Tibetan Astrology Chart - Astrology in Tibet

An Introduction to the Tibetan Astrology

The Tibetan Astrology is believed to have been coined from different traditions brought together. These other cultures that make up the Tibetan astrology are also as Chinese, Indian and Buddhism. This astrology can further be classified into two distinct sections including Kartsiand ‘Naktsi.’

The latter has got its origins in the Chinese astrology whereas the former has its roots based on the Western or the Indian astrology. So this implies that the animal signs present in this astrology cycle bear a resemblance to the Chinese animal signs. So the same case applies to the western astrology zodiac signs.

The Naming of the 12 Tibetan Zodiac Signs are as listed:

  1. Lug
  2. Läng
  3. Khrig
  4. Kata
  5. Senge
  6. Bhumo
  7. Sang
  8. Dhig
  9. Shü
  10. Chusin
  11. Bhumpa
  12. Nya