Dream Dictionary Q: Dream Interpretation of Symbols Starting with Q

Dream Analysis of Q words: Q to Quoits

Dream Dictionary of Q words

Meaning of Dreams: Words beginning with Q

Q – Seeing letter Q in my dream

Seeing the letter Q in your dream is a pun on the word “cue.” This suggests that you need to wait for a sign before you act.



The sound of a duck in a dream symbolizes imitation, or that someone is trying to take credit for someone else’s work or ideas.

See Duck* for further dream symbolism.


Quack Doctor

Seeing a Quack Doctor in a dream may be a literal sign to get a second opinion on your doctor or that an “illness” that you are worried about is not as severe as you think. A more figurative interpretation may suggest that someone else in your life may not really be who or what they say they are.


Quack Medicine

Using phoney medicine in a dream could mean that you are not handling something correctly in real life. Reading about Quack Medicine may mean that that you have recently received poor advice.



A woman dreaming of performing this dance may be able to expect happiness and possibly marriage in the near future. A man who dreams of performing this dance may expect popularity with women and profitable business ventures. If either a man or a woman dreams of seeing other people perform this dance, it may mean that the dreamer is not taking an active enough part in their love life.

See Dance* for further dream symbolism.



Quadruplets symbolize wholeness or completion. Often they will be seen after or near the completion of a great feat.



Dreaming about sinking in a bog may denote physical illness, or an over-abundance of stress, and not enough creativity. To be certain, consider other aspects of the dream, as well as aspects of the dreamer’s life.



Live Quail birds are signs of good luck, while dead Quail birds are a sign of bad luck. A quail dying or being killed may mean that good luck or a healthy relationship is about to turn sour. Eating Quail may be a sign that you are abusing your good fortunes and should consider being more careful with your wealth.


Quakers in dreams are generally signs of honesty and prosperity through honest work. To understand the significance of the Quaker in the dream, consider the dreamer’s relationship with the Quaker.


Quarantine – Seeing myself in Quarantine in my dreams

Finding yourself in Quarantine in your dream is often a sign that you are in a hopeless situation, perhaps due to someone that you thought had your best interests at heart. If someone you know is in Quarantine, it could mean that that person needs your help but is unable or unwilling to ask for it.



Dreams about Quarrels have meanings that are often fairly straightforward. Instead of focusing on the Quarrel, consider who were involved, and what the Quarrel was over.



A busy Quarry can be a sign of profit while an empty Quarry can be a sign of economic, or even physical danger. More Figuratively, a Quarry can represent a hole in your life, as after the end of a relationship, the death of a loved one, &c.


Seeing a Quarter in a dream may be a sign of wealth as a Quarter is a form of money, or it may be a sign of incompleteness and longing because a Quarter is a fourth of a dollar, and the number four often symbolizes completeness. Consider other aspects of the dream, including how you felt in the dream and upon waking, for a more complete understanding of the Quarter’s meaning,



To join or be a member of a quartet is a sign of having friends or good times. Hearing a Quartet  in the background usually suggests that you will have high aspirations. Being unable to join a quartet may mean that a job under consideration is too big, and may not go well, or at least needs more work than at first expected.



Quartz in a dream often symbolizes rigidity. This can be a sign of strength or a sign of undue stubbornness.



This dream symbol can be taken literally, to mean that the dreamer may soon take a long voyage, or figuratively to mean that the dreamer is “moving forward” or “Going Places”. The boats in a Quay may symbolize aspirations of the dreamer. If many are docked, it may symbol success and opportunity. If the area is congested and boats seem confused, it may mean that the dreamer has too much going on, and may need to drop some projects to have success in others.

See Dock* for further dream symbolism.

Queen / Queen of Hearts

Dreaming that you are a queen is often a sign of power, while dreaming that you are the Queen of Hearts may mean that you think too highly of yourself, and need to take more note of other people’s opinions. The Queen also often represents a mother figure. If there is a Queen that is not you, consider the appearance or personality of the Queen to decide whether she is a symbol of good or ill fortune.

See Empress* for further dream symbolism.



Like other dream symbols related to travel, the Quest may suggest that you are or will soon be traveling, or it may represent a spiritual journey.



Because a dream is your own subconscious, any questions that you may ask in a dream may symbolize self-doubt regarding some aspect of your personality. Questioning people or ideas in a dream is often a sign that you are (or should be) suspicious of them in your waking life as well. Similarly, being questioned in a dream may symbolize unfair treatment by someone in life, or that you have been keeping information to yourself when it should be shared. Asking questions in a dream often signifies a thirst for truth.



In a dream, Quicksand often signifies loss or self-doubt. Whether the dreamer escapes, or is rescued, or is swallowed up by the Quicksand should all be considered for an accurate and in-depth understanding of the dream.


This shiny liquid metal may represent swiftness and speed, or just a quick temper.



Silence in a dream may mean you need some silence in your waking life as well, and that it may be wise to take some time off to reflect, or just get some rest.



Quills are usually a sign of success at some academic, or literary task. If the Quills are decorative, it often means that the dreamer will experience success in business. A Quill in a hat usually signifies over-ambition.



Quilts in a dream usually symbolize comfort and security. Consider the state of the Quilt: Is it on a bed and freshly washed? Is it old, and covered with holes? Is it being made? If so, by whom?



Taking Quinine in a dream may symbolize an impending increase in energy and an increase in health, or that you should consider taking some time to relax. If the Quinine is in the dream but is not being taken may foretell of good fortune in the future, but that some ambitions may be a little too grand.


A Quiver of arrows often symbolizes focus on a goal.



This sickness often symbolizes unfulfilling or unprofitable work, or that your opinions are not being expressed or valued enough.



Any time that there are five of something in a dream, especially if they are together/identical, it may symbolize the five human senses.



Dreaming about Quotas is, more often than not, a sign of over-stress at work, or in your waking life.


Quotations are often things that you yourself should consider, that your subconscious wants to bring to your attention.

Assigning price to things in a dream often represents the value that you assign to aspects of yourself or things in your life. Consider the meaning of all of the things that were being assigned prices for a complete understanding of what this may mean.


Playing this game at all usually means that there may be problems at work, or in business, and may mean that you need to focus more on your goals. To lose the game is a poor sign indeed.

See Game* for further dream symbolism.

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