Angel Number 389 Meaning and Significance – 389 Angel Number

What does Angel Number 389 Signify?

Angel Number 389 Meaning

Angel Number 389: Conclusion of Old Chapters

New beginnings are the symbolic meaning of angel number 389. Additionally, this number is also associated with optimism, courage, forgiveness, competence, and determination. Your guardian angel is urging you that the time has come for you to forgive yourself and others. In other words, you should let go of the bitterness you have been holding inside. This might be because of something bad you have done or that someone did to you. Instead, use your courage to face your challenges. In the end, you shall have peace of mind and become more productive in your daily endeavors.

Why Do You keep on Seeing 389 Everywhere?

It means it is time for you to mend relationships. There is that one friend you have not spoken to in years. It is now time to forgive that person and make amends. Your new chapters in life will only come true once past experiences are forgiven.

Facts About 389 Angel Number

There are facts about 389 that you should not ignore. They are very important in your life.

What does 389 mean spiritually?

Angel number 9 usually relates to your spiritual being. It encourages you to focus on your spirituality. Also, it urges you to live a positive life. Others need to look up to you. Biblical Meaning of this number

What is the 389 biblical meaning?

The bible speaks of forgiving one another. Also, it encourages us to ask for forgiveness for our mistakes. In the same way, when seeing 389 everywhere, it means you need to forgive someone. Also, it means it is time for you to forgive and forget. The only way for you to move forward is by forgetting the past. Instead, you should focus on what the future holds for you. In this case, your guardian angel predicts a bright future with many rewards.

Real Angel Number 389 Meaning: Open the Door to New Beginnings

There are things that you should know about 389 meaning that will guide you in your life. Your guardian angel cares about you. Therefore sending you messages with many meanings.

Wealth & Abundance

The next time when you see $38.9, know that your financial struggles are coming to an end. Instead, angel umber 8 assures you that you are about to acquire lots of wealth. In addition to that, it also encourages you that you will be more self-confident and a giver.


Be bitter no more, forgive instead. This is a message from angel number 3.

Moving Forward

The new chapters in your life come when the old chapter closes. Therefore, angel number 8 wants you to resolve past situations and forget. Make amends with your loved ones and create a new relationship. This way, you shall be happy and peaceful.

Summary: 389 Meaning

Having gone through this article, what does it mean when you see the 389? Angel number 389 is communicating to you about a new chapter in your life that is just about to begin. Therefore, your previous chapters are coming to a conclusion. Embrace this new chapter, for it brings you good things. Do you want to quit your job? then the time has come. Or perhaps you think there is a relationship you need to end? Well, go ahead for your guardian angel, considers it a wise decision.


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