Celebrity Dreams: Meaning, Interpretation and Dream Symbolism

What does it mean when you dream about a celebrity?

Celebrity Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Celebrity Dream Meaning and Interpretation

For years I’ve watched people yearn to feel something that doesn’t exist–feel something as though they are famous or like a famous person. But the best way to move forward is to see what is happening within yourself and the world around you, to see what you want, and then express it–no matter how difficult it may be to do so.

Visualize a Celebrity in a certain way

I’m aware of just how powerful a symbol you can create when you visualize a famous person in a certain way. For example, it doesn’t matter how many times you see a particular celebrity in your dream or how well you know them; if you think about it, there is something right about them. What you’re doing is creating a dream image that represents you.

Meaning of the Celebrity Dreams

To help you understand this, you need to know that your dreams aren’t just random impressions of other people. They represent you. When you consciously think about a dream and visualize it, you can create something from it. What you see in your goal isn’t just an image of some other thing–it’s your creation of that image.


In fact, in your dream, a famous person is only a “famous” part of yourself. In this case, you’re creating an image of a famous person, but by thinking about yourself and associating your personality with that celebrity, you create a “famous” identity.

And what does this have to do with your dream imagery?

The very fact that you associate your personality with a celebrity in your dream means that you want to live up to that image and that you want to live up to the famous image.

The fact that you create an image of a celebrity in your dream means that you are mostly trying to imitate that celebrity. You see yourself as that celebrity, and you are trying to duplicate the image of that celebrity in your own life–whether it’s through your actions or your thoughts.

If you find that you’re not satisfied with the way you are, you probably want to feel as though you’re a famous person–and that’s how you’ll remember your dream. So, you will wake up, even if you aren’t one.

Dreaming symbolism of the famous image

But that famous image and your personal history are not all that important for dreaming symbolism as long as you understand that you are creating your dreams rather than following someone else’s dream. Then you’ll be able to put a lot more meaning into them. And hopefully, you’ll be able to change the things you do that are bothering you, even if they don’t have a personal meaning.

I notice in my dreams that I have a deep connection to a famous person–and this person can take care of me in a unique way. Because of this connection, I’m able to “be” this person in my dreams.

This connection between myself and a famous person often means that I get involved in projects for him/her, and I give my support in important areas. So in a way, I am a famous person, and I am also connected to him/her.

Final Thoughts

I’ve often dreamed about giving out messages that make me famous–and at first, I was not sure whether this would work or whether people would even respond to my word. But I soon found that it made sense that I would be famous because of the connection I’ve built with a famous person–and that people would try to be a part of it in their dreams.

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