Chase Dreams: Meaning And Its Significance In Life

What do chasing dreams mean?

Chase dream meaning

Meaning of chase dream and dream of being chased

Chase dreams are a common thing during sleep.  Well, such dreams can be terrifying. To understand the meaning of such dreams, you should consider factors such as who is chasing you and whether you are being chased or you are the chaser. The distance between you and the chaser also speaks a lot. After considering these factors, it will be easy for you to evaluate the chase dream‘s meaning.

The first automatic response to any threat is flight. A simple explanation of chase dreams is that you are trying to run away from your problems. However, the meaning of chase dreams goes beyond running away from your problems. In this article, we look at the implication of chase dreams in detail. Chase Dreams: Meaning And Its Significance In Life.

Remember the specific events of your chase dreams.

It is important to remember the events of your dreams. If you are the victim, it means that you are running away from your problems. If you are a chaser, then probably you are confronting your issues fearlessly. Do not ignore chase dreams because they will reoccur until you sort out your dreams’ root cause.


The journey to evaluating the meaning of your dream starts with writing down every detail concerning your dream. Once you have put it in writing, try and seek its significance from a dream dictionary.  The next thing to do is evaluate what has been going on in your life and what fears you are going through. Putting your worries down in writing will give you a hint on what the meaning of your dream could be.

Dreams have a strange way of sending messages to us. For instance, when chased by a murderer, monster, or even a killer dog that can easily overpower you, it can be translated that you are running away from your parents, your boss, or any of your superiors. The distance between you and your chaser also speaks a lot about your dream. The closer you are to your attacker means the more your threat is someone close to you. Alternatively, it means that you are not far away from finding the solution to your problem.

Evaluating chase dreams using the attacker

In some cases, you will find that you are chasing yourself in your dream. It means that you could be suicidal. Such a dream could be a manifestation that you hate some things about yourself.  Attributes such as greed, hot temper, or jealousy make you hate yourself hence. Such hate makes you hate yourself; hence chase dreams. It happens when the attacker possesses your specific qualities.

In a scenario where the attacker has a mask on, and you cannot see their face, it means that you have secrets, and you have fears that they may come to light. The chase, therefore, means that your secrets are quickly catching up with you. It is also essential to know the location of the event and the people around you during the event. It will help pinpoint where the problem could be. For instance, an attack at your home means that the problem is with your family.

A dream that you are chasing something

In a scenario where you are the chaser, it is essential to know what you are pursuing. Chasing something in a dream is a positive sign in your life. It merely shows over-ambition. Alternatively, chase dreams suggest that you are want to achieve your dreams, but you lack motivation. You fear that your age mates might have left you behind.

A dream where you are chasing something can also imply that you are trying too much. As much as it is good to work hard, doing too much to achieve your dreams could hurt health-wise. A perfect example is a case where you are trying to cut some weight. To do so, you end up skipping too many meals hence hurting your body instead of helping yourself.  Alternatively, it can also imply that your age mates have left you behind in terms of accomplishments, and you are trying your best to catch up with them.

Chasing dreams shows fear of the unknown.

Often chase dreams imply fear. Women are more likely to face this kind of dream compared to men. Well, the main reason for this fact is their vulnerability to attacks more than men. In any society, especially the urban center, the media magnifies sexual assault to the extent that women live in fear. The overemphasis by the press about these issues makes women live in constant fear.

Chase’s dreams can also occur to an unfaithful partner in marriage. What happens if the other partner discovers that you are cheating on them? The fear of the truth coming out is the reason for the chase dream in such a scenario. It could be the fear that the relationship with come to an end or the fear that the other partner will hurt them upon discovering the truth.

Chase dreams without meaning

It is important to note that not all chase dreams have a purpose or an implication in your life. If you watch a horror movie before bed, there is a high chance of coming across the film’s events in your dream. Such dreams are normal; therefore, they never put much concentration on such dreams.