Balinese Astrology

Balinese Astrology Chart

An Introduction to the Balinese Astrology

Balinese Astrology makes use of Pawukon calendar. According to astrological experts, this calendar was first introduced by Hindus during the 14th century. This is something that they carried with them from Java to Bali. The use and belief of this calendar are still on a high rise in Bali. Bali refers to a certain type of island that is found in Indonesia. The people of Bali consider themselves important while making the best out of the predictions of this astrology.

There are ten weeks in number in the Pawukon calendar. Additionally, the Bali zodiac signs are 35 in total. The good thing about these Bali zodiac signs are that they reveal the individual aspects of people’s lives. From their history to their future, everything can predict relying explicitly on the Balinese astrology.