Lucky Number: 7 Ways To Find Your Lucky Numbers

How can I find my lucky numbers?

Find Your Lucky Numbers
7 Ways To Find Your Lucky Numbers

Know How To Find Your Lucky Numbers

Many people ask whether some numbers are considered lucky and others unlucky. However, there are no lucky or unlucky numbers as such. The number that may be lucky for you may be unlucky for someone else. It all depends on the number that governs you. However, some people, in the past considered some numbers as unlucky. A good example is the Romans who believed that even numbers are unlucky.

Numbers are the language through which the universe communicates as per the mathematicians. The numbers in your life, so the numerologists say, define what you do and who you are.

Knowing your lucky number goes a long way to improving your life. It will help you gain a deeper understanding of your life. Your lucky number can represent the day you will finally meet your better half, the day you win the lottery, the day you get that job or even a promotion, or even the day you will be called a dad or mum. Irrespective of the meaning of the number, you consider lucky, it is a good thing to know them and their significance. With this in mind, there are various ways to find that lucky number. Here are the top seven ways to find your lucky number.


Find your expression number

This is also known as the destiny number. The number highlights your innate talents and shortcomings or imperfections. Unlike the life path number, which shows you the path on which you walk, the expression number shows you the characters and favors of your steps.  You calculate your expression number using your name since it represents the inheritance of your personal history since your birth.

Each number from 1 to 9 represents various alphabets as shown in the chart below.


To calculate the expression number write down your full name, say George Walker Bush:

  • Place each numerical value below each letter of your name using the chart above.
  • Add the numbers of each name and reduce them to a single-digit
    • George =7+5+6+9+7+5 = 39= 3+9 =12=1+2 =3
    • Walker = 5+1+3+2+5+9=25=2+5=7
    • Bush = 2+3+1+8=14=1+4=5
  • Finally, add the three digits from the three names, and then reduce them to a single digit.
    • 3+7+5=15=1+5 =6
  • The final single digit represents your expression number (In this case, Bush’s expression number is 6).

However, if the numbers from the three names add up to a master number, that is 11, 22, and 33, don’t reduce to a single digit.

Find your life path number

This is considered the most important number while finding your lucky numbers. The number shows the path you will take in life and the events or themes that will shape that path. It shows the challenges you will face, the lessons you will learn, and the opportunities you will have. Deviating from the path is your choice; however, choosing to follow the path as stipulated by this number is the best choice of your life.

You calculate your life path number using your birth date. For instance, Bush’s date of birth is July 6, 1946. You simply add the numbers in your birth date until you get a single digit. However, you do not add all the numbers in one fell swoop.

This is how you do it by example:

  • Month: 7 =7
  • Day: 6 =6
  • Year: 1946 = 1+9+4+6= 20 = 2+0= 2
  • 7+6+2=15= 1+5 = 6

The life path number for George Walker Bush is 6.

Find your personality number

How do you interact with the world? Your personality number will show exactly how. It shows that part of you that you feel free to share with others. It is your way of filtering experiences and people out of your life using internal behavior. Therefore, it highlights what others find easy to observe in you after a brief encounter.

You calculate your personality number using the consonants of your full name. Use the chart you used to calculate your expression number, but use only the consonants in your name. So, for George Walker Bush the consonants are G, R, G, W, L, K, R, B, S, and H.

  • G, R, G = 7+9+7 =23 =2+3 =5
  • W, L, K, R = 5+3+2+9 = 19 = 9+1=10 = 1+0 =1
  • B, S, H =2+1+8=11
  • 5+1+11=17=7+1=8

Bush’s personality number is equal to 8.

Find the desire of your heart

The desire of your heart represents your deepest sense of purpose. And, you use the vowels in your full name to calculate this number. The heart’s desire number is also known as the motivation number or the soul’s urge and may help you understand what fires up your true inner self. It is exactly what you want to be in life, what you wish to have and accomplish.

To calculate your heart’s desired number, take the vowels in your full birth name. In the case of George Walker Bush, the vowels in his name are EOE AE U.

EOE = 5+6+5 =16=1+6=7

AE =1+5=6

U =3=3


George Walker Bush’s heart’s desire number is 7.

Birthday Number

Your birthday is significant; not only in signifying the day, you were born, but also in determining your luck. However, the birthday number will not influence you as much as the other four numbers will. Despite this, the number is still considered as the core. The birthday number is a representation of a talent or gift that will assist you in the course of your life path.

Determining your birthday number requires no calculation. It is simply the date you were born, for instance, for the 5th, 21st, and 30th the birthday numbers are 5, 21, and 30. Therefore, while determining your birthday number, you do not reduce the numbers to a single digit like in the other core numbers.

Deduce Basic Number traits

Calculating your lucky number using the mentioned five ways, does not end up getting the numbers. You need to deduce their meaning. Lucky numbers calculated from the methods above have a definite meaning. You need to search for the meaning of each number.

Using Feng Shui to find your lucky number

When finding your lucky numbers using Feng Shui, the number you need to discover is referred to as the Kua number. Your birth year, as well as your gender, determines your Kua number. Therefore, to calculate this lucky number, take the last two digits of your year of birth add them together then reduce them to a single digit. For a man, subtract the number from ten and for a woman add five to the number. If the numbers add up to a double digit, reduce them to a single digit by adding them together.

For instance, for Bush, take the last two digits 46. Add them (4+6=10). Reduce the number to a single digit to get 1, then add 10 to get 11. Reduce 11 to a single digit to get 2.

Remember, if Bush were a female, the result would be one plus five to get 6.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is, that knowing your lucky numbers will help you improve your life. Use the mentioned methods to determine your lucky numbers.

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