way to learn the meaning of seeing a thunderstorm is to look at the definition of different things. For example, sometimes, a storm relates to a specific color. For example, a blue storm means that you have something good in your life. Other times, you may see a rainbow of colors when you have something suitable.

5. Spiritual meaning of thunder

The fifth way to get the meaning of seeing thunderstorms in dream symbolism is to imagine it happening. And, then talk to yourself about how wonderful it would be if it did. Maybe it was a great day, or perhaps it was a horrible day. Whatever the case, it can be an experience that helps you get through it.


Your dreams should tell you more than anything else. Just try to think about what could happen in your life if it happened. It might not be a bad thing, but it will make your experience better as time goes on.