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Dream Analysis of P words: Page 6 – Plants to Pope

Dream Dictionary of P words - Page 6

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with P

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Plants – Seeing Plants in my dreams

In general, plants represent the growth, development, potential, and fertility of the mind and body. Seeing healthy plants in your dream suggests that you are full of potential and that your mind and body are ready to grow. All you need to do is start to make the change that will allow this to happen. Seeing a dying or dead plant suggests that you still have potential but that you need to gain the motivation to get started on something that will allow you to grow.

Seeing an indoor plant suggests that you are stopping yourself from growing for some reason. You need to get in a more productive environment if you expect to grow and change for the better.

Looking up the specific plant that was in your dream can also provide you with further dream symbolism.


Putting up plaster, or seeing someone else do this, suggests that you can afford to take care of yourself but that this is also a bad time to splurge on things you don’t need.

Seeing fresh plaster on a wall predicts that you will have short-lived success shortly.

If plaster falls on top of you, then this predicts disaster and disappointment in the workplace shortly.



Seeing something made out of plastic suggests that you haven’t been acting like yourself, and others are likely starting to get a false impression of who you really are. Now is the time to start acting like yourself.

If the dream has an especially positive feeling, then this can imply that you are mentally highly flexible. This is a good trait to have.

Looking up the plastic item in your dream can also provide you with further dream symbolism.



Dreaming of plates suggests that you need to learn how to budget better to save ahead for the future. If you do not have enough money to save, this could also suggest that you need to budget better to live comfortably.



Seeing or being in a plateau in your dream can suggest that your life has plateaued in your waking life. You may feel like you are in a rut. This is a sign that you need to try new things or go to new places so that you can add more excitement to your waking life.



Seeing anything made out of platinum in your dream suggests that you want the finer things in life. This signifies that you can get the things you want, so long as you work for them. The more determined you are, the more likely you are to complete your goals.

This dream could alternatively suggest that you are acting coldly in your waking life. If you do not change your attitude, then you are sure to lose friends.



Going to a play with a friend or loved one in your dream predicts good luck in love.

If you cannot be seated or have a hard time leaving the theater, this instead predicts bad luck in your social life. You are likely to have to face something unpleasant shortly.


Dreaming of using a plow suggests that you will become successful in something that you would never have thought you would succeed in. Accomplishing this task is sure to bring enjoyment to your day.

Dreaming that you are plowing predicts that you will gain something shortly, which will increase your joy because of it.

Seeing someone else plowing suggests that good friends and loyal partners surround you. Your social life is likely to stay like this for a while.



Seeing a plugin, your dream represents all of the energy that you hold within yourself. Of course, plugs only work once they are plugged in. In the same way, your energy is only useful if you do something with it. Don’t let this energy go to waste!

Seeing a plug can alternatively suggest that you need to get “plugged” into some information. This could suggest that new developments in your waking life pass you by without your even noticing it. Pay attention to the world around you!



Seeing unripened plums (unless they are on trees) implies that you are uncomfortable with something happening in your waking life. However, ripe plums predict joy to come in your near future, but it will not last for long.

Eating plums predict that your social life will flourish. If you have been thinking about making a new friend or starting a new romance, now is the time to do it.

Picking plums off of trees predicts that you will get something you have wished for, but it will not be as great as you expected. If you pick gross plums off the ground, you will admit that something was not as good as you expected, which may depress you.

See Fruit* for further dream symbolism.


Seeing a plumber in your dream suggests that you have an emotional issue that you need to deal with. Some negative emotions are clogging you up, and you need to learn how to deal with these emotions healthily.

If you are not doing plumbing work yourself, then this could suggest that you need to talk to a friend about your emotional problems. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.



Dreaming of a pocket in any piece of clothing implies that bad people are working against you somehow. Make sure to watch out for these people. This is not a good time to trust people easily.



Standing behind a podium in your dream suggests that now is a good time to say something you have been thinking about for a while. Get out your message while you still have the courage to do so. Even if you don’t know the perfect way to say what you need to, the most important thing is that you say it at all.

Standing at a podium could imply that you are an important person or see yourself that way. Others look up to you, so make sure to be a good example for them.


Reading or hearing poetry in your dream suggests that you are an idealist or a romantic. This could suggest that you have creativity within you that needs to be let out somehow, or that you need to communicate something with someone, and you need to do this creatively.



Seeing a point on something in your waking life can imply that there is something important in your waking life that you need to start to pay attention to.

This dream may also imply that something is going on that you don’t understand but should be able to. This dream is trying to tell you to get the “point” of whatever the issue is. Trying to look at your issue from another angle may be able to help you to understand it.



Pointing at something in your dream is a sign that you need to pay more attention to whatever or whoever you are pointing at, or what you are pointing at may represent. If you are confused about why you would be pointing at something, look it up in this dream dictionary for further dream symbolism.

If someone is pointing at you, then this can suggest that you have done something wrong recently, and you are feeling guilty because of it. You are likely to continue to feel this way until you right the wrong you have made.


If you are poisoned in your dream, this suggests that you are letting yourself be influenced by people’s wrong sort. Try to break away from their influence before they start to ruin you. However, if you can heal from the poison, this suggests that you will break away from this influence and become better off for it.

Seeing other poisoned people (if you did not poison them) predicts that you will be hurt or sickened somehow, but you will not be sure how it happened once you notice the injury.

Dreaming that you are poisoning someone else suggests that you are letting negative thoughts take over the good thoughts in your mind. It would help if you found a healthy way to express your anger to not manifest in such a violent way in your waking life.

Having poison, or seeing someone having it but not using it, suggests that unpleasant things and people are all around you, and you need to do your best to make sure that they don’t get you down.



Getting poked in a dream is a sign that you need to pay more attention to something going on in your waking life. You need to focus more on the world around you and your goals. Stay on track so that others don’t need to remind you what to do.



Playing poker implies that bad people are around you. They may tempt you into violence or anger, but you must resist the best that you can. If you are playing poker with people who you actually know, you should watch out for these same people in your waking life.

Polar Bear

Polar bears represent cunning and deceit. Seeing this animal in your dream suggests that bad luck is in your near future. It is best to watch out for people who disguise themselves as friends but who have also done things to hurt you in the past. Now is also a good time to watch out for both old and new enemies.

Seeing the skin of a polar bear suggests that you will be able to overcome these people and be better off for it.

See Animal* for further dream symbolism.



Since poles are usually sturdy and tall, they represent strength and stability. This dream could suggest that you need to find someone or something that can help you to become strong and sturdy in your waking life.

Since poles are also a phallic shape, seeing one can also represent your sex life. Is it tall, short, thin, or thick? The bigger the pole, the better your sex life likely is.


Pole Dancer/Dancing

Dreaming that you are a pole dancer suggests that you either have found a healthy way to express your sexuality freely, or it can instead suggest that you need to find a way to do this. The more expressive you are in your dancing, the more expressive you likely are with your sexuality.

Since poles also represent a certain male organ, this dream could suggest that you either have a good handle on being with/finding a man (if you are a good pole dancer) or the opposite (if you are a poor pole dancer).


Seeing the police in your dream suggests that you are anxious about something in your waking life. This likely has to do with your social life.

If the police arrest you, this could suggest that you will have bad luck shortly, but this bad luck will be related to something bad. If you are innocent when arrested, then this suggests that you need to work harder to overcome your enemies to not succeed in ruining your reputation.



Polishing something in your dream is a sign that your hard work is about to pay off. Be ready to get your reward!



If you are a politician in your dream, then this suggests that you behave in a way that will cause you to lose friends if you do not change your actions or attitude. If you are giving a speech or attending some other event, this suggests that it is most likely a misunderstanding that will hurt your friendships.

Seeing a politician in your dream suggests that you need to watch out for people who may wish to do you harm. Sly-talkers are the most likely people to cause you harm.



Dancing to polka music in your dream predicts that happiness will enter your life shortly.

See Music* for further dream symbolism.



Seeing pollution in any form in your dream is a sign that you need to clean up certain areas of your life. This most often has to deal with cleaning up negative thoughts or hurtful language.



Dreaming of being involved with a polygamous relationship suggests that you are facing complicated sexual issues. You may want to try new things or feel like you are dealing with too many sexual things. Use your real-life experience to determine which of these meanings fit your life.



Seeing pomegranates in a dream implies that you are hungry for more wisdom. Now is a good time to learn more about something you are interested in or start a hobby.

Eating this fruit predicts that you will fall for the charms of someone else. Eating a fruit that your partner gives you is a sign that you will be romantically interested in others, but you will stay loyal to your partner.

See Fruit*  for further dream symbolism.



Seeing a clear pond in your dream suggests that events will pass without much actual effect on your life. You are not likely to have an emotional response to these events. However, if you see a muddy pond, then this predicts that you will have arguments at home, which will affect you.

See Water* for further dream symbolism.



Seeing a pony in your dream suggests that now is a good time to look into the subjects you are curious about. You are likely to find answers to the questions that you have been wondering about.

See Horse and Animal* for further dream symbolism.


Pool (Game)

Playing pool or seeing pool players in your dream is a sign that you should try to make some new friends, instead of just hanging around with your old friends all of the time.

See Games* for further dream symbolism.


Pool (Water)

Seeing a small pool not used for swimming predicts that you will have good luck in love. The opposite is predicted if the water in the pool is muddy.

Seeing a swimming pool suggests that you are surrounded by great friends who are sure to help you out when you need it. However, the opposite is suggested if the pool is dirty or if you have a bad time while swimming in the pool.

See Swim and Water* for further dream symbolism.



Dreaming that you or someone you know in real life if poor suggests that you are worried about actual financial or social issues you are having in your waking life. Try to ease some of these burdens in your waking life, and then they will likely resolve in your dreams as well.



Seeing the Pope in your dream predicts that your service will be needed shortly. This is likely to be volunteer work, not something that you will get paid for. You will likely be under someone else’s control, not working for yourself as well.

If you actually talk to the Pope, this suggests that you are acting remarkably. If you keep up these actions, then you are sure to be rewarded for them. However, if the Pope is sad or upset with you, then this suggests that you need to change your ways or else you will be punished.

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