Abuse Dream Meaning, Interpretation, and Symbolism

What does it mean to be mistreated in a dream?

Abuse Dream Meaning
Abuse Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Learn about Abuse or Mistreatment Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Abuse dream foreshadows the dark side of your life that you need to reveal to be set free from the fears you are going through. In other words, you are dreaming of revealing some hidden secrets that you have hidden for a long time. Sharing your secrets will give you a break from all the things that you have been going through.

To dream of any abuse represents some hostile reaction that someone is going through in life. One of the things that bring such dreams is rape. You need a guide to motivate everyone who goes through such things to avoid bad thoughts.


If, in any case, you were abused in your dreams, then it might be a sign that you need to speak about your past to someone. It is a dream directing you to set yourself free from any regrets that you have and live a happy life.

On the other hand, an abusive dream foretells a feeling you have that seems to be too harsh or even overcompensated. So, it is a dream that makes you confront your past with someone who will understand you better.

Abuse Dream Interpretation

Abuse dream analysis indicates that when you dream about verbal or physical abuse, you will face victimization on some arising matters. In some other cases, someone is about to take advantage of your innocence.

Dreaming that you are abusing someone is an indication that some things you did in life are haunting you. In this case, you need to seek advice from a professional psychiatrist, and you will avoid falling under those repercussions again.

Seeing children being abused in your dream means that you are in a position where you can take control of a particular situation. Besides, the dream suggests that you have no otherwise but to deal with the situation head-on.

Abuse Dream Symbolism

Seemingly, dream abuse shows that you are becoming powerless or your self-control is fading away. This can be a sign of an unhealthy relationship and the power you lack to control your dying marriage. That can be something that will affect you emotionally or even psychologically.

The meaning of abuse in your dream relates to the frustrations that you go through because you feel you are unfortunate in all your affairs. That can be a sign of desperation or a kind of stress.

Also, when you witness any form of mistreatment in your dream shows that you are about to help someone desperate in life. In other words, that particular sign wants you to be watchful and help those who are in need.

Final Analysis and Conclusion of Abuse Dream

Abuse dream means that when you go against someone in your dream, you are trying to caution yourself on what will happen in the end. Sometimes you have to help one another, especially when they are your friends.

In summation, do not betray your one true friend for any personal gain because it will haunt you for a lifetime as per the dream of mistreatment. Can you think of any similar situation you have been through? If not, then it is time to watch your steps.


According to dream abuse, something is haunting you, especially when you can identify the person or the thing abusing you in your dream.

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