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G – Seeing the letter G in dreams

Since “G” can be slang for $1000, this dream can suggest that your mind is occupied with thoughts about money. The $1000 amount that it symbolizes does not mean anything important when it comes to dreaming symbolism.


To dream that you are gagging or being gagged can suggest that you need to say something in your waking life, but you cannot figure out how to get the words out. If you are being gagged in this dream, this can imply that someone is stopping you, otherwise not encouraging you, to say what is on your mind. Try to find a way to let out your words.



If you are at a gala in a dream, this can imply that you are at a good place in your waking life. Something that happened recently that is worth celebrating. Take some time to rejoice in this event and enjoy the company of others.



Seeing the galaxy can imply that you have creative potential waiting inside of yourself. It is time to release this creative energy so that you can become a more fulfilled person. You have unlimited potential for creative power, don’t waste it.
This dream term can alternatively suggest that you are starting to realize how big the universe really is. You can see the big picture easily and work on making it a reality. This broader knowledge of what is around you could also work as artistic inspiration.



To dream that you are caught in a gale can suggest that you are becoming stressed out because of something going on in your waking life, most likely having to do with your business or financial aspects of life. It is best to try to find a way to be more relaxed, or else you are likely to get caught in this emotional storm.

See Wind* for further dream symbolism.


Gall Bladder

Dreaming that you are focusing on your gall bladder can suggest that you have too much negative energy built up within yourself. It would help if you found a way to release this energy to become a happier person. Don’t let the little things bother you. Try to let go, relax, and live life in a more emotionally productive way.

Dreaming of your gall bladder could suggest that you feel guilty about something that has happened recently in your waking life. This dream is a sign that you should stop feeling this way if you want to feel better about yourself.

See Body* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are about to be hanged can suggest that you are surrounded by people who wish to do you either physical or social harm. If you do not watch out for these people, then you are likely to be punished in some way for it.

Seeing that one of your friends is being hanged can predict that your friend will get into some trouble that will also affect you negatively. It is best to be prepared for this.

Seeing someone you do not like getting hanged can suggest that you will rise above your enemies to become a better person somehow. You will end up with the upper hand.

To escape from the gallows, or save someone from them, can predict that your near future will be filled with success and rewards.

See Execution* for further dream symbolism.


To dream that you are gambling can suggest that you have been acting too rashly recently; if this does not sound like you, see the following meaning for this term. You need to stop gambling with your own actions and take responsibility for your actions instead. Others likely depend on you, and you need to try not to let them down.

If you are not an impulsive person, this dream suggests that you should be a little more impulsive. Take a risk every once in a while to liven up your life.

See Game* for further dream symbolism.


Game (Board, Card, Sports, Etc.)

Playing any game can represent how you look at anything that could be competitive or represent your competitive nature in general. There is likely something going on in the waking life that makes you feel like you are competing with someone else.

In general, winning a game can suggest that you are confident and likely to succeed in your competition. To dream that you lose the game or are intimidated by your opponents, you can imply that you are nervous about the competition or are not likely to succeed.

Board Game

To dream that you are playing a board game can suggest that you need to use logic to succeed in your challenge in your waking life.

Card Game or Gambling

To dream that you are playing cards for fun, see Cards* for proper dream symbolism. If you are gambling, no matter what the game is,  then this can suggest that you are taking a risk in your waking life. If you win the bet, then this a good sign. If you lose, then this is a sign that now is a bad time to take risks. See Gambling* for further dream symbolism.


Playing sports in a dream has to do with the basic dream meaning for games. Looking up the sport that you were playing will be able to provide you with sport-specific dream symbolism.

Game (Hunting)

To dream of hunting for the game can suggest that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top of your field. This could include taking advantage of others if you need to. If you are hunting but do not kill the game, this can suggest that you are still willing to do whatever you need to succeed but that you are likely to fail if you harm others.

Looking up the animal you were hunting can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Game Show

If you are on a game show in your dream, this could suggest that you need to change something that you think. You are likely feeling uncomfortable about something, and you are the only one who can either fix this issue or your way of thinking to resolve the discomfort.

Try to find ways that the game show correlates with your life. These similarities or differences may shed some light on what makes you so uncomfortable in your waking life.


To dream that you are in a gang can suggest that you need to gain a sense of community if you are a happier or more productive person. However, this dream warns you to become more productive by threatening or otherwise making others feel uncomfortable.

If a gang tries to harm you in your dream, this can suggest that something is going on in your waking life, causing you extreme amounts of stress. Try to find a way to reduce your responsibilities or relax a little to reduce your stress levels.



To dream that you or someone else has gangrene is a bad sign. This predicts illness or death within the family, likely having to do with the person, or who they represent, who has gangrene in your dream.



To see that there is a gap in something in your dream can suggest that you are missing something in your waking life. This could be something physical that you are missing or something that you cannot realize for some reason. Looking up what there is a gap in will be able to provide you with additional dream symbolism.


Your Garage

Being in your own garage changes meaning depending on how you actually feel about your garage or what you use it for. For example, if you use it for your car only, then this could represent independence. If you store boxes in it, then this could suggest that you feel like your mind is cluttered. For this reason, a garage means something different to every person. Look up what is in your garage in your waking life or your dream for additional symbolism.

Mechanic’s Garage

To be in a mechanic’s garage can suggest that some part of your life needs repairs. Looking up the car part that needs repair, if there is one, could provide you with a hint as to which aspect of your waking life needs to be fixed.

See Car* for further dream symbolism.


Garage Sale

To be at a garage sale, or to be hosting a garage sale, can imply that you have been reusing things that you have learned in other aspects of your life and that you are not applying them to current events going on in your life. You are recycling old ideas and possibly mixing them with the new ones.

This dream could also imply that you have recently learned a lesson, and you will be sure not to repeat your mistake in the future.


Garbage / Garbage Can

To dream of garbage can suggest that you have ideas in your mind or experiences that you have gained in the past that are no longer important. It is time to throw away these old ways of thinking so that you can make way for the new, more important knowledge.

This dream can alternatively suggest that there is some part of yourself that you no longer like. This dream could suggest that it is time to get rid of this personality trait to make way for better ones. Use this time to improve yourself instead of pitying yourself.

To see garbage covering everything in piles can suggest that you have done something unfavorable in the recent past. This dream is trying to tell you to clean up your act. It is best to do this unless you are willing to let your reputation suffer.



A garden is literally a piece of nature that human controls. For this reason, a garden can represent your sphere of influence. Looking up what is in the garden, the plants, rocks, or decorations, can provide clues as to all of the different things you affect in your waking life.

A garden can also represent your pent up creativity and potential. You have opportunities to make your life better in one way or another. Ensure that you do not pass up these opportunities, or else your life is not likely to advance soon.

The Look of the Garden

If the garden is beautiful, then this can suggest that you are happy with your waking life. You are proud of what you have accomplished, and now it is time to sit back and look at what you have created.

To dream that the garden is full of weeds can suggest that some part of your personality needs to be pruned. Try to improve your personality. If you do this, then you are sure to raise your reputation.

Looking up the shape of the garden and its decorations can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.

Flower Garden

To see a flower garden can suggest that you are at peace in your waking life. This is a good sign.

Looking up the types of flowers growing in the garden (or Flowers*) can provide you with additional dream symbolism.

Vegetable Garden

To walk through a vegetable garden can be a sign of bad luck to come into the business in your near future.

Looking up the type of plants that were growing can also provide you with additional dream symbolism.



To dream that you are gardening can suggest that you have goals that you are struggling to complete either at work on with your hobbies. Try to compare your garden in your dream to the issues you are having at work or in your hobby. If there is a similarity, look this up, and it may be able to provide you with clues as to how to deal with your problem in your waking life.

See Garden* for further dream symbolism.



Seeing a gargoyle in a dream can suggest that you are confusing your morals in your waking life. It would help if you got your priorities straight so that you can get back to what really matters the most to you. Don’t let your worst nature come out.



A garland can represent connections. A garland can be made of many things, but these things are always connected. This could suggest that it’s time to reconnect with old friends or hobbies. Looking up what the garland is made of could provide you with hints about what you need to reconnect within your waking life.



To see garlic growing can predict that you will have good luck shortly, likely having to do with your business life.

If you eat garlic in your dream, then this can suggest that you need to get a more realistic view of the world around you. Try to lower your expectations and aim for more attainable goals. If you do this, then you are likely to become a more productive and successful person.



If a man dreams of a woman’s garter, then this can suggest that there is something wrong with his romantic relationship in his waking life. His partner may be interested in another man or wish something different about her current partner.

A woman to dream of wearing or seeing garters can suggest that she sees herself in a more sexualized light. This could make her partner jealous of how other men act towards her, or it could be her self-confidence raise.



The Garuda is a large bird or bird-human hybrid creature that has a place in Hinduism and Buddhism. Seeing this creature can suggest that you have either gained mastery (or you need to gain mastery) over your emotions, both rational and passionate ones. The mood of the dream can determine this.

See Bird* or Creature* for further dream symbolism.

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